Are you looking for someone who will give you sensations, make you cry out of pleasure and no pain? Are you hunting for someone who will make you feel submissive yet masochistic with her whiplash? So, are you on your way to book a London escort for your first dominatrix or pro-dommes (maybe) session?

Since this will be your first time so here is something which is worth reading for you shared by Heathrow escorts on her personal experience. And it is not a one-time experience but something in general which happens always. It will only help you in getting rid of your fear since this will be your first session.

She talks about guys who come to them for the first time and in fact, most of the guys that come to them are the newbies, they are brand new, have sweaty palms and are very very nervous. However, so is not the case when they leave. They are happy souls at that time. They are calmed, smiling, proud and glad that they took the decision to do it and did it. They wish that they would have done it sooner because they are surprised how easy it is and not at all scary as it looks in those videos. These guys have seen those videos on various platforms where the kinky woman dressed in black leather doing bizarre stuff before making love to a guy? And they get frightened by it, after all, so many mean & terrifying stuff is shown in those videos. But deep down they admire the London escorts or other. And since they have been doing this for so long, the escorts become like an untouchable celebrity eventually making more difficult for the boys to make a booking. However, they forget that she and other girls like her are human too. These escorts laugh, crack jokes and are down to Earth just like any other person. Things that they experience in the hands of the London escorts are the same that any person has in any other field. In other words, it is just another service.

In fact, there is always a first time for everyone and so was for these kinky girls. They were new and nervous too back then.

The escorts not only meet newbies, young boys who have this goal of taking up dominatrix session before they begin their college but also middle-aged men with their mid-life crisis and who are not happy with their long and kink-less marriage. Well, whatever their age, reasons or problems but they are always happy that they took initiative and explored this secret world.

Here are few questions for you that you should ask (and because they will help you) before you book your first dominatrix session with a London escort:-

· What am I looking for?

Few guys are very clear and focused what they want or desire out of the session but are still figuring out.

So, if you are one of them who don’t know what to expect from their session with dominatrix then you are on the right page.

Prepare a list of those things that you are interested in, the one you want to try. Do not leave anything just because you think that pre-dommewon’t do it. The list is only for your pleasure.

Also, you never know she might try things with you that are not on your list and you get blown away by them.

· How do I choose a great London escort?

You are ready with the list of general ideas. Now all you have to do is find the right mistress for you.

A good mistress will have an informative website where you will find all the information about her. The website will include the interest list as well and you should look for that it has the same interest as that of yours. Give her brownie points if the website has videos or photos of her doing the acts. With your session with pro-dommes, do not expect sex acts. You will rarely find dominatrix doing that. And until & unless she is a known Dominatrix, you should not be giving any advance.

· How do I contact a dominatrix escort?

Don’t sound like a nervous wreck on phone or don’t end up in sending her hundreds of emails. Just make the list of questions and do go through the website properly so that you do not end up asking the same thing already available on her website.

Don’t keep her on phone all the time otherwise, she will think you are just another creep wasting time. Be as professional as possible.

You can either email her or call her. In the former case, don’t end up writing a novel. In fact, in both the cases just ask your questions, tell your interest and keep the conversation short and to the point.

· What are the things that she should know in advance?

She wants to know your limit which you might yourself don’t know! But you can just tell that you don’t want her to make you bleed or that golden showers are not your thing. You are fine being verbally degraded but only to a limit which means no joke on weight, race, religion or age. Tell her if you are in for whip marks? And last but not the least if you have any kind of health problem.

· What to expect and how to prepare?

Give a confirmation call to her an hour before or so to ensure you are still on board. Hygiene is another important thing. Chew breath mint, use deodorant, etc.

Do not flake on her. Until and unless you are sure of a session, don’t do bookings. It is very rude to refuse to show up at the last minute.

If you wish to cancel your session then inform her a night before or in the morning or sooner the better and give her a believable reason (even if you make one). If you will show some sense of responsibility, she might give you another chance.

I Called an Escort For Tips On How To Make My Girlfriend Orgasm!

I am a very weird person full of surprises and mystery. I tend to do things which most people would not do, let alone have the thought of doing them in the first place. Just the other day, I did something that may shock my partner to the core if she happens to hear about it. I called a London escort for tips on how to make my girlfriend orgasm during sex! Before you ask the obvious question, no, I am not a virgin. But I have never dated before. Come to think of it, in my twenty eight years, I have never dated or have a stable relationship. I have always considered having a girlfriend a bother I can comfortably live without. After all, I could easily access everything a girlfriend could offer from my experienced London escorts, right?

Things changed earlier this year when I met Charlotte in a work related event taking place in London. We are both Londoners by birth and we both work in the big city. She is a paralegal in some big law firm and I am a real estate agent. I cannot exactly put my hands on what Charlotte gave me but from the minute she was introduced to me, I was smitten. I knew right then that I had to claim her. Make her mine. It all come out to my advantage when it turned out that she was single and after a few dates, we became an item and we started dating. Our relationship is now on its seventh month and we are still on the “peck on the cheek and hugs only” phase. We have not yet taken our intimacy beyond that.

From our previous discussions, I highly suspect that Charlotte is very much inexperienced in intimate stuff. Unlike the London escorts who I have previously booked who were soaked in confidence and experience, Charlotte is quite shy. I could very well be her first. What bothers me about her obvious lack of experience is that she may not enjoy our intimacy when the time to take our relationship to the next point comes. I have heard and read stories about women complaining that their men do not know what it takes to make them orgasm during sex. And if they know, they do not bother to put it to practice. Therefore, in order to make our times together mutually satisfying and make sure that I gave my girlfriend a mind shattering orgasm, I had to do what a man got to do. I called a London escort for tips.

Among my most frequent escorts in London, Cate seemed to be the most experienced. She was also the one I was well acquainted with and so, when I gave her a call the other day, she was only too willing to help me. Below are the tips that this veteran London escort gave me.

Prolonged foreplay.

According to her, the reason why most women do not orgasm is because they have little to no foreplay. Unlike men, she told me, women are wired differently. They take longer before their body get ready. Extended foreplay ensures that her body catches up with her mind and that her girl parts are readied. She advised that to give my girlfriend an orgasm, I had to engage her in about twenty to thirty minutes of foreplay. She also told me that kissing her folds, massaging her back and nibbling on her ears and neck was a guarantee for orgasm.

To be very vocal.

Another tip I sourced from her is that being mute throughout the intimacy period is a total turn off for most women. She told me that most women like it when their men are being expressive and vocal. She reassured me that it does not matter if your words are coherent or sensible at all. She told me to just make sounds and moans and by doing that, I could be sure that my girlfriend would be on her path to an orgasm like she has never had before. She insisted that there was no need to be embarrassed and that every person is allowed to mumble everything, no matter how dirty it is. As much as I kept on telling my girlfriend how I am feeling that very time, and kept on rumbling constantly, then chances of my mission to make her climax becoming fruitful were very high.

Manipulate her psych.

I had never taken Cate for an expert in intimacy but her insight and knowledge in the field was very impressive. She explained to me that the place where an orgasm forms is inside the brain. According to her, if I wanted to be completely sure that my girlfriend orgasms, I had to take my
time and psychologically prepare her. To set her in the mood, I was advised that I had to drown her in compliments as I exclaimed on how attractive she is, and how I cannot wait to get her over the moon. Because I had audited a few psychology units in college, I think I am very capable of doing this.

Although Cate gave me other wonderful tips, I find the above three to be the most practical. When I was exclusively booking London escorts, I never had to worry about the things that I worry about now that I have a girlfriend. With London escorts, I was the main focus and all my London escorts did everything with an aim of making sure that I was totally satisfied. Now, the case is different. I now have a stable girlfriend who I love so much and who I want to give the best. My main focus is now not squarely on me, but on her. I want our first intimate encounter to be totally unforgettable, as well as the others to follow. I do not want to be one of those men who are selfish and who do not care whether their women climax or not. I want my girlfriend to be as satisfied as I am, and with those tips that I got from Cate the London escort, I am sure that my girlfriend is in for some wonderful times!

What Makes Ramona The Brunette The Best London Escort

I started booking escorts during my second year in college. Since I was attending a college located in London, I was never short of accessing escorts who met my tastes and preferences. By then, I was a nineteen year old teenager and now, I am almost turning thirty six. In my almost two decades experience of booking London escorts, I can confidently say that I have consumed the services of almost every brand and variety in which London escorts come in. I have had escorts of African heritage, Latina, Asians and European escorts who are the majority in the big city. Although I enjoyed every single moment that I spent with all of the escorts I have previously booked, there is this one unique London escort who no one will ever hold the candle to. Her name is Ramona and she is a brunette! She is the best London escort that I have ever had the privilege of booking.

I met Ramona four years ago when I was going through a very stressful phase of my life. By then, my legal business was experiencing a lot of money issues and it was a miracle that we manage to stay afloat and operating after that nightmare. When the business started gaining its financial
footing, I decided that I needed to give myself a special treat for all the hours that I had sacrificed making sure that my legal firm did not dissolve. I must also point out that at that time, my girlfriend of a year had just left me and it had been quite some time before I had sought and enjoyed some female companion. It was then that I decided that my quickest bet was to visit the website of a London escorting agency, and book myself an amazing London escort.  This is how I met Ramona.

I could tell Ramona was different from the very first time my eyes saw her profile on the London escorting agency she was working with at the time. Her whole demeanor, even in photos, showed a woman who exuded charm and confidence. Her blue, sparkly eyes were a captivating feature and they completely had me hypnotized. The fact that she is a brunette, my favorite hair color, was a bonus! I knew then that I had to book her. Since the agency was quite a busy one, it was by a sheer stroke of luck when it turned out that Ramona was available for booking. Escorts like her are a hot cake and there is always a big line of clients waiting to book them, so I thanked my stars when I realised that she was going to be seeing me for the night.

The time I had with her was magical and like nothing I had ever had before. That very first night marked the beginning of very many nights that Ramona and I have spent together. I have completely lost interest in other escorts and when this London escort (Ramona) is not available for booking, mostly because she is with another client, I find myself counselling my plans for the night, and waiting until that time when she will be available for me. With all the other willing escorts that I can easily book, one may be wondering on why I am hooked up on this particular London escort, right? Well, here are some of the reasons why I am totally convinced that Ramona the brunette is the best London escort I have ever booked.



Ramona oozes with confidence. Everything she has ever done in my presence was done in surety. There was this time she had accompanied me to a business dinner and her comforted, well behaved manners surprised me to the core. She fitted perfectly and her interactions with my work colleagues was admirable. No clumsiness on her part whatsoever. Although I am not making a blanket statement by saying that the rest of the London escorts lack in confidence, no one I have ever had accompany me to a social event expressed the same level of confidence as Ramona. She just fits in every role, and fully acts the part without waiting for my signal to go ahead. I find confidence in women highly attractive hence the reason why I think Ramona the brunette London escort is the best!

Great attitude.

Her charm has a way of turning me from being moody to being jubilant in no time. In fact, I have never seen her get angry. Some of my previous encounters with some London escorts have been marked by several unpleasant experiences. With Ramona, she lights up with positivity. Even when she has had a terrible day, she knows how to make her client’s time worthwhile and enjoyable. She has never bothered me with stories about her difficulties in life, something I cannot say about other escorts I have encountered in the past.

Extremely beautiful.

I am a sucker for beautiful women and in this sector, Ramona does not disappoint. Her brunette hair is very long and is always stylish. Her blue, inviting eyes are like a pool and I find them hypnotizing. If I am to rank all the escorts I have ever had in terms of beauty, Ramona is no doubt the most beautiful London escort!

Good listener.

Being a single man who is well in his thirties, finding a listening ear is something I need from time to time. Ramona is always willing to listen as I speak about my frustrations and about my job-related stress. This cannot be said of other escorts who find it annoying when their clients start
talking about their bad experiences.

Good physical condition.

In an industry where everything is viewed through the tiny physical lens, escorts who are the most physically fit and appealing are bound to be more successful than those who do not look so great. Ramona is a London escort who understands this only too well. Although she is almost thirty, she has the body of a teenager!


In all our past encounters, Ramona has never done anything that shows her disrespect of me even in the slightest. I remember back in college, I had booked this London escort and the experience was a nightmare. The said escort was highly condescending and treated me like a kid. With Ramona, my masculinity has never been threatened. She is always careful not to do or say things which may be considered rude by her clients.

Escorts Fantasies: Superman A Good Lover?

Humans have always created superheroes since the first comic book and movie came about. The brain that dreams about these superheroes with their unique and unheard of qualities is also capable of imagining and fantasising on how it would really feel like to be a lover of these superheroes. Sure, I am not naïve enough not to know that superheroes do not exist outside of movies and comic books but come on! That does not mean that I, or any other person, should stop fantasizing about them. Among these people who cannot seem to put an end to fantasies about whether these superheroes would make great lovers is this one female London escort that I have become acquainted with. She is completely obsessed with Superman and over the last few weeks, she has been spending a significant amount of her time fantasizing on whether Superman would make a good lover. What do you think? Do you think that her fantasy holds any truth? Would Superman really make a good lover? Well, in case you are also wondering on whether he would in real life be a good or a lousy lover, keep reading on. I have outlined reasons which make me feel convinced that if Superman was to become real, he would really make some lucky girl very happy. I am a great fan of comics and you can bet that I have watched every Superman film out there. My evaluation of him thus is very solid.

He is very committed.
In Action Comic number 761 by Joe Rubenstein, German Garcia and Joe Kelly, we see Wonder Woman and Superman getting transported in a completely new place and dimension where they are forced into a fight with demons for what literally seems like a thousand years. In all of that time, at no point does his love for his beloved wife waver. Superman remains committed and faithful to Lois Lane, his wife. Who would doubt that a man who lives through such a long period of time without his wife near, and never cheats on her, would make an extremely good lover? If Superman was to exist in real life, his lover would never fear about getting cheated on by this superhero!

He is not shallow.
In Superman number 129, Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, falls in love with a mysterious girl who is trapped in a wheelchair. Despite the girl’s disabilities, Superman is so smitten that he proposes to her right then. Although the girl declines to be his fiancé, one character about Superman is obvious here. He sees the best in people. He will not care whether you are beautiful or physically fit. This is a very rare character among many lovers in today’s world, who mostly prefer partners who are pretty and easy on the eye.

He is super-strong.
Unlike Batman, Superman wakes up every morning being Superman before he later on dresses up and takes the form of the unassuming persona of Clark Kent. He is no doubt the real deal. If you are the kind of a person that is always ready and willing to go on a ride to new different places, then you understand why I say Superman all the way! Unlike Batman who has to be “fuelled” first before he gets on Batmobile, Superman will pick you up instantly and whisk you all over the world without the need to be “powered up” first.

He is totally ripped.
In every movie or comic book he is in, Superman is always represented as a muscle god. I know that it probably sounds shallow basing the quality of a good lover solely on their physical appearances but let honesty reign supreme here. Who would ever say no to a ripped off hunk of a man with abs and pectorals which are clearly begging for a touch or a caress? I am sure that Superman’s well-built physique is one of the top reasons why this London escort I talked about cannot help but keep on fantasizing about him.

He has blue eyes!
I do not know if it has been proven scientifically but men who have blue eyes make better lovers. As someone whose eyes are green, it hurts my ego to even admit to this. I have also heard some girls say that men with blue eyes tend to pay more attention to their lovers and that they ooze with confidence. They do not shy away from initiating anything. Superman is a perfect example of male confidence in full display. He is a slick genius with a lot of suave. Ever seen how he aims at rescuing people in a manner that is highly precise and realistic? The way he just makes a composed and a grand entrance during the times of need, especially after dusk, adds so much to his already overflowing sex appeal. The way his blue eyes sparkle when he is on a mission would melt even the coldest of hearts. They are like magnets. And good lovers are like magnets. You just cannot help but be attracted to them.

He is practically invisible.
A good lover should always be there to rescue you. What makes Superman look like the kind of a person who would move the world to save a lover is his ability to render himself invisible. If you are his lover and then happen to find yourself captured and in enemy territory, trust Superman to rescue you. He is at times so subtle in his rescue missions that his enemies do not even see it coming.

These qualities, coupled with his superpowers, is what makes superman look like he would turn out to be a dreamy lover in real life. He is capable of doing things which not even your real life boyfriend can dream of. As long as Superman keeps on being awesome, fantasies about him among mortals will never end. Although there are so many superheroes out there, none will ever hold the candle to Superman. He is even better than all of them combined…And I am sure that other than my London escort friend, you also agree with me when I say that Superman would indeed make a good lover!

I Have A Passion For Mature Escorts

Ordinarily, most clients book escorts who are much younger compared to them. However, it is not uncommon at all seeing a young man seeking the services of a mature escort. I am one of these men. Unlike my peers who think that young escorts are the top of the game, I personally prefer mature escorts because I find them sexier and more sophisticated. And in case you are wondering, I have no mommy issues. It is just the way things are. You know…like the way some people prefer chocolate while others prefer ice cream… If you are wondering why a young man like me would rather go after a MILF and not an escort who could easily pass as a high school girl, here are my reasons…

Nothing surprises or shocks a mature escort.
Throughout her days in the escorting industry, she has heard and listened to every plea, request and excuse used by her clients. Nothing shocks or surprises her. She was probably already in the industry long before you were born and she has seen it all. Experience has taught her better that her clients can be unpredictable. Because she expects everything unexpected, she rarely gets caught off guard or phased out. If you want to experience a new fetish, she will be there to guide you throughout it all. No matter how dark your fetishes are, she will not judge you or think less of you. She has met so many like you before and she knows that clients have a lot of layers to them.

They are experts and masters on what they do.
Experience is said to be the best teacher, right? If you wanted to learn about something new, would you go to a veteran or to a newbie? Mature London escorts have been escorting for much longer compared to the younger broads who may have joined the industry just recently. They are highly discreet which means that you can pour your dirty secrets to them without fear of being exposed. With her many years of experience, a mature escort can read you the way you can read a book. They know what indicators and pointers they should look for in order to determine if they are satisfying their client. With her expertise, she will give you new wonderful sensations that you have probably never experienced.

Mature escorts are kinder and more compassionate.
Over the years, mature escorts have gathered enough patience and empathy. If you are shy and inexperienced, or insecure and hesitant, she can patiently entice you to get out of the shell you have encased yourself in for some great experience. They are not like most young escorts who are extremely impatient with no time for amateurs.

A great learning experience.

By seeking the services of mature escorts, I have learnt a few tricks from them that have helped me in improving my game. The problem with most young men is that they think they know and have it all. You never know how wrong you are about this until you meet a MILF who knows what should go where when and why. A mature escort has spent her many years in the industry learning new things every new day. She knows how to make it mutually pleasing and satisfying. She knows what works and what should never be tried because it does not work! Compared to her younger counterparts, her knowledge of the male anatomy is massive. She knows the location of every erogenous zone. Trust her to bring back to life nerves that you never previously thought you possessed.

Mature escorts are just sexy!
The fact that they may sport a few wrinkles and have breasts that may not be as perky and firm as they were once does not hinder their sex appeal. Their unabashed levels of confidence, sense of humor and comfort in their own body is enough to blow away any young and hot-blooded heterosexual male!

More grounded and realistic.
Unlike young escorts, mature escorts are not as petty and they are not easily offended. They are good at putting up with a client, no matter how much of a pain the client is!

Helps boost your confidence.
Mature escorts appreciate your youth better. They complement you on your amazing body looks as they praise your virility and stamina, unlike younger ones who take the beauty of youth for granted.

My Dream Of Being A Swinger Came Through

We all have fantasies. As long as you have a sane mind and a functioning brain, there is always something that tops up in your wildest dreams. For me, as long as I can remember, my fantasy has always been to visit a swingers club. Unusual, yes, and a little bit weird, but regardless, it is a fantasy I have and is totally valid. Although I cannot precisely point the time when this fantasy was born, it must have sprouted out during the early years of my marriage life.

My wife and I have been married for seven years and things in bed have not always been great. It had even reached a point where our sex life was almost non-existent. Although we still loved each other, and deeply, the desire to have sex with one another was no longer there. To save our marriage, we both decided to visit a sex and marriage counsellor. Because our libidos were both strong, the counsellor told us that our issue went beyond the physical and that we had to try things in bed that we had previously not tried. She suggested role play, the use of sex toys, booking sexy escorts in London and mutual masturbation among others. She went ahead and suggested that if none of those things worked, we should try visiting a swingers club as our last resort.

Even though our sex life is now back on course and great, the idea of visiting swingers club has always been on my mind since it was first suggested. I have not yet broached this subject with my wife for fear that she may not be on board. I also do not want to give her any ideas that I am planning to cheat on her. Last summer, I attended a conference in London and while there, I met and befriended a Mr. Forster. The conference lasted for a week and since Mr. Forster was a Londoner, and his home was just from across the street from where the conference was being held, he invited me over for dinner one evening. He was a married and he and his wife had been together for a good twenty years! Over the course of the meal, we made small talk on topics related to our jobs, the economy and the weather. As the time moved on, we embarked on topics which were more sensitive and personal, such as sex and marriage. It was at this point that I learnt that both Mr. Forster and his wife were card-carrying members of a nearby swingers club. Having in mind that I had always toyed with the idea of personally visiting a swingers club, my curiosity peaked and I probed. I listened as the Forsters narrated to me how joining a singers club had saved their marriage from collapsing, at a point when everything else was totally hopeless. This deeply resonated with me because my own marriage had at one time reached that point. I had always wanted to hear first-hand experiences from someone who had visited a swingers club before, and this sounded just like the perfect opportunity for me. They told me about the thrills they had experienced and enjoyed by extending their intimacy beyond the walls of their bedroom. They told me how they had learnt on how to properly please and satisfy each other by watching as other people “took care” of one of them. This, as they told me, had helped them learn to appreciate each other more. The other couples they had interacted with at the club had taught them a dozen different tricks and new ways when it came to matters of the bedroom. This, according to them, had gone a very long way in spicing up their sex life.

As I learnt that a swingers club provides an open space where couple can swap partners and engage in everything without judgment and just experience pleasure, the desire for me to visit a swingers club reached an all-time high. With so many like-minded couples who have convened for the same purpose, a swingers club is the ideal place for people who want a taste for variety! As I pen this, I am still figuring out ways of convincing my wife to accompany me in visiting one. She is an open-minded woman and I am pretty sure that she would be a willing participant in helping me realize this fantasy of fine!

My Boyfriend Has Just Asked Me For Anal Sex!

I have been with my boyfriend for over five years now. Our sex life has been great and I could not ask for more. Every time we are together, it is a guarantee that we will end up in bed. Our libidos match and we enjoy almost everything in bed. We have tried threesomes with escorts, and we found that escorts in London were the best for this. We are both big funs of oral sex, a little bit of role play now and then and when we shag, we do it in a dozen possible positions- missionary, doggie… you name it and we have probably tried it. He is the most sexually compatible partner I have ever had, and I am a thirty one year old woman. If I had been asked about a month ago if there was anything my boyfriend and I had not tried in bed, I would have confidently answered with a no. But my boyfriend tends to disagree. He obviously has other ideas… He just asked me for anal sex!

For the past one month, he has been asking for it incessantly. In fact, not a day passes without him bringing this topic up. At first, I thought that he was only joking and I brushed him off by saying,” Hell no! That is so gay!” I even went further and explained to him that as much as I believe that everyone should have whatever floats their boat, as long as they are hurting no one, anal sex was simply not for me. I even gave him a my permission to find a consenting croydon escorts to have anal sex. I told him in no uncertain terms that I was simply not into it. I mean, I may be a freak in bed and there are probably a million things I would do in pursuit of an orgasm but anal does not simply make it to the list. I understand why the thought of a dick up the bum may be appealing and fulfilling when done between men but to a woman, I just do not get the appeal (or more specifically, I did not at that time). I also did not want to do something I did not fully want to, just to make him happy. I also did not want him to be left unsatisfied.

What I did not understand is that before then, he really seemed satisfied with everything we did in bed. The idea of anal sex did not get to him until one of his buddies got it from his girl and he started bragging about it to his boy squad. What should I do? It has gotten so extremely hard for us to maintain our previous connection. It is this fear that our relationship was on the verge of failing if I did not give in to his request that I decided to confide to one of my closest girlfriends about my dilemma.

If I had expected her to discourage me from giving it a try, then I was totally mistaken. Turns out that she and her boyfriend have been going on at for over half the time they have dated. She told me that she had also been completely spooked out when her boyfriend had first broached this topic to her. She even went ahead and reassured me that I had nothing to worry about and that this was just another milestone for our relationship. Stated below are some of the things she advised I do should I decide to give anal sex a try.
-Prepare thoroughly by ensuring that I am properly clean “down there”. This, she told me, could be taken care of by five minutes of douching!
-Try and practice with some sex toys before the actual act with my man. She insisted that this would help me train my sphincter muscles to relax on command.
-To use lots of lube since the anus has no means of self-lubricating. I have also done some research on this and I can completely understand why she highly advised not to go at it “dry”.
-To fully relax during the act and advise my boyfriend to be slow and patient.

As I am writing this, I am now more confident that although our sex life has never been dull, anal sex may serve to spice up things a little bit. If it turns out that I do not enjoy it, then I at least would be contented that I had given it a try. After all, I have never been shy when it comes to trying out new things!

London Is Sexy And Vibrant

London basically is the capital of United Kingdom but is a home to lots of cultures and people from different backgrounds and religions. This can easily be figured out from the fact that inside London more than 300 languages are spoken.

The climate of London remains mostly cloudy throughout the year. Also the climate remains moderate even during summers and winters also. Mostly during winters Londons climate mostly receives heavy showers with cool breezes all over London. London is not likely to receive a snowfall not even in winters.

London itself cannot be excluded from the list of cities having football clubs and stadiums. Currently London has thirteen clubs which do compete on different levels in the English football. Out of these thirteen, five of them play in the top most level which is called as Barclays Premier League. These are Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Chelsea, and Fulham. The biggest stadium in London is the Wembley Stadium. London Escorts particularly love watching Football. Heathrow escorts particularly love chelsea, South London escorts are in love the Arsenal football team.

Also for the local public there are many museums, galleries and many other such type of entertainment. The people of London love to listen to music and they like to spend most of their free time enjoying movies or spending an evening at the theatre, as there are number of theatres and cinemas all around London.

London city has been proved to be the only city in the world with the most beautiful escorts in the world. To enjoy the pleasant company of women, men visit high level escorts in London. The escort can offer endless possibilities and in fact the large catalogue of exclusive services covers the needs and different fantasies. If you are a person looking for the company of an escort, you can check out online websites. Escort agencies offer amazing range of services to the clients.
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How important is sex in a relationship

Is sex really important in a relationship? Why do my young people who are in a relationship practice it? Intimacy requires that I put aside my agenda and seek to nourish my partner. It’s not enough for me to know my partner’s pleasure points physically, I needs to know her pleasure points emotionally, spiritually, and all the other -ally’s. If I attends to those areas in ways that are meaningful to my partner, she’ll want to have sex while we are in a relationship. My partner needs to know that I respond to her softness and feminine grace more than nagging and criticism. When she understands this, she doesn’t have to manipulate to gain her my attention.

One of the top reasons given by men for infidelity is dissatisfaction with or lack of sex. With women, it’s the lack of attention. Yet, their dissatisfaction is inevitable when I consider the lack of priority given to sex in the relationship.
When sex is withheld, even for understandable reasons, it subjects my partner to discomfort and vulnerability.

Having sex daily with your partner can make me feel younger and more beautiful, the more sex I do the healthier life I live. It facilitates bonding, pleasure and intimacy in every relationship. Just like men, women also enjoy and appreciate different ways to do it. I know what it will remove boredom from a relationship and banish worries which sometimes lead to depression. It is an important part of a life and it is a basic need for every human being. Here are the surprising benefits of having sex daily while in a relationship with your partner: –

• Stress Release: – London escorts believe Sex can really help me to release stress, which I carry in my mind because of hectic schedule. If my life is stressful then a sexual intercourse can help to keep stress level and blood pressure low. A good romantic intercourse can make me happy and tension free.

• Boost Immunity: – a big benefit of sex is that it boosts my body immunity. It increases the level of immune boosting antibody, Immunoglobulin which fights against bacteria, virus and other germs that can cause common illness like cold and cough. Having sexual intercourse a day keeps the doctor away, right from us.

• Burn Calories and Increase Blood Circulation: – Sex is a great form of exercise which burn extra calories. My heart rate can increase while having sex and fresh blood supplied to our heart and cells.

• Improve Sleep: – Sex can actually help us to get a better sleep. After it a relaxation-inducing hormone release, this may help me to take a nap in five minutes. It is like an exercise which makes my body tired and helps I to sleep and wake up refreshed.

• Boost Libido: – If I am going through low sex desire (Low libido) then having sexual intercourse daily can improve my libido which makes feel better and satisfied.

• Glowing and Ageless Skin: – sex is a natural fountain of youth. Regular it can keep one younger and active. It can make me look younger and flawless.

Sex in relationship can help to improves my Intimacy: – The act of sex spices up a relationship and improves intimacy between couples. It helps to increase oxytocin hormone which is also called love hormone which helps us in building trust and bond.

• Keeps love Alive: – The more I have sex with my partner, the more our love gets affectionate. If I have sex daily the oxytocin hormone increase and build trust with each other.

• Relieves Pain: – If I am constantly going through some severe pain like migraine. It will give me partial relief from cluster headaches. When I reduce about to have an orgasm my hormone oxytocin increase and aches and pains.

Sex can also Boost my fertility: – my sperm quality increases if I have sex daily with my partner. My semen will tend to be health after having sexual intercourse regularly.

Sex has to be more than a belief; it has to be a value. Sex has to be a priority. I can believe that sex should be a part of relationship. But that belief can be underwritten with “if I feel like it” or “if he or she does what I want.” However, when sex is a value of my relationship, both parties make it such a priority that they do what’s necessary to protect that aspect of their relationship.

Life happens. Therefore, it is important that husbands and wives keep one another accountable sexually. It is not easy but it is necessary. Challenge decisions that detract from intimacy. If my schedules are demanding, make an appointment for sex. Be flexible about the when and the where. It doesn’t have to be a night thing; it can be a lunch thing. Anticipate challenges and plan for them. Build a supportive network or budget babysitter services into my financial plan. Make it priority to get into your partner’s space.

Most infidelity happens with people whom your spouse has constant interaction with. It might be his secretary or family friend. It might be her male coworker or the parent of a child. It’s not that these people are vultures waiting to descend on your spouse. They are accessible. Don’t take it for granted that your partner loves you. Pay attention. A love note on her pillow or a promise of sex when he gets home keeps you on your partner’s mind.
From the research I have done I found that many relationships fall due to poor sex exercises, If I have sex with my partner to her fullest satisfaction she will love me more and never try to cheat on me at any given time.I hope by reading through this article you will be able to understand that sex is highly important for any two people who are in a relationship. For more information you can look online on various reasons why sex is of great importance in this life.

Is Regular Sex Good for Depression?

Depression is one of the most common conditions that we all are facing. It is creating a lot of other psychological problems like anxiety, low self-esteem and other syndromes you might not know that even exist. Here are the types of depression that are usually encountered:

· Major depression

· Postpartum depression (occurs during pregnancy)

· Psychotic depression

· Persistent depressive disorder (symptoms can last up to two years)

· Bipolar disorder

· Depression associated with anxiety disorders

· Seasonal affective disorder (winter depression)

For the people who are feeling blue most of the times, depression can really end lives. The causes can be various. It could be emotional, physical, spiritual, social or pretty much anything could be the reason behind one’s depression. One of the suspects is sexual health problems.Keep reading to learn more about the relation between depression and sex and its solution.

Symptoms Each Gender Experience

Both men and ladies can encounter troubles with starting and getting a charge out of sex as a result of sorrow. Still, there are a few contrasts in the ways misery influences ladies and men.


A higher rate of dejection in ladies is associated with hormonal changes. This is the reason a lady’s danger of sorrow may increment:

· Before and amid period

· After labor

· When juggling work, home, and family life

· Amid perimenopause and menopause

Women are the well on the way to encounter tenacious “soul-filled” sentiments that can make them feel less certain and less commendable. These sentiments can radically change your general sexual coexistence.

As age, physical components of a woman can make sex less pleasant (and once in a while even difficult). Changes in the vaginal divider can make sexual movement offensive. Likewise, bring down levels of estrogen can disturb normal grease. Such components can discourage for ladies on the off chance that they don’t look for help to discover alleviation.


Tension, low confidence, and blame are normal reasons for erectile issues. These are all side effects of gloom, yet such issues can likewise happen normally with stress and age. The NIMH clarifies that men are additionally more inclined to lose enthusiasm for exercises amid despondency. This could likewise imply that men won’t not discover sex as engaging.

In men, antidepressants are specifically identified with barrenness. Postponed climax or untimely discharge may happen, as well.

In both men and women, having issues with sexual wellbeing can decline sentiments of uselessness and other wretchedness side effects. This thus can bring about an endless loop of both exacerbating sorrow and sexual dysfunction.

Risk Factors and Causes Involved

Compound awkward nature in the cerebrum cause misery. These can happen all alone therefore of hereditary qualities and hormonal issues. Melancholy can likewise exist together with different sicknesses. Regardless of the correct reason for depression, it can bring about various physical and enthusiastic manifestations. Probably the most widely recognized side effects of discouragement include:

· Continuous sadness

· Lack of interest in activities you love

· Guilt and sadness

· Sleep deprivation and fatigue

· Anxiety and irritability

· Pains (chronic in some cases) and weaknesses

· Sexual tension

· Difficulty in concentration

· Sudden weight loss or weight gain (usually from changing eating habits)

· self-destructive attitude

The side effects of misery differ in recurrence and seriousness for every individual. By and large, the more extreme of sorrow you have, the more issues you’re probably going to have with sexual wellbeing.

Sexual craving is developed in the mind, and sex organs depend on chemicals in the cerebrum to advance charisma and additionally the adjustments in blood stream required for the sexual demonstration. At the point when sadness disturbs these mind chemicals, it can make sexual movement more troublesome. This might be more awful in more seasoned grown-ups who as of now have incidental issues with sexual brokenness.

It is additionally not quite recently the wretchedness itself that may meddle with sexual wellbeing. Truth be told, antidepressants — the most widely recognized types of restorative treatment for sadness — can frequently have undesirable sexual reactions. The most well-known guilty parties are:

· Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)

· Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs)

· Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)

· Tetracyclic and tricyclic drugs


Treating discouragement is only one way you can defeat sexual brokenness. Truth be told, 70 percent of grown-ups confronting sorrow without treatment had issues with moxie. Feeling great again may help you return to a typical sexual coexistence.

Still, the issue may not generally resolve in grown-ups who do look for misery treatment. On the off chance that your essential care supplier verifies that sexual brokenness is a reaction of a stimulant you take, they may change you to an alternate solution. Mirtazapine (Remeron), nefazodone (Serzone), and bupropion (Wellbutrin) don’t regularly bring about sexual symptoms.

Beside increases and alterations inside traditional despondency treatment, there are different strides you can take which may enhance general sexual wellbeing:

Take upper dosage subsequent to taking part in sex.

Get some information about including a solution for sexual capacity, (for example, Viagra for men).

Practice frequently to enhance disposition and physical prosperity.

Converse with your accomplice about how your dejection is influencing your sexual wellbeing. Open correspondence may not consequently resolve the issue, but rather it can help lighten sentiments of guilt and worthlessness.

Studies show that women who produce more semen tend to stay happier and even healthier in terms of women who don’t. The chemicals produced through semen act as anti-depressants and promote well-being. The feelings of affection stay alive and active through this. The research suggest that the semen produced might have some kind of link with the state of happiness and sadness in a woman. The release of orgasm calms people down and releases their stress and tension in the body. Not just for women but also for men.

Even the usage of condoms can trigger depression too as compared to sex without condoms. Semen is good for your health. It gives you potassium, zinc, calcium, proteins, fructose and vitality. Apart from this, having sex, relieves you from any pain you were experiencing, promotes cardio health, helps counter prostate cancer, fights aging, heals wounds faster and much more. The benefits are endless. All you have to do is be a little happier, live a little more, don’t have miss good opportunities and give it all you have got!

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