Blackfriars Escort

Blackfriars Escort

Living The Life Of A Blackfriars Escort

Blackfriars Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in London. It was constructed back in 1760. It is a foot and road traffic bridge so you get a great view of London when you cross it. Not so very far from Blackfriars Bridge, you will find London escorts. The escort agency is one of the most popular escort agencies in London. The girls who work for the escort agency service both some of London’s top hotels and the City which is the beating heart of London. 

Is it expensive to date London escorts? You will be pleasantly surprised to hear that the escort agency in Blackfriars, is not an expensive escort agency. As a matter of fact, it is one of the cheapest escort agencies in London but yet it offers an extraordinary service. Everything you would normally associate with dating escorts in London can be found at the escort agency in Blackfriars. 

What Sort Of Girls Work For cheap Blackfriars Escorts?

I have personally been working for the escort agency for three years, I have worked with Croydon escorts and Ealing escorts. My friends and I do not only date men in this part of London. As outcall escorts in Blackfriars, we service other parts of London. Before I joined this particular escort agency, I used to work for another escort agency in north London. It was great, but I felt that I wanted to move on and that was when I came across Blackfriars.

Is it a good escort agency? If I did not think it was a good escort agency, I would not still be working for here. Of course, when I compare to my other escort agency, working for London escorts is different. When I worked for the other cheap escort agency, I used to date men from all walks of life. That is one of the things that has changed. Now I mainly date businessmen who are either visiting London or live in London. That is fine with me. In many ways, I feel that I have matured as an escort. 

The Downsides Of Working In Central London

Yes, Blackfriars is located more or less slap bang in central London. Sometimes that is a little bit hard work when you are going on outcalls. As you probably know, the traffic in central London can be blue bloody murder as the locals say and it can take you hours to get anywhere. You always need to be prepared that things are going to take longer when you work for London escorts. 

Most of the men we date our businessmen. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have lost count of how many business dates I have been on. The men who like to date us, often also like all of the best things in life. They always want to go to the best restaurants in London or the best cocktail bars. When I am not dating or at the escort agency, I spend a lot of time at the gym trying to keep fit for my work. 

The Future Of Blackfriars Escorts

The escort industry in London is very competitive.  Many agencies are always trying to snatch girls from other agencies. The problem is that a lot of girls are thinking about leaving London. They still enjoy working as escorts, but they are worried about Brexit. They are not sure if they are going to be allowed to stay in London and the UK once Brexit goes through. 

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As a result, the escort industry in London is trying to sign up as many escorts they can and they are going for the girls who they think are going to stay. Now an escort agency owner is just as likely to ask you if you have your own place in London. When you have your own place in London, I think that most escort bosses think that you are going to stay. 

Blackfriars escorts have been around for a long time and I am sure that it is still going to be here for a very long time. The guy who owns the escort agency is trying to recruit British born escorts. I think that is a good idea as many of the men who use our escort agency, like to date British escorts.