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Custom House Escorts

What You Really Should Know About Custom House Escorts

I love working for Custom House escorts, but sometimes I do get a little bit annoyed. Just like the other girls at the escort agency in Custom House, I have lost count of how many men think we are hippy dippy blondes. No matter what we do, the image o the blond is still alive and kicking. 

Far from all blondes are smart, but since I have been working for cheap Custom House escorts, I have met my fair share of smart and savvy blondes. To be honest, I think that most blondes I have met during my career as an escort in London have been pretty smart.

Why Do Men Assume Blondes Are Silly?

I would not say that all men assume blondes are stupid, but it would be fair to say many men assume cheap blondes are a bit dippy. Sure, that may apply to some blondes, but it certainly does not apply to any of the girls who work for Custom House escorts. The girls who work the escort agency in Custom House in London, I would put down as above average intelligence.

From what I have seen so far, the girls I work with at the escort agency in Custom House have all put the money they have earned to good use. We have either invested in nice flats or in ourselves. One of the girls who worked for cheap Custom House escorts services have even gone on to become a lawyer. She got herself a job with us so that she would not have any student debts when she left university. That is what I call a pretty savvy decision.

What Else You Need to Know About cheap Custom House Escorts

Most of the girls did have other plans before they joined the escort agency in Custom House. But, when they did not work, they soon appreciated they needed to do something different. Before I became an escort in Custom House, I wanted to be a model. However, modeling is a really competitive industry and it is tough.

After a couple of years struggling as a model in London, I found a job with cheap Custom House escorts. I was not sure if it was for me at first, but I soon changed my mind when I realised that I could earn more money in this way.

Now I think that it is very unlikely I will give up my Custom House escorts career. Not only am I doing well, but it is a job that I enjoy at the same time. If you are sociable, like to have fun, I think that working for an escort agency is a really good job for you.

Mature Escorts in Custom House

I have been working for the escort agency in Custom House for so long that I am on the way to become a mature escort. It does not bother me at all. I think that many girls think that they should quit escorting when they are around 30, but there is no need for that at all.  

You be surprised, but there are many men who like to date mature Custom House escorts. I think that as men get older, they still want to enjoy some sexy company, but at the same time, they do want something to talk to when the party is over.

That is where I come in. Most of the men I date are regulars and really seem to enjoy my company. Although many new men to cheap Custom House escorts think that I am a hippy-dippy blonde, my regulars know that I am anything but silly.

If you would like to enjoy the pleasure of my company for a night out, just give the escort agency in Custom House a call, and I will soon be knocking on your door. I promise you a night of fun and adventure. If you would like to spend some personal time after having a chat over a cup of tea or glass of wine, I am happy to do so as well. Remember, that the hottest girls in London are only a phone call away.