Are you looking for someone who will give you sensations, make you cry out of pleasure and no pain? Are you hunting for someone who will make you feel submissive yet masochistic with her whiplash? So, are you on your way to book a London escort for your first dominatrix or pro-dommes (maybe) session?

Since this will be your first time so here is something which is worth reading for you shared by Heathrow escorts on her personal experience. And it is not a one-time experience but something in general which happens always. It will only help you in getting rid of your fear since this will be your first session.

She talks about guys who come to them for the first time and in fact, most of the guys that come to them are the newbies, they are brand new, have sweaty palms and are very very nervous. However, so is not the case when they leave. They are happy souls at that time. They are calmed, smiling, proud and glad that they took the decision to do it and did it. They wish that they would have done it sooner because they are surprised how easy it is and not at all scary as it looks in those videos. These guys have seen those videos on various platforms where the kinky woman dressed in black leather doing bizarre stuff before making love to a guy? And they get frightened by it, after all, so many mean & terrifying stuff is shown in those videos. But deep down they admire the London escorts or other. And since they have been doing this for so long, the escorts become like an untouchable celebrity eventually making more difficult for the boys to make a booking. However, they forget that she and other girls like her are human too. These escorts laugh, crack jokes and are down to Earth just like any other person. Things that they experience in the hands of the London escorts are the same that any person has in any other field. In other words, it is just another service.

In fact, there is always a first time for everyone and so was for these kinky girls. They were new and nervous too back then.

The escorts not only meet newbies, young boys who have this goal of taking up dominatrix session before they begin their college but also middle-aged men with their mid-life crisis and who are not happy with their long and kink-less marriage. Well, whatever their age, reasons or problems but they are always happy that they took initiative and explored this secret world.

Here are few questions for you that you should ask (and because they will help you) before you book your first dominatrix session with a London escort:-

· What am I looking for?

Few guys are very clear and focused what they want or desire out of the session but are still figuring out.

So, if you are one of them who don’t know what to expect from their session with dominatrix then you are on the right page.

Prepare a list of those things that you are interested in, the one you want to try. Do not leave anything just because you think that pre-dommewon’t do it. The list is only for your pleasure.

Also, you never know she might try things with you that are not on your list and you get blown away by them.

· How do I choose a great London escort?

You are ready with the list of general ideas. Now all you have to do is find the right mistress for you.

A good mistress will have an informative website where you will find all the information about her. The website will include the interest list as well and you should look for that it has the same interest as that of yours. Give her brownie points if the website has videos or photos of her doing the acts. With your session with pro-dommes, do not expect sex acts. You will rarely find dominatrix doing that. And until & unless she is a known Dominatrix, you should not be giving any advance.

· How do I contact a dominatrix escort?

Don’t sound like a nervous wreck on phone or don’t end up in sending her hundreds of emails. Just make the list of questions and do go through the website properly so that you do not end up asking the same thing already available on her website.

Don’t keep her on phone all the time otherwise, she will think you are just another creep wasting time. Be as professional as possible.

You can either email her or call her. In the former case, don’t end up writing a novel. In fact, in both the cases just ask your questions, tell your interest and keep the conversation short and to the point.

· What are the things that she should know in advance?

She wants to know your limit which you might yourself don’t know! But you can just tell that you don’t want her to make you bleed or that golden showers are not your thing. You are fine being verbally degraded but only to a limit which means no joke on weight, race, religion or age. Tell her if you are in for whip marks? And last but not the least if you have any kind of health problem.

· What to expect and how to prepare?

Give a confirmation call to her an hour before or so to ensure you are still on board. Hygiene is another important thing. Chew breath mint, use deodorant, etc.

Do not flake on her. Until and unless you are sure of a session, don’t do bookings. It is very rude to refuse to show up at the last minute.

If you wish to cancel your session then inform her a night before or in the morning or sooner the better and give her a believable reason (even if you make one). If you will show some sense of responsibility, she might give you another chance.

What Makes Ramona The Brunette The Best London Escort

I started booking escorts during my second year in college. Since I was attending a college located in London, I was never short of accessing escorts who met my tastes and preferences. By then, I was a nineteen year old teenager and now, I am almost turning thirty six. In my almost two decades experience of booking London escorts, I can confidently say that I have consumed the services of almost every brand and variety in which London escorts come in. I have had escorts of African heritage, Latina, Asians and European escorts who are the majority in the big city. Although I enjoyed every single moment that I spent with all of the escorts I have previously booked, there is this one unique London escort who no one will ever hold the candle to. Her name is Ramona and she is a brunette! She is the best London escort that I have ever had the privilege of booking.

I met Ramona four years ago when I was going through a very stressful phase of my life. By then, my legal business was experiencing a lot of money issues and it was a miracle that we manage to stay afloat and operating after that nightmare. When the business started gaining its financial
footing, I decided that I needed to give myself a special treat for all the hours that I had sacrificed making sure that my legal firm did not dissolve. I must also point out that at that time, my girlfriend of a year had just left me and it had been quite some time before I had sought and enjoyed some female companion. It was then that I decided that my quickest bet was to visit the website of a London escorting agency, and book myself an amazing London escort.  This is how I met Ramona.

I could tell Ramona was different from the very first time my eyes saw her profile on the London escorting agency she was working with at the time. Her whole demeanor, even in photos, showed a woman who exuded charm and confidence. Her blue, sparkly eyes were a captivating feature and they completely had me hypnotized. The fact that she is a brunette, my favorite hair color, was a bonus! I knew then that I had to book her. Since the agency was quite a busy one, it was by a sheer stroke of luck when it turned out that Ramona was available for booking. Escorts like her are a hot cake and there is always a big line of clients waiting to book them, so I thanked my stars when I realised that she was going to be seeing me for the night.

The time I had with her was magical and like nothing I had ever had before. That very first night marked the beginning of very many nights that Ramona and I have spent together. I have completely lost interest in other escorts and when this London escort (Ramona) is not available for booking, mostly because she is with another client, I find myself counselling my plans for the night, and waiting until that time when she will be available for me. With all the other willing escorts that I can easily book, one may be wondering on why I am hooked up on this particular London escort, right? Well, here are some of the reasons why I am totally convinced that Ramona the brunette is the best London escort I have ever booked.



Ramona oozes with confidence. Everything she has ever done in my presence was done in surety. There was this time she had accompanied me to a business dinner and her comforted, well behaved manners surprised me to the core. She fitted perfectly and her interactions with my work colleagues was admirable. No clumsiness on her part whatsoever. Although I am not making a blanket statement by saying that the rest of the London escorts lack in confidence, no one I have ever had accompany me to a social event expressed the same level of confidence as Ramona. She just fits in every role, and fully acts the part without waiting for my signal to go ahead. I find confidence in women highly attractive hence the reason why I think Ramona the brunette London escort is the best!

Great attitude.

Her charm has a way of turning me from being moody to being jubilant in no time. In fact, I have never seen her get angry. Some of my previous encounters with some London escorts have been marked by several unpleasant experiences. With Ramona, she lights up with positivity. Even when she has had a terrible day, she knows how to make her client’s time worthwhile and enjoyable. She has never bothered me with stories about her difficulties in life, something I cannot say about other escorts I have encountered in the past.

Extremely beautiful.

I am a sucker for beautiful women and in this sector, Ramona does not disappoint. Her brunette hair is very long and is always stylish. Her blue, inviting eyes are like a pool and I find them hypnotizing. If I am to rank all the escorts I have ever had in terms of beauty, Ramona is no doubt the most beautiful London escort!

Good listener.

Being a single man who is well in his thirties, finding a listening ear is something I need from time to time. Ramona is always willing to listen as I speak about my frustrations and about my job-related stress. This cannot be said of other escorts who find it annoying when their clients start
talking about their bad experiences.

Good physical condition.

In an industry where everything is viewed through the tiny physical lens, escorts who are the most physically fit and appealing are bound to be more successful than those who do not look so great. Ramona is a London escort who understands this only too well. Although she is almost thirty, she has the body of a teenager!


In all our past encounters, Ramona has never done anything that shows her disrespect of me even in the slightest. I remember back in college, I had booked this London escort and the experience was a nightmare. The said escort was highly condescending and treated me like a kid. With Ramona, my masculinity has never been threatened. She is always careful not to do or say things which may be considered rude by her clients.

Can An Active Escort Maintain a Meaningful Relationship?

The business of escorting has been in existence for as long as time. Although it was not as popular as it currently is, people have always desired companionship, and the easiest bet is to get an escort if you are not currently in a serious relationship. In the western countries, escorting has been on an ever-rising trend in the last couple of years. This is largely due to the fact that most western counties are fairly liberal and they do not view the practice of buying sex and/or companionship as immoral or as a taboo. However, though many escorts do not shy away from disclosing what it is they do for a living, that is, escorting, this field is still a mystery to many. From questions like why people escort to questions like how much do escorts make on average, it is evident that there are still thousands of questions that outsiders have concerning the practice of escorting. Overall, many escorts will agree that the question that they get frequently asked is: Is it possible for an escort to have and enjoy a meaningful relationship while still working as an escort? If you have been asking yourself this question, and looking for an answer to it, then keep on reading this article. It explains how and what escorts and their partners can do to make their relationship work without having to quit from their job.

There are dozens of reasons why people become escorts. Some do it for financial needs while others do it just for fun. Others do it out of curiosity while for others, it is a combination of all the above. Regardless of the reason why these women choose to escort, one thing is for certain: they are people, just like you and me. They face the same issues that the world presents to all of its inhabitants. They are thus very capable of maintaining long lasting monogamous relationships. The only thing required is their willingness and a willing partner. So, how exactly can a relationship flourish if you are dating an active escort?

Be open about it.

Like they say, communication is very useful and very important in any relationship. If you are a London escort, you should be outright and very forthcoming about your profession. Always tell your partner about your line of business before you get into a relationship with them. This way, they can decide for themselves if they are in or out. Keeping this a secret and away from them will only guarantee you future problems. A secret can be kept only for too long. If you volunteer this information and let your partner be a willing participant, then you can rest assured that your relationship will work out just as good.

Respecting boundaries.

Escorting is very different from real life relationships. While escorting is primarily done for financial gains or just for fun, being in a relationship involves feelings and emotions. Your woman may not care for her clients after her time with them is over, but she may care deeply about you as her partner. Always strive to make her feel like her normal self again. Give her enough time to adjust from one sexual and work environment to the other. This may at times mean having to backseat your desires. Do not make the mistake made by many by assuming that just because she is an escort, she has no right to say no to your sexual advances. Regardless of her line of work, she has every right to say no to sex. Having her consent will go a long way in cementing your relationship. It will assure her that you care and respect her. These are the most important ingredients in love’s recipe.

Do not oust them.

There are many escorts who may not be willing to discuss their line of work with other people. This is mainly because they may be judged because some people still treat escorting as a form of a taboo. An active escort is capable of having a strong relationship if their partner is discreet and trustworthy. Under no circumstance should you tell anyone what she does without getting her permission first. It is entirely upon her to decide who gets to know and who does not. If she trusts you enough to tell you about this part of her life, the last thing you should do is betray her trust. Breaching trust is one sure way of dooming your relationship.

Do not pressure them in to quitting.

Many escorts are adults who are capable of making their own decisions. One sure way of killing a relationship is by forcing your partner to do something that they are not willing to do. Remember that it was their decision to get in to escorting. They will quit when the right time comes. Do not be one of those people who try to “save” escorts from their line of work. This is highly condescending and it shows your total lack of respect towards her both as your partner and as a human being. If she has had a terrible day at work, do not use this as an excuse to convince her to stop escorting. Rather, when she is having a hard time, give her a shoulder to lean on. Your relationship will work just as fine.

Be on their team.

If you are dating an active escort, your relationship can only work if you firmly stand with them. Just because she is seeing other people does not mean that she is immoral or evil. Support her and stand with her even when she is on the receiving end of disparaging remarks. You are the one she cares for and the least that you can do is affirm her humanity and self-worth in this world that treats escorts as pariahs.


London escorts are just like you and me. The only major difference is that they see and (may) get sexually involved with more than one person at any given time. Contrary to the popular belief,  London escorts are very capable of maintaining healthy, long lasting relationships! If you are falling for an escort, go ahead and pursue them. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Boost Your Confidence and Have a Great Time With Our London Escorts!

London is a very busy city and with a very high population. As much as there is a lot to see and explore, it can be extremely boring if you are doing it alone. To make your stay here worthwhile and unforgettable, a beautiful London escort is what you need. This is the main reason why we are in business-to ensure that you have a great time by presenting to you a bevy of beautiful, sexy London escorts to choose from.

We pay attention to every little detail and that is why our escort services are second to none. We offer personal touches to every one of our highly esteemed clients. When you contact us, you rest assured that your email or call will be received and welcomed in a manner that is the warmest. Trust us to connect you with our London escort who is perfect for you. With us, it does not matter how you have planned your schedule. Whether you are in London for a few hours, for a dinner date, business trip or for a relaxing weekend, we will work to our level best to match you with an escort who will easily blend with your schedule.

We pride ourselves on being the best London escorting agency where clients trust us to deliver immediately they have notified us. Our international or local escorting services are unparalleled and unrivalled. We are among the most popular escorting agencies throughout London and this is proven by the high number of clients that we receive on a daily basis. Our London escorts take beauty to the next level. They come in a wide variety to suit the differing tastes and needs of our demanding clients. Our escorts come from distinct racial backgrounds and they are all dedicated to seeing that you get a good time while in London. From stunning European girls with shapely figures to exotic African women with their gorgeous skin and voluptuous bodies, every one of your fancy has been taken care of. Or are you into Latin women? Petite girls from Asia whose features are doll-like? Simply browse through our website and the captivating, eye-catching images of our stunning escorts will leave you at a loss on who to choose because they all look absolutely gorgeous.

Redheads, brunettes, blondes, slim, curvy, tall or short, our escorts are all unique but all they all share a key common character: They all are professional and discreet. They are going to ravish you with attention and in so doing, your confidence level will be significantly boosted. You are going to be truly spoiled when it comes to choice. To ensure that our clients get the finest and the very best, we personally interview our girls and then match you with the one who is best qualified to deliver to every one of your needs.

Whether you are out on a brief escape or you want to engage yourself in an extended night of pleasure, we will see to it that you have been matched with the right escort for the occasion. You only need to inform us about the services you require in advance and a selection of suitable and available companions will be given to you. You can rest assured that your time will be worth it with the escort you pick. We know this for a fact because every one of our London escort is attentive, intelligent, full of fun and witty. They have the experience to know exactly what needs to be done to give you the best time and maximum fun. At the same time, they also understand and know how to depict sophistication and decorum. No matter the social setting or the activity that you are going to indulge in, they will ensure that there will be no awkward or dull moments.

Our trustworthy London escorts are available for weekend excursions, erotic massages, private intimate evenings, duo escort experiences, executive social functions and dinner arrangements among others. Our escorts are personally vetted and we carry out thorough background checks before incorporating them into our network. They must be of legal age, of certifiable good conduct and willing to work in demand. We have taught them about the importance of valuing our clients and judging from the number of repeat clients that we have continued to receive throughout the years, it is no doubt that our girls do not disappoint. Being the best escort agency in London, we are held to standards which are the highest. This is the main reason why every one of our daily operation is woven with professionalism and sophistication. We operate fully on an environment where safety for both our clients and dedicated escorts is guaranteed. We never compromise on quality. A 100% level of satisfaction to every one of our clients is of utmost importance to us.

You will be in our total care from the second you contact us to the time when you say goodbye to your chosen exquisite companion. Our in-call appointments and schedules are hosted in luxurious hotels and private residences scattered all over the capital. Supplying the demand for London escorts with our well-mannered, eager-to-please girls is our number one goal. With so many agencies offering similar services, we know that the competition is stiff and that is why we treat our clients and girls with the utmost respect and dignity that they so rightly deserve. Our escorts are based all over the capital so regardless of which part of London you are in, we will readily provide you the companionship that you are looking for.

With us, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. We always strive to give you the best and in so doing, we establish long lasting relationships with our clients. You have no excuse whatsoever as to why you should not make your time worthwhile while in London. You are only a click away from meeting that one London escort who will help you fight boredom as she helps you explore this beautiful city. Browse through our image gallery and give us a call so as to arrange a perfect date for you and your dream girl or girls!

I left my wife for a London escort

At one time I read that cheating is a reality that couples, families even, have to contend with on a daily basis; a fact that remained as a hearsay to me for quite some time. Have you ever been bored stiff at home and you’re tuning into different channels, and then you land on this not-so-interesting family therapist or whatever fancy title they’ve made up, talking about cheating and how it has affected many marriages? I bet you have at some point! Well if you haven’t wait to tune a little more, Dr. Love –the family therapist is at the bottom of your channel list. That’s beside my point. However, all I want to show you is how serious the problem of sneaking behind your woman’s back for some hot neck-licking love bites can cost you several years of a blissful marriage. I am a first-hand victim with experience! The film of what went down is still fresh on my mind. Now, am seated here questioning the wisdom on my actions and quite frankly, it’s disturbing that I don’t feel bothered for losing my lovely wedded wife –one with whom we’ve spent four years caressing and nurturing the perfect dream of a happily married couple. Gone are the days of bliss with her and here are the days when I write posts of my dark little secrets that led to the loss of a life partner for a London escort!

It all starts somewhere

Mine escapades started a couple of months ago, four to be precise. My bride and I were in our third year of matrimonial coupling when things started going south. For me it was business as usual –I mean being loyal, go to work, come back home tired, maybe ten minutes of boring sex (I forgot to add at most 10 minutes) and then roll over into a deep slumber. Things were not always like this but with the bills piling up, I had to work extra shifts to raise that money, and when I came back home, needless to say, I was always exhausted to the score. I was wrong for not realizing that my beautiful wife was pulling away from me by the day and when I came to realize an attitude had cropped up and been cultivated –its stems had already run too deep. In what began as a frantic last minute dash to salvage my marriage, I did my research online on a couple of things to do to rejuvenate my marriage. The advice was a terrible fail for me; am talking the mediocre and typical buy flowers’ or visit one of those therapists –Dr. Love, to get counseled I guess or just try communicating more. For a while there I thought it was going to work but soon enough I realized I wasn’t making any progress at and indeed things had gone south. So I did what I now think was the cause of my breaking of this marriage for an escort –I gave up! Or maybe perhaps, you might disagree if I told you that my lovely wedded bride suggested that we should invite cheap London escorts for a threesome! Are you shocked, right? Me too, it sounds crazy at first, but then you get used to the idea sooner than you can imagine if your wife insisted that it’s what your marriage needs.

I don’t want to go to the details.

After hours of talking and setting the ground rules, we finally booked ourselves one of the Cassandras (I shall not mention her real name; she is my girlfriend now anyway, shocking right? Ha-Ha) who worked for the London escorts team. To summarize the night –it was what I needed; it was what I was missing; I did not know they could be such professionals; whatever she’d done to me was working its way through my veins and into my brains! I fell for Cassandra’s feet first; that’s if I am allowed to say that. I know I was not supposed to see her again, in fact, it was the number one reason why we’d looked for an escort away from our residence and decided on Heathrow escorts, only so that we could not bump into each other after that. Sorry to my wife and my marriage but I was not willing to let go of this magic that had suddenly turned a dull darkening night bright with stars. In a nutshell, Cassandra was sweet from the way she talked to the way she dressed to how she looked at me to the way she handled business! She was simply too good to be true, and I did not have to think twice about her. I knew I wanted to see her one more time at least. I mean come on, what harm could one more time do to a four years marriage?

This is how I got caught or was I?

So we hooked up with Cassandra once more, maybe twice or thrice am not even sure, what I am certain of is that every single time was a different trip and the more I spent time with her the closer our hearts grew and the further away thoughts of my wife went. Eventually, I realized I was falling for the London escort –a point which would become of no return. The next bold step was to say the three words “I love you.” One of those beautiful evenings, Cassandra and I decided to hook up for coffee at a local motel. When we got there, I had already done the orders since by now her favorite things were at the tip of my toes. Later we booked a room for privacy so that we could talk. As we went down the hallway –the shock of my life hit me hard I almost fell with hysteria. My lovely wife was taking turns with two guys –whom I did not even want to know who they were! I needn’t say more –that’s how I left my wife for a sexy London escort snd i have never looked back.