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What Do Charing Cross Escorts Spend Their Money On?

I don’t know about you, but I hate wasting my money. The same can’t be said for the girls I work together with at cheap Charing Cross escorts. When I stop and think about it, I think that many of them seriously waste their money on things that they don’t need. The other day I visited one of the girls I work with at Charing Cross escorts. You are not going to believe this, but she had a wardrobe full of clothes with the labels still on.

It is all too easy to spend a lot of money when you work for an escort service in London such as Charing Cross. The gentlemen that we date are rather wealthy, and they do give us generous cash tips. It can be tempting to blow all of your tips on the things that you want but don’t really need. That happened to me when I first became involved withcheap Charing Cross escorts.

Looking After Your Money

It was one of my dates at the escort agency in Charing Cross who inspired me to look after my money. He works as a financial adviser and is really good with money. I was telling him about all of the cash that I had at home and asked him what to do with it. The first thing he asked me was if I owned my own property in London. When I told him I did not, he told me to save up my money and buy somewhere. 

A year after that I managed to buy my own 1 bedroom flat in south London. It was such a relief and I was really pleased with myself. By that time, my cheap Charing Cross escorts career had really taken off. I was one of the most popular girls at the escort agency and doing well. As I was still getting a lot of good cash tips, I soon learned to live off my tips. My place was all paid for and all I needed to worry about was my everyday living expenses.

Top Girl at Charing Cross Escorts

I know that many think that escorting is a little bit of an odd way to make money. Yes, it is not an everyday job but I like it. I have learned so much and become really independent since I joined the escort agency. I am still with the escort agency but I have expanded my portfolio. A couple of months back I bought my second London property. I am renting it out and I plan to do so for the time being. According to my friend the financial adviser, it is my pension fund.

Sure, I spend money on myself and make sure that I look good at Charing Cross escorts. But, I do date a lot of rich men who like to look after me. It is not unusual for them to take me shopping. I date this one guy who loves to fly over to Milan. When we are in Milan we go shopping in some of the best shops. I look after all of the clothes he buys me and I use them when I am working.

Then we have Steven. He is another guy I see a lot of at Charing Cross escorts. Just like the other guy he likes to take me shopping and often flies me over to Paris on his private jet. We go shopping in all of the best perfume houses and out for dinner. I really don’t want for anything at all.

Am I lucky? Yes, I know that I am one of the luckiest girls at Charing Cross escorts. Not all of the girls have done so well. What do I do with my money now? Most of the time I just let them build up in the bank. If I do feel that I want to do something special, I give my financial adviser a call. 

My financial adviser is great to work with and I know that he has helped many of the other girls at Charing Cross escorts. It is surprising, but there are many people who date cheap Charing Cross escorts who have hidden depths. This is one of the reasons it is such a special place to work and I love it.