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The Best Choice I Ever Made

Unless you have experience of working in the adult industry in London or elsewhere, you may not realise that sexy girls have a range of choices when it comes to employment. Some girls at cheap Woodford escorts made a beeline for escorting, but that does not apply to all girls I have met at the escort agency in Woodford in London. Other girls like me, have come to the escorts agency in Woodford using other routes. 

Before I put my stilettos on, I used to work in other parts of the adult service in London. Sometimes joining an escort agency right away is a good idea, but I am not sure that it works for all girls. When I first arrived in London, I was not sure that working as an escort in London was going to be the thing for me. I did have some friends who worked for cheap Woodford escorts, and they were doing well. Still, I felt that I wanted to try some different avenues.

Adult Modeling vs Woodford Escorts

When I arrived in London, I had already had some previous experience of modeling. However, you can say that Warsaw is packed with cheap adult modeling agencies. I had not really earned a lot of money back home in Poland, but I had heard on the grapevine that adult modeling contracts in London were pretty lucrative. Finding a job doing adult modeling was not so tough. But, I had not realised that living in London would cost me a small fortune. When I finally realised how much it would cost me to live in London, I knew I had to find another way to pay for regular bills. 

I was not really ready to give up on my modeling carer and join cheap Woodford escorts just yet, but I did find a part-time job in a strip club in London. It helped me to make ends meet. There was also one other benefit to working in the strip club. When you work for an escort agency such as Woodford escorts, you really do need to work late at night. It was not something that I was used to, but thanks to working for in the strip club, I soon learned what it was like to work late shifts. 

Hostessing vs Woodford Escorts

Unfortunately, the strip club closed after I had been working there for a couple of months. Although my modeling career had started to take off a little bit at that time, I found myself looking for another job. After all, modeling was something I could do during the day time. I needed another job to make sure that I had enough money coming in should anything go wrong with my regular job.

After having looked around for about a week, I talked to one of my friends who worked for Woodford escorts. Before she had joined the escort agency on a full-time basis, she had done some hostessing in a very posh club in London. She still had some contacts in the club, and before I knew it, I was working shifts in the club. It was great, and if you like, I was able to do a lot of ground for my forthcoming Woodford escorts career. 

I met some really exciting men in the club, and many of them did want to take me out on personal dates. It was around this time I started to think about asking if there were any vacancies at Woodford escorts and try to expand my horizons to escorting. If all of these men wanted to take me out on private dates, there was no reason why they could not come to see me at Woodford escorts. 

That is my journey to Woodford escorts in a nutshell. I loved every moment of it and gained experience with every job. Today, I still do a little bit of adult modeling from time to time. I love it, but it does not really compare that favorably against cheap Woodford escorts. My modeling career is now my part-time job while Woodford escorts is my full-time vocation so to speak. I love looking after my regulars and it is not a career I am going to give up in a hurry. I have heard same stories like mine from other escorts like Knightsbridge escorts, London escorts, Barbican escorts, Marylebone escorts, Kensington escorts, Essex escorts, Canary Wharf escorts.