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How to Solve the London Housing Crisis

Although I love leaving in London, I know that there are many problems associated with life in London. Many of the girls who join cheap Hackney Marshes escorts do not have their own homes. The truth is that many Londoners are forced to share overcrowded accommodation, and there are also men rough sleepers. This has been going on for years, and the truth is that London is one of the most underinvested cities in Europe when it comes to public housing.

This has been going on for years, and has accumulated in the housing crisis that we are experiencing in the capital today. What can be done about the problem? Like so many other girls who have been working for Hackney Marshes escorts, I live in a high rise flat. Is the answer to the London housing crisis to build more high rise flats? I have been thinking about it, and I am not sure that it is.

Alternative Housing for London

What is the best alternative housing for London? Before London turns into a megacity for very rich people only, we should really take a look at the housing situation. Every day when I finish my cheap Hackney Marshes escorts shift, I see people in London bedding down for the night. They tried to find whatever shelter they can find. Sadly, many of them are long term homeless and I am not sure that high rise flats is the right solution for them.

There are still many areas of London which are wasted and not used. Take a walk around the part of London that I live in, and you will soon come across areas which can be turned in suitable places for housing. Many of them are not suited for highrise developments. Instead, low rise homes would be better suited as they would fit into the natural environment. I bet most girls at cheap Hackney Marshes escorts would appreciate a small house instead of a flat.

Prefabs with Hackney Marshes Escorts

Just after the war, many prefabs were put up in London. As a matter of fact, my grandma still lives in a prefab in another part of London. Recently, the local council threatened to tear my nan’s prefab down. But thanks to a public campaign, it never happened. Many of the girls I work with at cheap Hackney Marshes escorts know my nan and they appreciate she loves her home. Not only that, they love the idea of prefabs.

What are the advantages of prefabs? There are many advantages when it comes to prefabs. For instance, you could make sure that all of the material is environmentally friendly and will retain the heat of the home. Also, prefabs are quick to put together. It only takes a team of workers a couple of weeks to put a home together. That would mean that we could build a lot of homes much faster. 


There are other advantages to prefabs. The girls from cheap Hackney Marshes escorts who have visited my nan’s home, love her little garden. If we had more small gardens in London, we could much better deal with air pollution. People would soon start to plant up their garden. It would soon add extra oxygen to London.

Of course, there are other advantages to living in low-rise developments. I really miss the sense of community living in a house gives me. I think that goes for all of the girls at the agency. Most of us have been forced into living in high rise developments. It is really the only kind of accommodation most of us can afford these days. Buying a home in London these days is very expensive. 

Unless we start looking at alternatives way in solving the housing crisis in London, we are likely to be stuck with it for many years to come. The government likes to invest in all sorts of crazy schemes. Is it not about time that they invested in something that really mattered? I think that it is and so do the rest of the girls who work for cheap Hackney Marshes escorts.