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Please have a look at our privacy policy collects visitor data to analyse the amount of traffic that comes through on the site.
This information shows us how to best serve you the consumer on the best way to move forward with the website for your enjoyment.
When you visit eve london escorts websites we use a short text file called a cookie, this is downloaded to your device. This is predominantly used to collate small amount of info to analyse our traffic to determine such factors as the number of visitors that frequent the site and how much server is needed to keep the site running at optimum speed. The cookie is not used to collate personal data about you or anyone else who visits the website. You can choose to have your device warn you whenever a cookie is being enabled or used. You cannot also choose to have your device turn off all cookie functions, however not all functions may work but you can always call us here at customer service and place orders or ask any questions you may have over the phone.

It is required by EU law to tell you that this site uses cookies. We at eve London escorts do not sell or give any info we collect to any third party companies. Neither do we partake in any information exchange schemes.

We also use any information collected to:

To increase the performance of the websites.

We use the general information we collect to determine what our consumers like and tailor our website to enhance customer experience and increase efficiency.

We do however collect information on dangerous or Prank customers and they will be blocked from further bookings. In extreme circumstance will pass this information on to the police.

We are an adult website and you should only view the contents of this website if you are over 18.
We cannot be held responsible if you knowingly ignore this request.

If you register on our site from time to time we may send you periodic emails and newsletters about our special offers.

This website to our knowledge also does not contain any harmful spyware or viruses that harm your computer. We will always strive to keep it that way. However we cannot account for malicious individuals

These privacy policies can change without notice before being posted on here. The privacy notice changes will then be updated here at the earliest convenience.

Thanks you for taking the time to read this and enjoy all the sexy delights our site has to offer.

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