Escorts Fantasies: Superman A Good Lover?

Humans have always created superheroes since the first comic book and movie came about. The brain that dreams about these superheroes with their unique and unheard of qualities is also capable of imagining and fantasising on how it would really feel like to be a lover of these superheroes. Sure, I am not naïve enough not to know that superheroes do not exist outside of movies and comic books but come on! That does not mean that I, or any other person, should stop fantasizing about them. Among these people who cannot seem to put an end to fantasies about whether these superheroes would make great lovers is this one female London escort that I have become acquainted with. She is completely obsessed with Superman and over the last few weeks, she has been spending a significant amount of her time fantasizing on whether Superman would make a good lover. What do you think? Do you think that her fantasy holds any truth? Would Superman really make a good lover? Well, in case you are also wondering on whether he would in real life be a good or a lousy lover, keep reading on. I have outlined reasons which make me feel convinced that if Superman was to become real, he would really make some lucky girl very happy. I am a great fan of comics and you can bet that I have watched every Superman film out there. My evaluation of him thus is very solid.

He is very committed.
In Action Comic number 761 by Joe Rubenstein, German Garcia and Joe Kelly, we see Wonder Woman and Superman getting transported in a completely new place and dimension where they are forced into a fight with demons for what literally seems like a thousand years. In all of that time, at no point does his love for his beloved wife waver. Superman remains committed and faithful to Lois Lane, his wife. Who would doubt that a man who lives through such a long period of time without his wife near, and never cheats on her, would make an extremely good lover? If Superman was to exist in real life, his lover would never fear about getting cheated on by this superhero!

He is not shallow.
In Superman number 129, Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, falls in love with a mysterious girl who is trapped in a wheelchair. Despite the girl’s disabilities, Superman is so smitten that he proposes to her right then. Although the girl declines to be his fiancé, one character about Superman is obvious here. He sees the best in people. He will not care whether you are beautiful or physically fit. This is a very rare character among many lovers in today’s world, who mostly prefer partners who are pretty and easy on the eye.

He is super-strong.
Unlike Batman, Superman wakes up every morning being Superman before he later on dresses up and takes the form of the unassuming persona of Clark Kent. He is no doubt the real deal. If you are the kind of a person that is always ready and willing to go on a ride to new different places, then you understand why I say Superman all the way! Unlike Batman who has to be “fuelled” first before he gets on Batmobile, Superman will pick you up instantly and whisk you all over the world without the need to be “powered up” first.

He is totally ripped.
In every movie or comic book he is in, Superman is always represented as a muscle god. I know that it probably sounds shallow basing the quality of a good lover solely on their physical appearances but let honesty reign supreme here. Who would ever say no to a ripped off hunk of a man with abs and pectorals which are clearly begging for a touch or a caress? I am sure that Superman’s well-built physique is one of the top reasons why this London escort I talked about cannot help but keep on fantasizing about him.

He has blue eyes!
I do not know if it has been proven scientifically but men who have blue eyes make better lovers. As someone whose eyes are green, it hurts my ego to even admit to this. I have also heard some girls say that men with blue eyes tend to pay more attention to their lovers and that they ooze with confidence. They do not shy away from initiating anything. Superman is a perfect example of male confidence in full display. He is a slick genius with a lot of suave. Ever seen how he aims at rescuing people in a manner that is highly precise and realistic? The way he just makes a composed and a grand entrance during the times of need, especially after dusk, adds so much to his already overflowing sex appeal. The way his blue eyes sparkle when he is on a mission would melt even the coldest of hearts. They are like magnets. And good lovers are like magnets. You just cannot help but be attracted to them.

He is practically invisible.
A good lover should always be there to rescue you. What makes Superman look like the kind of a person who would move the world to save a lover is his ability to render himself invisible. If you are his lover and then happen to find yourself captured and in enemy territory, trust Superman to rescue you. He is at times so subtle in his rescue missions that his enemies do not even see it coming.

These qualities, coupled with his superpowers, is what makes superman look like he would turn out to be a dreamy lover in real life. He is capable of doing things which not even your real life boyfriend can dream of. As long as Superman keeps on being awesome, fantasies about him among mortals will never end. Although there are so many superheroes out there, none will ever hold the candle to Superman. He is even better than all of them combined…And I am sure that other than my London escort friend, you also agree with me when I say that Superman would indeed make a good lover!