Booking an Escorts For My Lesbian Experience

I have always had a special thing for women but I never understood why. There were times where I even tried my luck by dating a man; but I always felt there was something missing. The first time I really even had an idea that I was a lesbian was when I was in college. There was this girl that made me always wish I could be with her. I fancied her the most and in fact wanted to go and tell her that I really wanted to be in her life.

Well considering that not many people really understand what it is to feel this way; I used to keep my mouth shut. Eventually after a few years, I happened to be in a relationship with a guy, the start was all fine but six months down the line I realized that this is not what I wanted. I felt chocked inside because I could not vent out my feelings. We broke of on a good note without making things dirty between us.

After that I never turned to guys in my life. Eventually the loneliness of not having a partner started hitting me. I was looking for something that could fill the void. That is when I decided to hire a bisexual escort from the best London escorts agency. A couple of my guy friends had experienced the services of an escort and had shared their moments with me; I knew that at least this way, I could fulfill my fantasy of dating a woman even if it meant that I had to pay for it.

While I was looking at the sexy different profiles of escorts, I came across a known face. To my delight that particular bisexual escort happened to be the same girl I fancied in college. I hired her services and took the appointment of the earliest date that was available. She had a few appointments scheduled so it was after 3 days.

The minute my bisexual escort walked in I was on top of the world. Although she did not recognize me but she was great to be with. We spent the entire day going out for a movie, playing at the bowling alley, had a nice dinner, went for a long drive and finally checked in into this nice resort at the outskirts of the city.

In the evening we decided to hit the pool for a while and enjoy a nice swim. The resort had small private villas with a small sized swimming pool in each villa. I put on some soft music, brought out the bottle of wine and we ordered a few snacks. We sat down by the pool and spoke about things in general. Even then I did not tell her anything about what I felt for her.

Later on my bisexual escort decided that she wanted to take a dip in the pool, the minute she took out the bathrobe, I was amazed at her beauty. Her skin shined and her hour glass figure looked very beautiful in the bikini. Before jumping into the pool, she grabbed my wrist and took me along with her. We jumped into the water like two excited kids and started splashing the water on each other.

We swam a couple of laps with the different strokes and after a while just relaxed in the water. I went up to her and slowly gave her a kiss on her lips. It was that very moment that helped me to understand that this is what I really wanted. I was not meant for straight relationships and neither was I fine with a man in any way. My bisexual escort had in fact helped me to find my self.

Through out the night we got engrossed in each other. We used dildos, vibrators and other such sex toys to spice up the mood. She even gave me a nice chocolate massage with chocolate syrup and licked it off me. The whole night my bisexual escort took care of me in most loving way.

After a long and adventure filled night, we decided to hit the bed. In the morning, we ordered breakfast and decided to walk around the resort since there was a nice lake nearby. We even carried a picnic basket with some dry snacks. We enjoyed a nice boat ride and spent the afternoon by the lake. In the evening, there was a special fest going on close to the resort, we decided to go there for a while and check it out.

My bisexual escort was a lot of fun; we danced and basically enjoyed every second of our time with each other. Since I had her to my self for the entire weekend, I planned different things. We had 3 days and 3 nights together. That was all that I wanted.

Even the next night was fun; we did a few different things, watched a few movies and got intimate with each other. Our entire trip was like an adventure; while the day time was busy exploring the nearby places and attractions; our night was entertaining, intimate and full of fun and surprises.

When it was time to check out and head back to the city, my bisexual escort thanked me for the lovely time she had. During our way back, I disclosed the truth about what I wanted to tell her for a long time. To my surprise even she had remembered me but did want to say anything to spoil the mood.

I was very happy to know that she had no objections about me being a lesbian. A journey of a beautiful friendship had started and a long lasting relationship of a client and escort was also in the picture. It’s been two years now that I have been dating my bisexual escort and during this entire time, I have never been as happy as I am today. The void in my life is filled with a girl that I fancied and got. We go out every month together where I hire her from the agency. Whenever she gets the time, we sit down for a cup of coffee like two college friends.

I Called an Escort For Tips On How To Make My Girlfriend Orgasm!

I am a very weird person full of surprises and mystery. I tend to do things which most people would not do, let alone have the thought of doing them in the first place. Just the other day, I did something that may shock my partner to the core if she happens to hear about it. I called a London escort for tips on how to make my girlfriend orgasm during sex! Before you ask the obvious question, no, I am not a virgin. But I have never dated before. Come to think of it, in my twenty eight years, I have never dated or have a stable relationship. I have always considered having a girlfriend a bother I can comfortably live without. After all, I could easily access everything a girlfriend could offer from my experienced London escorts, right?

Things changed earlier this year when I met Charlotte in a work related event taking place in London. We are both Londoners by birth and we both work in the big city. She is a paralegal in some big law firm and I am a real estate agent. I cannot exactly put my hands on what Charlotte gave me but from the minute she was introduced to me, I was smitten. I knew right then that I had to claim her. Make her mine. It all come out to my advantage when it turned out that she was single and after a few dates, we became an item and we started dating. Our relationship is now on its seventh month and we are still on the “peck on the cheek and hugs only” phase. We have not yet taken our intimacy beyond that.

From our previous discussions, I highly suspect that Charlotte is very much inexperienced in intimate stuff. Unlike the London escorts who I have previously booked who were soaked in confidence and experience, Charlotte is quite shy. I could very well be her first. What bothers me about her obvious lack of experience is that she may not enjoy our intimacy when the time to take our relationship to the next point comes. I have heard and read stories about women complaining that their men do not know what it takes to make them orgasm during sex. And if they know, they do not bother to put it to practice. Therefore, in order to make our times together mutually satisfying and make sure that I gave my girlfriend a mind shattering orgasm, I had to do what a man got to do. I called a London escort for tips.

Among my most frequent escorts in London, Cate seemed to be the most experienced. She was also the one I was well acquainted with and so, when I gave her a call the other day, she was only too willing to help me. Below are the tips that this veteran London escort gave me.

Prolonged foreplay.

According to her, the reason why most women do not orgasm is because they have little to no foreplay. Unlike men, she told me, women are wired differently. They take longer before their body get ready. Extended foreplay ensures that her body catches up with her mind and that her girl parts are readied. She advised that to give my girlfriend an orgasm, I had to engage her in about twenty to thirty minutes of foreplay. She also told me that kissing her folds, massaging her back and nibbling on her ears and neck was a guarantee for orgasm.

To be very vocal.

Another tip I sourced from her is that being mute throughout the intimacy period is a total turn off for most women. She told me that most women like it when their men are being expressive and vocal. She reassured me that it does not matter if your words are coherent or sensible at all. She told me to just make sounds and moans and by doing that, I could be sure that my girlfriend would be on her path to an orgasm like she has never had before. She insisted that there was no need to be embarrassed and that every person is allowed to mumble everything, no matter how dirty it is. As much as I kept on telling my girlfriend how I am feeling that very time, and kept on rumbling constantly, then chances of my mission to make her climax becoming fruitful were very high.

Manipulate her psych.

I had never taken Cate for an expert in intimacy but her insight and knowledge in the field was very impressive. She explained to me that the place where an orgasm forms is inside the brain. According to her, if I wanted to be completely sure that my girlfriend orgasms, I had to take my
time and psychologically prepare her. To set her in the mood, I was advised that I had to drown her in compliments as I exclaimed on how attractive she is, and how I cannot wait to get her over the moon. Because I had audited a few psychology units in college, I think I am very capable of doing this.

Although Cate gave me other wonderful tips, I find the above three to be the most practical. When I was exclusively booking London escorts, I never had to worry about the things that I worry about now that I have a girlfriend. With London escorts, I was the main focus and all my London escorts did everything with an aim of making sure that I was totally satisfied. Now, the case is different. I now have a stable girlfriend who I love so much and who I want to give the best. My main focus is now not squarely on me, but on her. I want our first intimate encounter to be totally unforgettable, as well as the others to follow. I do not want to be one of those men who are selfish and who do not care whether their women climax or not. I want my girlfriend to be as satisfied as I am, and with those tips that I got from Cate the London escort, I am sure that my girlfriend is in for some wonderful times!

My Boyfriend Has Just Asked Me For Anal Sex!

I have been with my boyfriend for over five years now. Our sex life has been great and I could not ask for more. Every time we are together, it is a guarantee that we will end up in bed. Our libidos match and we enjoy almost everything in bed. We have tried threesomes with escorts, and we found that escorts in London were the best for this. We are both big funs of oral sex, a little bit of role play now and then and when we shag, we do it in a dozen possible positions- missionary, doggie… you name it and we have probably tried it. He is the most sexually compatible partner I have ever had, and I am a thirty one year old woman. If I had been asked about a month ago if there was anything my boyfriend and I had not tried in bed, I would have confidently answered with a no. But my boyfriend tends to disagree. He obviously has other ideas… He just asked me for anal sex!

For the past one month, he has been asking for it incessantly. In fact, not a day passes without him bringing this topic up. At first, I thought that he was only joking and I brushed him off by saying,” Hell no! That is so gay!” I even went further and explained to him that as much as I believe that everyone should have whatever floats their boat, as long as they are hurting no one, anal sex was simply not for me. I even gave him a my permission to find a consenting croydon escorts to have anal sex. I told him in no uncertain terms that I was simply not into it. I mean, I may be a freak in bed and there are probably a million things I would do in pursuit of an orgasm but anal does not simply make it to the list. I understand why the thought of a dick up the bum may be appealing and fulfilling when done between men but to a woman, I just do not get the appeal (or more specifically, I did not at that time). I also did not want to do something I did not fully want to, just to make him happy. I also did not want him to be left unsatisfied.

What I did not understand is that before then, he really seemed satisfied with everything we did in bed. The idea of anal sex did not get to him until one of his buddies got it from his girl and he started bragging about it to his boy squad. What should I do? It has gotten so extremely hard for us to maintain our previous connection. It is this fear that our relationship was on the verge of failing if I did not give in to his request that I decided to confide to one of my closest girlfriends about my dilemma.

If I had expected her to discourage me from giving it a try, then I was totally mistaken. Turns out that she and her boyfriend have been going on at for over half the time they have dated. She told me that she had also been completely spooked out when her boyfriend had first broached this topic to her. She even went ahead and reassured me that I had nothing to worry about and that this was just another milestone for our relationship. Stated below are some of the things she advised I do should I decide to give anal sex a try.
-Prepare thoroughly by ensuring that I am properly clean “down there”. This, she told me, could be taken care of by five minutes of douching!
-Try and practice with some sex toys before the actual act with my man. She insisted that this would help me train my sphincter muscles to relax on command.
-To use lots of lube since the anus has no means of self-lubricating. I have also done some research on this and I can completely understand why she highly advised not to go at it “dry”.
-To fully relax during the act and advise my boyfriend to be slow and patient.

As I am writing this, I am now more confident that although our sex life has never been dull, anal sex may serve to spice up things a little bit. If it turns out that I do not enjoy it, then I at least would be contented that I had given it a try. After all, I have never been shy when it comes to trying out new things!

Gorgeous London Escorts

London escorts are known for their beauty, physique, sense of humor and above all for the specialties of keeping you enticed throughout your trip the city. They will be at the desired place within the appointed time frame without any delay. Apart from this, they leave no stone unturned in keeping you happy throughout their company. Depending on your choice and budget, London escorts are available in the age from 18 to more as per your choice.

These London escorts are enough trained and also educated so they can turn all their client’s fantasies into reality. Each and every London escort is classy and has their attitude. That is the main reason that why people feel an attraction. Once people are capable of enjoying the best escort services in London, they will love to come back again.

An escort agency can offer so many services to their clients. Jacuzzi, massage, hot bath can easily provide by the escort agencies. Most of the human being are seeking companion of a trendy, fashionable girl, one who lies in that group; then it is the appropriate to look for the escort services in London. Each of the escort services brings some escorts featuring sparkling beauty, professionalism, and dignity. Being one of the best political and business hubs in London, London has been measured as the perfect location for escort services.

The escorts are trained in their profession to meet clients from different countries and places. They would be conversant in foreign languages that would help them to communicate with their clients. Communication plays an important role in escort’s service business. There are young and educated people involved in the business due to the lucrative package it offers. The job gives them the liberty to enjoy life and explore different experiences. The Escorts in London is mostly good-looking women from well-to-do families. They enter the business for fun and later are pulled into the world of luxury and comfort. The high-end escorts enjoy the life of celebrities with rich clients and eminent personalities. They offer their services at posh hotels and lavish apartments. Women prefer the profession due to the exciting and energizing lifestyle it offers them. Not everyone is made to be an escort; people with specific interests and desire can choose the profession. Women who love change in their daily routine and wanting to do something exciting in their life would be apt for the profession.

Selecting London escort Girls is easy and simple due to the increase in the number of online websites available. These women would be perfect company for any man wanting to spend an unforgettable night in the capital city. They would be a welcome change for the busy life schedule of individuals. As the name suggests the escorts are people who would accompany their clients to different events irrespective of the occasion. The beautiful maidens are waiting for their clients at the escort service agencies to provide them with excellent service. From a relaxing massage to a sidekick escorts can provide useful company to their clients. The agencies would ensure that the girls are a pleasure to be with. The women from the escort services would be available 24/7 based on the client’s requirement. London being the capital city attracts tourists and business entities alike. Escorts provide an exciting and entertaining touch to the normal stagnant lifestyle.

Escort agencies in London provide discreet services to those people who are looking for a beautiful, educated, stylish friend. With fashionable cloths and stylish modern tempting looks, the London escort has some an ultimate option for the social gatherings and parties.

The certified and most popular London escort services provide trained escort to their clients. People were seeking escort girls through the profiles and then choose the best one as per their choice. Escort services also offer in call and out call facilities. Customers can find in call services along without call facilities are also available. Some of the reliable escort agencies offer the high level of adult enjoyment. Full body spa services, massage services are also available. One can opt for the professional escort services as per their requirement.

A good escort agency provides a number of different escorts based on the client’s requirements. Online booking is also available. One can book his personal escort so that he can meet the beautiful lady when he goes to London. People can even call the escort service at the last minute to confirm if they have escort available or not. The advance booking system is also available in London.

Along with providing absolute pleasure with high-quality London escorts the escort services in London offers different services. People can find all the information through online. It is better to opt for the reliable escort service, who will value their client’s privacy. The escort service in London is the trademark of the excellent escort service. They are very protecting and also provide better services. Different fees options are available for their client. At the time of clicking on a website, the information will appear by default. It is necessary to know the details before someone is hiring escort service in London.The Brazilian escorts London are ever available for your sensual needs. They can be booked at any time of the year, 24 hours a day. These girls are ever so accommodating of your pleasure requirements. They would make sure that you get your type of fun and entertainment right here in the London area. The girls are very charming and nice, traits that you can always expect from true Brazilian beauties.

The London Escort Services of the Brazilian

Delightful is such a weak word when used to describe the London escort services of the Brazilian girls. You can say that these women are always ready to give you satisfaction. These lovely and beautiful girls can give you all out support in your every adventure. They are so good in the things that they do that you would like to be their companion every single day. These girls would give you so much delight that you will look nowhere else but straight into their eyes and bodies.

Boost Your Confidence and Have a Great Time With Our London Escorts!

London is a very busy city and with a very high population. As much as there is a lot to see and explore, it can be extremely boring if you are doing it alone. To make your stay here worthwhile and unforgettable, a beautiful London escort is what you need. This is the main reason why we are in business-to ensure that you have a great time by presenting to you a bevy of beautiful, sexy London escorts to choose from.

We pay attention to every little detail and that is why our escort services are second to none. We offer personal touches to every one of our highly esteemed clients. When you contact us, you rest assured that your email or call will be received and welcomed in a manner that is the warmest. Trust us to connect you with our London escort who is perfect for you. With us, it does not matter how you have planned your schedule. Whether you are in London for a few hours, for a dinner date, business trip or for a relaxing weekend, we will work to our level best to match you with an escort who will easily blend with your schedule.

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Use of Cheap London Escorts is Accepted Everywhere

Cheap London Escorts are so good that they make you feel you’re attractive and that gives you more confidence in approaching new people. The world is habitually unkind to new endowment, new conceptions. You can be experiencing something new which might be an extraordinary sensuality from rarely unexpected source.

Popularity of Using Cheap London Escorts

Using Cheap London Escorts services is very much popularized and has got its social awareness and never feel stigma is trying out. The increase competition and the growth of the many escort agencies led to the service offerings at cheaper range. These services were a lot expensive in the recent past but down the history, the increase in demand had made these agencies to cut the prices to short.

The Cheap London Escorts serve you with pretty much same quality in their standards but you need to be cautious about some fake agencies which make you choose the cheap escort agency and makes you pay high. Anyone can look great in their own perception makes you realize that only now you truly understand that you’re very attractive, which gives you more confidence in approaching the unknown people and pulls you out of shy feeling that you were before.

Escorts in London are like companions who are skilled in making you feel very special. They know the right nuances and efforts to create a memorable meeting. The women coming from high end escort agencies are like luxury companions and they understand that their purpose depends on the personal experiences of their clients. This is the reason why they make the effort to dress beautifully, they tend to learn different languages, ethnicities and what makes their clients pleased. These escort services are all about providing you a luxurious and boosting experience that improves the your mental and physical confidence levels.

The cheap service choice is not a stigma anymore

The escorts are not only the flawless women, but they do make you feel very much like a man whether it is a cheap service or an expensive. As it was discussed above that these services were once expensive but due to the competition and immense growth in the number of escorts, the price has been reduced but was never compromised on their service quality. Their feminine beauty & their attention towards you will remind you what a man you are and you might get a feel that you’re are one in a million; your maleness will complement them. Nowadays, the modern women are very independent and they like the man like in her nature. They may be too aggressive and overwhelming to you but these high class escorts are the combination of the squashy, womanly in nature and gives the independence that men usually dream of.

Escorts in London service offerings

Escort agencies in London are mainly concentrated on provided service to the Business clients in and around England. The agency archetypally arranges a meeting the escort & its client at designated location, or at the residence of the escort. Some agencies even provide escorts for longer time frames, who shall stay with client and at times allowed to travel along on a designated holiday (or)for a business trip as well depending upon the client’s interest. The billing is done to the escort agency and should be paid upfront before the delivery of the service; the client may negotiate for extra services with the escort itself like having sexual innuendos if they prefer to do so, which were not listed by the agency at the time of billing for additional pay such as providing services that regardless the escort terms & conditions.

Business model of Cheap London Escorts

The Escorts in London has a very professional business model starting right from its recruiting to the high end services to its clients. The recruiting system does not change whether they are cheap services or the expensive ones. The placement into the agency is done with thorough and the interviews are conducted individually with each and every escort in the London. The escorts are typically should be from the England as they have shall protect the nativity of England.

The Cheap London Escorts are mainly run based on the trust basis as they shall cause any inconvenience to the client during the service delivery from its Agency. The Cheap London Escorts have different type of service delivery pattern. The recruiting for these agencies is mainly done through referrals from family & friends as the trust factor should not be violated.

Cheap London Escorts Services types

The Cheap London Escorts has a type of escorts such as man on man, female on female, female on male and even male on female. These Cheap London Escorts stand to the principle of attending to events and even accompany in business trips for their clients. Cheap London Escorts strictly follow the law and shall not facilitate prostitution in any manner. The agency is completely based on business accompany purpose but restricted to not to offer the above mentioned services.


Cheap London Escorts do consider legitimate service delivery

The agency for Cheap London Escorts do provide for an out call escorts service for client meeting which is legal as per the law of United Kingdom working commission act. The taxes are paid to the government of England to keep the business transparent. The Agency for Cheap London Escorts agencies are approved by the government and a tax invoice can be collected during the billing. The commissions or tips paid to the escort for their additional services which were not listed by the agency however does not count into the taxable billing and can be paid in cash directly to the escort where the agency is completely uninvolved for the unlisted extra service delivery.

The Cheap London Escorts co-operates with the Revenue and Customs department of England by paying their taxes without any due which makes the service completely within law and legitimate. All the services provided by the agency for Cheap London Escorts are regulated by the government to make sure the services are strictly offered within the range of the legitimate services.

The industry works in complete legal commission basis by rooting the paid fee into 70% for escort, 10% for the third party agent and remaining 20% for the operating agency. This way the Cheap London Escorts performs and delivers its services seamlessly

London Escorts Ask Why Passion Disappears from Relationships?

Over 70% of couples in relationships are struggling with lack of passion. The question Eve London escorts ask is where it goes especially after staying together for some time remains unanswered. However experts say that there are two main factors attributed to lack of passion in relationships. These are physical distance and emotional distance.

These two are intertwined as one may cause the other and vice versa. Physical distance comes in when we develop behavioral changes from our norm. This may be from the fact that the honey moon stage of the relationship is over and efforts to prolong it are not being sought by the couple. These behavioral changes that go unnoticed could be simple things such going to bed at different times, eating at different times or basically doing things that were done together at different times. What this translates to is the absence of one on one time with each other hence creating a big physical gap.

Once separated physically, lack of simple everyday gestures that would not have gone unnoticed in the honeymoon stage of the relationship escalates. For instance the absence of a good night kiss would not have gone unnoticed. It was a necessity by all means but things have changed and it no longer holds as much meaning as it used to. After this comes the taking for granted of the good day kiss and hug. A goodbye becomes a simple unemotional wave as one drives away. It is dismal and meaningless as it rarely comes from the heart, and the smile that accompanies it does not reach the eyes. It is almost painful, almost a glare. When this trend continues we see it transforming into fewer love messages and phone calls during the day resulting in emotional distance. These are the primary steps of killing passion in a relationship.

When this happens, the couple finds itself having less one on one time. Cuddles are no more and kissing is almost too much of an effort. Constantly one of the partners will choose to sleep early over having hot steamy sex sighting tiredness or any other excuse. The other partner will of course feel rejected but not voice these sentiments at all. This will increase the physical and emotional distance between the parties killing passion that would have been.

Common activities bring couples together; spending time with one another doing things you love keeps the spark in the relationship. However the reverse is true. Lack of common activities pulls couples apart. Fun activities such as swimming, going to the gym, cooking or watching a movie can go a long way in keeping the passion in a relationship at good levels. These activities help couples bond both physically and emotionally. They keep you attracted to one another and are a sure way of reducing physical distance.

Dressing and general grooming is also a passion killer in a funny kind of way. Most people have a weakness in getting used to their partners and in so doing, they abscond on looking great. Going back to the honeymoon stage of the relationship, you had to put on something great and you would not get out the door before wearing perfume. This tends to stop as couples go along. Primarily, they forget what got them together in the first place – i.e. physical attraction. No one starts with loving the inside; physical attraction is what comes first and thus it goes without saying that looking good is key to keeping the passion burning.

When it comes to emotional distance killing passion, it is more complicated as it majorly involves ones feelings. Lack of communication is the biggest contributor to emotional distance. Once you kill communication each party feels taken for granted and sometimes there is a lot of misinterpretation of words said or deeds done. Harboring anger and hurt feelings only increases emotional distance, and with it comes the death of passion in any relationship. Great communication is the only remedy to this and can be achieved when a couple reaches a comfortable interaction level where each party learns the other and endeavors to speak in a non-hurtful way and the other party receives the information in good faith.

Emotional distance can also be caused by lack of understanding of the different love languages that exist. Love language differs from one person to another, thus in order to keep relationships passionate, it is paramount that both parties learn each other’s love language. If for instance a wife feels loved and appreciated when helped with housework, even if you brought her a unicorn from Mars, she will not feel appreciated and loved. When each party understands the love language of their partner, they do the little or big things that make that party feel appreciated and loved. This keeps the passion alive and the relationship fun and loving.

Passion is a great thing to experience and it goes without saying that between two people it is the most enjoyable thing there is. It makes life easier knowing that you love and you are loved for who you are. Keeping it alive and burning should be a priority in every relationship to ensure that you not only spend the first few years together but you are in for the long haul that maybe some decades. It is only through keeping the spark alive that couples have managed to stay for years together. There are many way to do this and one of them is to keep the sexual passion unpredictable like having threesome sex with escorts in London or dominatrix sex.

It is neither your responsibility to keep passion alive nor your partner’s responsibility. This full time job squarely lies on the shoulders of both of you and if the relationship dies as a result of lack of passion, both of you would be to blame. You should never wait for it to go that much south, as soon as the initial signs of passion dying come up, you should keep your head up and communicate diligently with your partner especially if they are someone you love and wish to spend the rest of your life with.

Passion is the fire that burns inside you, that drives you and it is a greatest thing that two people can share. Nurture it and life becomes the best thing that happened to you!

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Ways an Escort Can Avoid Agency Scams

Just like any other people who get scammed online, escorts are likely to get scams too. A lot of scams are targeting the smaller niches like social escorts and male courtesans. On the contrary, a lot of scams promote to their victims through telling that providers of any age, beauty or gender are increasingly in demand and has a widespread market waiting for them. But the fact is that clients hardly ever outnumber call girls.
An example of how escorts can fall victim to scams can be found in the extract below:

A man who tricked a sex worker into giving him free sex has pleaded guilty to a rape charge just before his trial was due to start.

Akis Emmanouel Livas, 51, was due to face trial in the ACT Supreme Court on Monday for scamming the self-employed sex worker out of $850 for sexual services.

Livas initially had sex with the woman in October 2010, but didn’t have enough money to pay the entire fee.

He promised to pay the outstanding $50 on his next visit, which he booked later that month at a price of $800.

But instead of paying the woman, he handed over a sealed envelope.

She went to check for the money, but, according to court documents, he said: 

“No, no, no, don’t open it now, it’s – you have to trust me on this, it’s part of my fantasy that it’s all about the romance and I need you to trust me.”

Livas, however, had lied. The envelope simply contained a card with a folded-up paper bag inside, designed to give the appearance of money.

Credits: Man who tricked prostitute into sex pleads guilty – The Canberra Times

How should an escort avoid getting scammed? Let us look at some things to look for when you are entering the escorting world:
* If there is an opportunity that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
When there is an advertisement that states women are looking for men to have sex with, and they will be charging men for the pleasure, this is simply not true. Common sense would tell an escort that it’s not the case. In addition, some agencies that promote for social providers simply accompany men to dinner or a special event etc. Even though this is a part of an escort’s services, other duties are commonly part of the encounter as well.
* Do not get caught up with escort agencies or sites that provide or market to escorts more than they do to clients.
Authentic agencies have an adequate number of call girls on their lists and then look for clients. On the other hand, scam agencies say that they have willing, able and ready client who are just waiting for a call girl to come to him. Do not ever fall for this trap. Clients are never in excess over the number of call girls. In addition, closely asses the websites to make sure that you are going to the right direction.
* Spend very little money up front.
Some agencies who are just scams will say that you must use up money in order to earn money. Even though this may be true at some level, it’s not completely true to the degree that they want you to think about. You may have to buy personal supplies like condoms and make-up, accessories and clothing, as well as quality photos. But, as an escort, you never have to pay your agency any fees, commission or other inclusion fees, to become one of their elite courtesans. Do not participate in any agency that involves you to make payments.
* Do not fall for auditions.
Some escorting agencies are using audition scams just to get free sex from an aspiring escort. They are setting up an audition with the so-called manager of the agency, a regular client or a male courtesan. If you pass this so-called audition, they will be taking you as one of their elite courtesans. Do not ever fall for this. Remember that legit and real agencies are not requiring any woman or man to have auditions. An interview with your clothes on is an enough aspect in determining if they will be accepting you as an escort.


The Need for Mature Escorts


It is a fact that mature, experienced escorts have a lot to offer to clients. Their knowledge, their understanding of the needs and wants of man, their experience, their skills, and most of all their maturity is what is desirable for sophisticated clients, as well as anxious first timers.
Comparing and contrasting a younger call girl and a mature escort falls to no basis at all. Essentially, they are offering different experiences to their clients. However, a younger girl may market and focus on the physical aspects of her business, while an older courtesan is likely to give a more relaxing, certainly liberating experience to their clients.
For professional advertisers, they will be telling you that consumers are not sold on “features” but they are more on “benefits.” A particular service of a courtesan should address its potential and regular clients’ issues and provide them what they really need or what they think they need.
Some male clients will define their needs in a blunt way like receiving a blow job from a pretty escort. These particular clients are a lot out there in the market arena. However, there is another type of client whose needs are not well defined. When you want to attract those types of clients, then it requires a sex provider to take and post not just a cute, sexy selfie and alluring words. In marketing, it means promoting the elusive of the escorting experience and in a lot of times; an older courtesan is predominantly well knowledgeable about this.
Male clients look for an experience with an escort for a variety of reasons. It can be that they are already not satisfied with their present sexual partner; they may not be able to get one or more of their sexual desires with their current partner; or they may not have a sexual partner at all; and they do not want the complicated parts that dating and sex gives. In a much broader sense, they may be embarrassed, reluctant or unable to utter and fulfill the desires they have been yearning for. When the right promotion is done, a mature, older escort is the perfect solution for those men. She has the combination of a non-judgmental attitude, a capability to understand and recognize the needs and wants of a man, experience and wisdom. The maturity that is in an older, experienced call girl brings a measure of acceptance and honesty to an erotic encounter.
When a mature escort is advertising her own escorting business, her website must reflect her unique blend of sensuality and availability to her clients.
Advertising has been going on for thousands of years as per this excerpt:

My favourite examples of sex worker advertising

In this ancient Vegas, sex was marketed unapologetically, with a directness that would shame the most mercenary of modern advertisers. Independent sex workers used graffiti to advise clients of prices and locations (“At Nuceria, look for Novellia Primigenia near the Roman gate in the prostitute’s district.”), while erotic frescos functioned as non-verbal signage for brothels, luring in passersby. Pornographic paintings in the public baths may have also been linked to sex workers, indicating that they were available in rooms on the upper floors.

The sex work ads of Pompeii were ingenious, but what makes them relevant now is the way they provoked and confused excavators many centuries after

Credits: The Importance of Adult Classifieds – Daily Beast

Always remember the major concepts of comfort, safety, relaxation, open-mindedness and experience all play a role in a mature escort’s responsibility. Additionally, the self-confidence of a courtesan should be a part of her appeal as well. The advertisement should be able to present to clients that experience and confidence allow the mature escort in exploring the areas of sensuality, which are only available to a woman of a certain age.

Unusual Clients Escorts Should Be Familiar With


It is common for each and every client to believe that he has a “distinctive” condition among everyone else. When we say “distinctive,” there are a lot of clients who have unusual conditions or dodgy characters far beyond the usual clients. Escorts who are booked by clients with unusual needs or conditions should be able to get used to their common guidelines and procedures, so that they can accommodate to their requisites. If you are an escort who wants to include clients with unusual conditions, then you may want to take some of the considerations below:
* Clients who are germophobes. These men are very difficult to entertain. Most frequently, they have the fear to go to the booked in-call, afraid that there may be germs all over your place. But once a germophobe client shows up in your in-call, he is usually covered with a mask from head to toe with germ-protective layers and gloves. The best solution for this is to have the encounter at the client’s place. Be warned that he may ask you to disinfect yourself before the encounter starts or even upon your arrival.
Here is another one from this excerpt:
Physically-disabled clients my require special attention from an escort. Clients who are bed-bound, rely on a wheel chair, have an ostomy, require oxygen or are limited from “normal” function in any other way may need some special arrangements in order to ensure a successful encounter. For instance, your incall is probably not handicap-accessible, which makes it a poor location for a client whose needs include a wheelchair or other assistive device. Monitors or other medical equipment may keep a client homebound, which would require you to do an outcall in his home. A client’s range of motion may be limited, meaning that you will have to adjust the methods you use to establish intimate physical contact. While most physically-disabled clients feel pleasure in the exact same ways others do, you will have to employ alternate methods in order to help them achieve satisfaction. And, you may have to reconsider some of your policies, depending on how they coincide with your client’s needs. Furthermore, due to their restrictions and inability to perform in typical ways, many of these clients require more reassurance, compassion and compliments than others. Credits: How should an escort deal with an unusual client? |
* Clients who have apparent physical effects from accidents or medical situations. At first, people who are victims of certain accidents will have some sort of surprising physical appearances that are visible. Some clients may be badly burned or scarred, have physical birth defects, amputees, have malformed hands, feet, or limbs, etc. As an escort, you should remember that such clients are also people and are like other “normal” clients you encounter. Their physical appearances must not manipulate your opinions about them. They do not need your pity, but your assurance and acceptance.
* A few clients may want out-call with other people present at the place. Usually, responding to out-calls where other people will be present during encounters is a great risk that escorts should never ever take. On the other hand, if the client clarifies what kind of situation he is in, then you can consider it. While this kind of situation seems unrealistic, a lot of escorts find out that they are providing a much esteemed service to care-giving clients who just simply need a little break from their work. Moreover, make sure that the client is telling the truth about his situation.
* A lot of clients are suffering from mental problems. Most often than not, clients with mental issues place themselves into situations that are completely different from those “normal” clients escorts have. Basically, a client who is suffering from the fear of leaving his own house will be requiring his escort to have an encounter and make it as out-call. Others may be suffering from schizophrenia, paranoia, or any other mental diseases. As a result, he may be behaving unpredictably, even if he has taken his medications appropriately. However, you should be informed that this type of clients is not violent or harsh in any sort. They just behave odd or peculiar in some way.