What Makes Ramona The Brunette The Best London Escort

I started booking escorts during my second year in college. Since I was attending a college located in London, I was never short of accessing escorts who met my tastes and preferences. By then, I was a nineteen year old teenager and now, I am almost turning thirty six. In my almost two decades experience of booking London escorts, I can confidently say that I have consumed the services of almost every brand and variety in which London escorts come in. I have had escorts of African heritage, Latina, Asians and European escorts who are the majority in the big city. Although I enjoyed every single moment that I spent with all of the escorts I have previously booked, there is this one unique London escort who no one will ever hold the candle to. Her name is Ramona and she is a brunette! She is the best London escort that I have ever had the privilege of booking.

I met Ramona four years ago when I was going through a very stressful phase of my life. By then, my legal business was experiencing a lot of money issues and it was a miracle that we manage to stay afloat and operating after that nightmare. When the business started gaining its financial
footing, I decided that I needed to give myself a special treat for all the hours that I had sacrificed making sure that my legal firm did not dissolve. I must also point out that at that time, my girlfriend of a year had just left me and it had been quite some time before I had sought and enjoyed some female companion. It was then that I decided that my quickest bet was to visit the website of a London escorting agency, and book myself an amazing London escort.  This is how I met Ramona.

I could tell Ramona was different from the very first time my eyes saw her profile on the London escorting agency she was working with at the time. Her whole demeanor, even in photos, showed a woman who exuded charm and confidence. Her blue, sparkly eyes were a captivating feature and they completely had me hypnotized. The fact that she is a brunette, my favorite hair color, was a bonus! I knew then that I had to book her. Since the agency was quite a busy one, it was by a sheer stroke of luck when it turned out that Ramona was available for booking. Escorts like her are a hot cake and there is always a big line of clients waiting to book them, so I thanked my stars when I realised that she was going to be seeing me for the night.

The time I had with her was magical and like nothing I had ever had before. That very first night marked the beginning of very many nights that Ramona and I have spent together. I have completely lost interest in other escorts and when this London escort (Ramona) is not available for booking, mostly because she is with another client, I find myself counselling my plans for the night, and waiting until that time when she will be available for me. With all the other willing escorts that I can easily book, one may be wondering on why I am hooked up on this particular London escort, right? Well, here are some of the reasons why I am totally convinced that Ramona the brunette is the best London escort I have ever booked.



Ramona oozes with confidence. Everything she has ever done in my presence was done in surety. There was this time she had accompanied me to a business dinner and her comforted, well behaved manners surprised me to the core. She fitted perfectly and her interactions with my work colleagues was admirable. No clumsiness on her part whatsoever. Although I am not making a blanket statement by saying that the rest of the London escorts lack in confidence, no one I have ever had accompany me to a social event expressed the same level of confidence as Ramona. She just fits in every role, and fully acts the part without waiting for my signal to go ahead. I find confidence in women highly attractive hence the reason why I think Ramona the brunette London escort is the best!

Great attitude.

Her charm has a way of turning me from being moody to being jubilant in no time. In fact, I have never seen her get angry. Some of my previous encounters with some London escorts have been marked by several unpleasant experiences. With Ramona, she lights up with positivity. Even when she has had a terrible day, she knows how to make her client’s time worthwhile and enjoyable. She has never bothered me with stories about her difficulties in life, something I cannot say about other escorts I have encountered in the past.

Extremely beautiful.

I am a sucker for beautiful women and in this sector, Ramona does not disappoint. Her brunette hair is very long and is always stylish. Her blue, inviting eyes are like a pool and I find them hypnotizing. If I am to rank all the escorts I have ever had in terms of beauty, Ramona is no doubt the most beautiful London escort!

Good listener.

Being a single man who is well in his thirties, finding a listening ear is something I need from time to time. Ramona is always willing to listen as I speak about my frustrations and about my job-related stress. This cannot be said of other escorts who find it annoying when their clients start
talking about their bad experiences.

Good physical condition.

In an industry where everything is viewed through the tiny physical lens, escorts who are the most physically fit and appealing are bound to be more successful than those who do not look so great. Ramona is a London escort who understands this only too well. Although she is almost thirty, she has the body of a teenager!


In all our past encounters, Ramona has never done anything that shows her disrespect of me even in the slightest. I remember back in college, I had booked this London escort and the experience was a nightmare. The said escort was highly condescending and treated me like a kid. With Ramona, my masculinity has never been threatened. She is always careful not to do or say things which may be considered rude by her clients.