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24/7 Escorts

Challenges Of Working For  A 24/7 London Escort Agency

London is perhaps the European capital with the most escort agencies. Take a look across Europe, and you will notice most capitals do have their fair share of escort agencies. However, you can certainly say that London boosts more escort agencies than other capitals. Also, the services offered by escort agencies in  London are more varied than in other parts of Europe. For instance, London is one of the world capitals with escort agencies which are open 24/7. We have the most popular agencies in London, Paddington escorts, Mayfair escorts, East Ham escortsHackney escortsNorth London escortsIslington escorts, Woolwich escorts and Greenwich escorts just to name a few.

I have been working for a cheap 24/7 escort agency in London for the past seven years. Although I have had a really good time, working for a 24/7 London escort agency certainly has its challenges. First of all, the hours are longer. When you work for a run of a mill escort agency, you often end up doing one particular shift. But, at our escort agency, you do a variety of shifts. You have the early morning shift, day shift and the night shift. Just as you get used to one shift,e everything changes again. 

24/7 London Escorts

There are other differences as well. I think that most cheap 24/7 escort agencies in London are seen as express escort services. Most of the men who like to date 24/7 escorts in London are businessmen both from around the UK and the rest of the world. They only spend a limited amount of time in London and dating escorts is not on top of their agenda. Instead, they date escorts when they feel the need and miss being with a girl.  You very seldom see the same gents from one week to the next. 

Since I have been working for 24/7 London escorts, I have noticed it is much harder to build-up a clientele. When I worked for another cheap escort agency in south London, I used to have lots of regulars in my black book. Now I hardly ever see the same again. It is upsetting and I have to admit that I do miss having regular clients. You may see someone again, but it may take that a couple of months before that guy comes back to London. 

Advantages Of 24/7 Escorts

To the client, I think that there are many advantages to dating 24/7 escorts. Most of the guys who come to see us don’t really want to have a personal relationship with their escorts. That is another thing which is very different from when I worked in south London. My regulars there all wanted to have some sort of personal relationship with the girls they dated. The men I date now are much more business-minded if you know what I mean. 

Of course, there are benefits to working for a cheap 24/7 escorts agency. I have been receiving better ad bigger tips since I have been working for this escort agency. I am not sure what it is, but I have the feeling that many of the men we date are playing away from home. In other words, they are being a little bit naughty and like to have some adult fun on their business trips. 

Services Offered

Not all 24/7 companion companies offer the same kind of services as standard agencies like Kingston escorts. For instance, you are much less likely to come across fetish services. That is not really what men are after when they contact our receptionists. They are looking for what I often call a tuck-in service and perhaps a massage. To be honest, you really don’t get time to do much else during a one hour date. 

What is the future of 24/7 companions in London? I think that you may see more 24/7 companies. So many men like to visit the capital on business. Even with Brexit looming large on the horizon I still can’t see that changing. I am sure that dating escorts in London 24/7 is still going to remain popular. But, I do think that prices will eventually start creeping up. 

So, if you want to enjoy the company of cheap 24/7 outcall escorts in London, it could be a good idea to find your dream girl at our escort agency before it is too late.