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Do Tottenham Court Road Escorts Date Men With Beards? 

Of course, cheap Tottenham Court Road escorts date men with beards. Many escorts, especially Hounslow escorts, find men with beards sexy. Recently, beards have come back in fashion. A couple of years ago, many of us thought that bears looked scruffy and it was not in to go out with men with beards. When I came across a man with a beard on a dating site, I would always move on very quickly. Yes, I am may read his profile, but I would never contact a man with a beard. 

However, all of that has changed since I started to date men with beards at cheap Tottenham Court Road escorts. The funny thing is that this is something very sexy about men with beards. A few months ago, I thought that men with beards were not very sexy at all. Since then I have changed my mind and I think that men with beards can be sexy. There is something primitive about and I guess that I like that. 

Sexy Men With Beards

It is not only straight men who have beards. You be surprised how many gay men also opt for beards these days. I am not sure that a beard makes them look and act more masculine. Instead, I think that gay men with beards look really sexy as they like to look after their beards. Speaking to many of the other girls at the escort agency I know that they feel the same way. Gay men with beards are sexy and that is a fact. 

You would never catch a businessman with a beard a few years ago. It seemed to be a real no-no when it comes to business. But slowly by slowly, things have started to change. As all other Tottenham Court Road escorts, I do date a lot of businessmen and increasingly I have noticed that some of the businessmen I date have started to sport beards. That goes for businessmen from all countries. 

Young Men And cheap Tottenham Court Road escorts

Do young men grow beards? When the beard craze started in London, it was really only men in their 50’s who had beards. Little by little, it started to change. Before I knew it, I was dating younger men with beards as well. One thing I do have to say about the men I date with beards, they do like to look after them. I am not sure that any of the girls who work for our Tottenham Court Road escorts agency would go out with men who looked scruffy. That would just totally turn me off and I know that goes for the other cheap escort agencies. 

What is the future of beards? I think that we will see more and more men with beards in the future. When I stop and think about it, I think that many men use their beards to express their personalities. You get the young guy with his very smooth bear or designer stubble. Then you get the older guy with his neatly trimmed smooth but slightly thicker beard. Smart guys, or artistic men, like to express themselves with what I like to call a duck beard.

What about silver guys with beard? I am sure many cheap Tottenham Court Road escorts would tell you that they don’t like going out with Santa but I don’t mind. Take a closer look and you will find that many grey hair senior guys look really sophisticated. I guess a beard helps to hide some of the wrinkles that they may have. 

The future of beards is bright as far as I am concerned. I am sure that we are going to see a lot of more men with beards and cheap Tottenham Court Road escorts are going to continue to date them. The Arab men who like to date Tottenham Court Road escorts have always sported beards. 

Yes, I think that beards are the new sexy if you know what I mean. Most of the girls at cheap Tottenham Court Road escorts feel the same way about men who look after their beards. They are a bit like the hair on your head. When you look after it, you look nice and neat, when you don’t you look a mess, same experience from other escort agencies like Paddington escorts, Mayfair escorts, Chelsea escorts, Earls Court escorts, Soho escorts, Bayswater escorts, Holborn escorts.

So, if you are thinking about growing a beard, make sure that you have got all of the gear to look after it. Sure, Tottenham Court Road escorts will go out on a date with you even if you do like a bit scruffy. However, in general, Tottenham Court Road escorts appreciate a sharp dressed man with a neatly trimmed beard.