How important is sex in a relationship

Is sex really important in a relationship? Why do my young people who are in a relationship practice it? Intimacy requires that I put aside my agenda and seek to nourish my partner. It’s not enough for me to know my partner’s pleasure points physically, I needs to know her pleasure points emotionally, spiritually, and all the other -ally’s. If I attends to those areas in ways that are meaningful to my partner, she’ll want to have sex while we are in a relationship. My partner needs to know that I respond to her softness and feminine grace more than nagging and criticism. When she understands this, she doesn’t have to manipulate to gain her my attention.

One of the top reasons given by men for infidelity is dissatisfaction with or lack of sex. With women, it’s the lack of attention. Yet, their dissatisfaction is inevitable when I consider the lack of priority given to sex in the relationship.
When sex is withheld, even for understandable reasons, it subjects my partner to discomfort and vulnerability.

Having sex daily with your partner can make me feel younger and more beautiful, the more sex I do the healthier life I live. It facilitates bonding, pleasure and intimacy in every relationship. Just like men, women also enjoy and appreciate different ways to do it. I know what it will remove boredom from a relationship and banish worries which sometimes lead to depression. It is an important part of a life and it is a basic need for every human being. Here are the surprising benefits of having sex daily while in a relationship with your partner: –

• Stress Release: – London escorts believe Sex can really help me to release stress, which I carry in my mind because of hectic schedule. If my life is stressful then a sexual intercourse can help to keep stress level and blood pressure low. A good romantic intercourse can make me happy and tension free.

• Boost Immunity: – a big benefit of sex is that it boosts my body immunity. It increases the level of immune boosting antibody, Immunoglobulin which fights against bacteria, virus and other germs that can cause common illness like cold and cough. Having sexual intercourse a day keeps the doctor away, right from us.

• Burn Calories and Increase Blood Circulation: – Sex is a great form of exercise which burn extra calories. My heart rate can increase while having sex and fresh blood supplied to our heart and cells.

• Improve Sleep: – Sex can actually help us to get a better sleep. After it a relaxation-inducing hormone release, this may help me to take a nap in five minutes. It is like an exercise which makes my body tired and helps I to sleep and wake up refreshed.

• Boost Libido: – If I am going through low sex desire (Low libido) then having sexual intercourse daily can improve my libido which makes feel better and satisfied.

• Glowing and Ageless Skin: – sex is a natural fountain of youth. Regular it can keep one younger and active. It can make me look younger and flawless.

Sex in relationship can help to improves my Intimacy: – The act of sex spices up a relationship and improves intimacy between couples. It helps to increase oxytocin hormone which is also called love hormone which helps us in building trust and bond.

• Keeps love Alive: – The more I have sex with my partner, the more our love gets affectionate. If I have sex daily the oxytocin hormone increase and build trust with each other.

• Relieves Pain: – If I am constantly going through some severe pain like migraine. It will give me partial relief from cluster headaches. When I reduce about to have an orgasm my hormone oxytocin increase and aches and pains.

Sex can also Boost my fertility: – my sperm quality increases if I have sex daily with my partner. My semen will tend to be health after having sexual intercourse regularly.

Sex has to be more than a belief; it has to be a value. Sex has to be a priority. I can believe that sex should be a part of relationship. But that belief can be underwritten with “if I feel like it” or “if he or she does what I want.” However, when sex is a value of my relationship, both parties make it such a priority that they do what’s necessary to protect that aspect of their relationship.

Life happens. Therefore, it is important that husbands and wives keep one another accountable sexually. It is not easy but it is necessary. Challenge decisions that detract from intimacy. If my schedules are demanding, make an appointment for sex. Be flexible about the when and the where. It doesn’t have to be a night thing; it can be a lunch thing. Anticipate challenges and plan for them. Build a supportive network or budget babysitter services into my financial plan. Make it priority to get into your partner’s space.

Most infidelity happens with people whom your spouse has constant interaction with. It might be his secretary or family friend. It might be her male coworker or the parent of a child. It’s not that these people are vultures waiting to descend on your spouse. They are accessible. Don’t take it for granted that your partner loves you. Pay attention. A love note on her pillow or a promise of sex when he gets home keeps you on your partner’s mind.
From the research I have done I found that many relationships fall due to poor sex exercises, If I have sex with my partner to her fullest satisfaction she will love me more and never try to cheat on me at any given time.I hope by reading through this article you will be able to understand that sex is highly important for any two people who are in a relationship. For more information you can look online on various reasons why sex is of great importance in this life.

My Girlfriend Is One OF The Best London Escorts

My girlfriend and I met in the summer of 2015 at a certain nightclub in London. By then, she was a student in one of the universities in London while I was a real estate agent. I still am and I mainly work and operate within London. I was twenty nine then and she was twenty three. After a fun-filled night, we moved to my apartment for a night cap. After a few drinks were poured, our mouths became loose and words got poured. It was then that she told me that she had been working as a London escort in order to make ends meet. This did not bother me at all mostly because I grew up in a very liberal part of London where escorts were viewed and treated just like every other normal person and not like some sort of social pariahs who were promiscuous. After our night together, we parted ways and after exchanging phone numbers, we agreed to meet at a later date.

We kept on seeing each, although we were not exclusive. I was seeing other girls on the side, and she was still escorting. After several months of seeing each other, feelings started developing and I found myself falling in love with her. At first, I was really scared because I thought that these feelings were only one-sided. A close buddy of mine had told me that escorts never fell in love. Although I had not bought this, I still did not want to disclose my feelings to her for fear of rejection. I had been a victim of unrequited love once and going through a repeat experience was something I was not prepared to go through again. So, we kept on seeing each other but me being super secretive about my growing feelings and emotions.

After one year of hooking up, I could not keep on hiding on my feeling any more. I decided to take the bull by the horns and spilled everything to her one day after a night of fun. Hearing her say that she had also been in love with me for a couple of months prior was the best thing I had ever heard. But there was a catch. She could only become my girlfriend if I promised not to pressure her into quitting being an escort. As much as I wanted us to be monogamous and exclusive, I could not deny her this request because I was already head over heels in love with her. She told me that she had bills and tuition fee to pay for and working as a London escort was the only easiest and the most convenient means for her. Even back then, I was still fairly financially stable and I even offered to take care of her financial problems but she turned me down. She was and still is one of those woman who are stubbornly independent.

Now, almost three years later, and no longer a student, my girlfriend is still escorting. As a matter of fact, she is one of the best London escorts and my jealousy is so much I feel like it will kill me one of these days. Her popularity in the London escorting industry comes as a no surprise to me. My girlfriend is super sexy, fun loving, outgoing and downright naughty. My buddies have over the years told me that I am very lucky to have her but I just wish I had her totally to myself. Alone. With no other man to share in her company. Just recently, I spoke to her about my jealousy and feelings of insecurities. She tried comforting me by telling me that I have nothing to worry about since her heart belongs to me and no matter how many clients she meets while escorting, no one will ever take her away from me. As much as I would like to find comfort in this, my jealousy cannot seem to ebb. Why exactly am I being jealous?

We rarely spend much time together.

Being one of the best and one of the most sought after London escort, my girlfriend’s schedule is always very tight. On a good day, she can be contacted by more than five clients seeking her company, and she could be gone for a full day without me seeing her. I know that I signed for this when I decided to date an escort but what can a dude do? It is not like I can condition my heart and mind not to feel jealous, right? After all, I am human. Wallowing in boredom knowing that my girlfriend is out there entertaining a complete stranger at my expense is the worst feeling ever. It is surprising that I have survived it this long.

Her life seems more fun and fulfilling.

As a real estate agent, my life is very mundane. She, on the other hand, lives a life full of interesting things. Being among the best London escorts, her clients comprises of London’s who is who. They range from well-known politicians to established business tycoons to top world diplomats. They whisk her to every part of the world while I am stuck in the office or in the field trying to talk prospective clients into buying whatever real estate property that I am trying to sell them. Hearing her talk about the wonderful experiences her escorting work gives her is killing me with jealousy.

She earns more than I do.

I know this sounds rather mercenary but it is another reason contributing to my jealousy. Who would have ever thought that being a London escort could be so lucrative? On a single encounter, my girlfriend can make more than 600 quid. This is no surprising considering that she is one of the best London escorts.

I love her very much and I am confident that she feels exactly the same towards me. I am okay with her deciding on how she wants to live her life and that is why I would never pressure her into leaving the London escorting scene. I just wish I could find a way to stop these feelings of jealousy I have been experiencing of late because the truth be told, it is killing me!

Escorts in London make me feel special

It is true that the escort business should be kept purely professional strictly impersonal, but I will be damned to deny what the escorts in London make me feel. I believe every living person at one point in their life wants to feel wanted and special to someone else. Based on this assumption I have created –I am therefore justified in my claim that London escorts make me feel special in ways that my wife has never discovered. What I don’t know or perhaps what I fear the most is that they are just professional. I hate it when I feel like a pawn in their marketing campaign for the awesome services they render. I mean at one point I will be feeling special and all wrapped up in escort business and the next minute I’ll be dull and emotionless feeling like a targeted customer. I believe there are many other men like me out there who feel the same way too every once in a while. If I made a list of why I feel special when am around the escorts in London; I am willing to bet money that many a victim’ of their juju will agree with a lot of what I have to say. Otherwise, you may not have come across any London escort for you to feel nothing for them. So today I want to look into why escorts in London make me and others like me feel special irrespective of our marital status. Without further ado here’s the why.

They will treat you like a king in their kingdom.

Perhaps one of the most revered positions in the society is that of authority. An early disclaimer though that –I do not want to sound demeaning to women or patriarchal for that matter in an already male-controlled society. That aside, these escorts will take the business to a whole new level –they will do to you stuff that has not been done before on you. I bet you will not be the same self after spending a few pennies on an escort in London. Where do I even start? Do I begin with the nature of their services –professional to the highest level of exemplary conduct? I have made it my business to research on whether London escorts learn their skills in school or is it a naturally given gift. Let me derail you a bit so that I can make my point first. I need you to stop for a moment and think about the good times you’ve had with your better half –it can be a dinner you had some time back, or a wild night of wildly wild fun or perhaps its long conversations that you make while at work. I also need you to remember when was the last time you had any fun at all, especially if you are committed to a beautiful woman out there. So now I will ask my ask question based on the reflective thinking you’ve done. The answer to the question is rhetoric for all of you as it asks; can you even remember the last time you felt special with your spouse? Well, the answer to that is a Yes, then perhaps this is not the article for you- however, I reckon you may also gain a few ideas so just stick around to the end of my tale. If you answer is a big fat No! Then here’s what you are missing.

You are missing out on the fun in your lives, but I gather that by now you already know my recommendation to that. I explicitly state that if these London escorts can make me feel special considering my line of work they are a viable solution for your problems as well! Believe me; she will call and treat you like you deserve –in ways you alone could imagine and understand. For me I think it is the fact that they are caring, listening and non-judgmental. After spending an entire day in a highly intensive work environment, I have made it my habit to take on for the road and include a London escort to that bill. I forgot to mention they are excellent masseurs who are careful and keen to touch you in a manner that draws out extreme relief throughout the entire body. I am particularly in love with one masseur from Heathrow escorts who talks to me while working my back carefully and alternates to listen to my load from work only interrupting to ask me is that press working for you?’. It is everyman’s dream but then again not all of them know what they are missing out on. So, it is my intent to awaken the other side of you to someone who will make you feel wanted and loved. Some of whom work with not only professionally but also a heavy touch of passion for their work; I am ever glad to tap into the pleasures of this short life with the London escorts being the deal breaker for me.

Be warned and rewarded simultaneously

Get the value for the money you spend! I always insist that you are entitled to the best the world has to offer if at all you want to do it. At first, I was skeptical of whether or not the rather exorbitant prices would give me a return on my investment and sure as hell it did. In fact, it is this value that has kept clientele like me happy and smiling always coming back for a repeat service. It would not be fair if I preempt everything I know about escorts in London and therefore I will let you explore and discover this hidden treasure with the centerpiece being the killer services you will most likely experience. But be very careful! I mean take the necessary measures if you know that you have a loving spouse or lover if at all you want to engage a London escort business and still keep your relationship. I should caution you against second-guessing your choice for a spouse so “feel special at your leisure and peril.”