Wormwood Scrubs escorts

Wormwood Scrubs escorts

I Found The Captain Of My Heart In Wormwood Scrubs

When I moved to the Wormwood Scrubs part of London, I did not think I would end up falling in love with one of my senior clients at cheap Wormwood Scrubs escorts. I have always tried to avoid falling in love with my clients, but this time cupid’s arrows hit me right in the heart. Before I knew it, I found myself head in heels in love with Les. 

Les was a retired pilot. Unlike so many of my other cheap Wormwood Scrubs escorts clients, he had something special about him. He is certainly not the sort of guy that you will find sitting around. He is much more active and we do have a lot of fun together. Since we met, a lot has happened. Most importantly I have left Wormwood Scrubs escorts and I now live with permanently with Les. I was not really sure that I was ready for that, but it has worked out. 

Leaving cheap Wormwood Scrubs escorts

Leaving cheap Wormwood Scrubs escorts was a really big decision for me and I was not sure that I was doing the right thing. But I did realise that I could not have a relationship with Les and work for Wormwood Scrubs escorts or any other cheap London Escorts agency at the same time. Les wanted to travel and do this and that. He also had a place in California and I loved it out there. Since I left Wormwood Scrubs escorts, we have started to spend the winter in California and I have never looked back.

When we are not in California, we spend a lot of our time travelling. During the first couple of months with Les, it felt like my feet never touched the ground. I have lost count of how many airmiles that we have done together. Not only that, but when we are in California, we often just jump into our car and drive somewhere. We have traveled up and down the Pacific Coast Highway a couple of times and I am sure that we will do so again. On top of that, we also visit Las Vegas on a frequent basis.

What is The Future?

I am not sure what the future is for us, but I do know that we both like to travel. When I worked for Wormwood Scrubs escorts I always dreamed of travelling but I never got the chance. Needless to say Les likes to travel in style and when we travel, we always enjoy the best of the best. We stay in all of the best hotels and we are always on the lookout for special deals. Last weekend we ended up in Palm Springs and I don’t know what is going to happen this weekend. 

Also since meeting Les, I have become addicted to golf. Okay, a few of my former cheap Wormwood Scrubs escorts clients used to golf. They told me about but at the time I was not sure it was for me. All of that has changed since I hooked up with Les. He made me try golf during a Las Vegas stay. We had a really great time and now I am also into golf. I love the fact that we have something to do when we are together.

Are the other escorts jealous of me? I am sure that some of my former cheap Wormwood Scrubs escorts are jealous of me. Some of the girls have even stopped taking my calls. It did used to bother me but now I just get on with it. I think that they are a bit silly. 

I had a great time when I worked for Wormwood Scrubs escorts, but there comes a time when every girl has to move on. Ultimately I guess that is what happened when I met Les.

What does my family think? They were a bit surprised when I hooked up with a guy who is a lot older than me. But like I say to my dad, they do have something to talk about. I am sure that my mom finds him rather charming. He is well educated and they can tell that he looks after their daughter. 

I am not always sure what the future holds for me and Les, but I am glad that we are getting this time together. I guess that if we split up, I could always go back to cheap Wormwood Scrubs escorts, but I don’t think that will ever happen. I call him my wingman and he calls me his wing girl. As a matter of fact, I think that is pretty romantic. Not all girls are lucky enough to find the captain of their hearts. 

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