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What To Buy A Man With A Beard

Has your boyfriend grown a beard? Having a beard is the latest craze to hit the UK. I first realised during one of my recent Bond Street escorts shifts that beard was becoming “the” fashion accessory for men. Yes, you read that right – I did say fashion accessory. I think that many men do use and see their beards as a fashion accessory. Do beards make Bond Street escorts extra hot under the collar? I do think that there are some cheap Bond Street escorts who are turned on by men’s’ beards. 

I don’t have a problem with men’s beards, but it does have to be a nicely kept and cared for beards. There is nothing as off-putting as a scruffy or dirty looking beard. I have even turned a couple of men away from cheap Bond Street outcall escorts because their beards looked a mess. They smelled and did not look very nice at all. If you do want to have a beard, you should look after it. Getting tips from a local barber would help. 

Bond Street escorts Shop For Men With Beards

If your partner or boyfriend has a beard, you may want to encourage him to look after it. In general, I think that most men have become better at looking after themselves. I have been working for my agency for about 8 years now. During that time I have seen a huge improvement when it comes to men’’ grooming. No longer do men turn up with dirty looking ties or unshaved. 

Looking after a beard is not easy. I know that the men I date at cheap Bond Street escorts who have nice beards, do really take the time to look after them and buy the right accessories. If you don’t feel inclined to look after your own beard, you should visit a barber at least once a week to make sure you don’t have a problem. Some men with beards develop skin irritations when they don’t look after their beards. 

What I Would Buy A Man With A Beard

If I had a boyfriend who wanted to have a beard, I would make sure that he had a decent beard trimmer to start with. There are many different types of beard trimmers. Some of the men who like to date Bond Street escorts have invested heavily in good quality beard trimmers. The best ones are waterproof and can even be used for doing a bit of manscaping in the shower. 

You need more than a beard trimmer to look after your beard. Making your beard look nice and shiny is a trick in its own right. Not all men think that they should be moisturising their beards, but this is really essential. Not putting beard oil or balm in your beard is a bit like not using conditioner when you wash your hair. A good quality beard oil or balm is one of the first things I would buy my man if he had a beard. 

Top Beard Accessories For Men

Other things that you should consider buying a man with a beard is shampoo and scissors. When you go to a barber, you will find that a barber will use a pair of scissors to shape your beard. I date one guy who has the most amazing looking beard and I know that he looks after it with a pair of scissors. He is one of the smartest looking dates I have at cheap Bond Street escorts. 

You should also buy a good quality beard brush and a beard comb. Yes, all of these accessories do exits. You can buy them online or in shops like Boots and Superdrug. When I shop for stuff for cheap Bond Street escorts, I often check out some of the beard accessories for men.  A beard brush or comb can easily be carried in the pocket and you should brush your beard to encourage healthy growth and keep it clean. 

Every so often, it is a good idea to go to a a barber to make sure your beard looks the bee’s knees. Sadly not all of the men who enjoy the company of Bond Street escorts do so, but you can certainly tell the difference. The men go to a barber on a regular basis look smart and often change the shape of the beards. Having a beard is just as special as having a particular hairstyle. A bit of a change will make a huge change and update your image. Of course, you want to look good when you go out on a date with Bond Street escorts, not just on them but you might wan to check out these escorts Walthamstow Escorts, Leyton Escorts, Barking Escorts, Isle of dogs Escorts, East Ham Escorts, Hackney Escorts, Bow Escorts, Shoreditch Escorts