Is Regular Sex Good for Depression?

Depression is one of the most common conditions that we all are facing. It is creating a lot of other psychological problems like anxiety, low self-esteem and other syndromes you might not know that even exist. Here are the types of depression that are usually encountered:

· Major depression

· Postpartum depression (occurs during pregnancy)

· Psychotic depression

· Persistent depressive disorder (symptoms can last up to two years)

· Bipolar disorder

· Depression associated with anxiety disorders

· Seasonal affective disorder (winter depression)

For the people who are feeling blue most of the times, depression can really end lives. The causes can be various. It could be emotional, physical, spiritual, social or pretty much anything could be the reason behind one’s depression. One of the suspects is sexual health problems.Keep reading to learn more about the relation between depression and sex and its solution.

Symptoms Each Gender Experience

Both men and ladies can encounter troubles with starting and getting a charge out of sex as a result of sorrow. Still, there are a few contrasts in the ways misery influences ladies and men.


A higher rate of dejection in ladies is associated with hormonal changes. This is the reason a lady’s danger of sorrow may increment:

· Before and amid period

· After labor

· When juggling work, home, and family life

· Amid perimenopause and menopause

Women are the well on the way to encounter tenacious “soul-filled” sentiments that can make them feel less certain and less commendable. These sentiments can radically change your general sexual coexistence.

As age, physical components of a woman can make sex less pleasant (and once in a while even difficult). Changes in the vaginal divider can make sexual movement offensive. Likewise, bring down levels of estrogen can disturb normal grease. Such components can discourage for ladies on the off chance that they don’t look for help to discover alleviation.


Tension, low confidence, and blame are normal reasons for erectile issues. These are all side effects of gloom, yet such issues can likewise happen normally with stress and age. The NIMH clarifies that men are additionally more inclined to lose enthusiasm for exercises amid despondency. This could likewise imply that men won’t not discover sex as engaging.

In men, antidepressants are specifically identified with barrenness. Postponed climax or untimely discharge may happen, as well.

In both men and women, having issues with sexual wellbeing can decline sentiments of uselessness and other wretchedness side effects. This thus can bring about an endless loop of both exacerbating sorrow and sexual dysfunction.

Risk Factors and Causes Involved

Compound awkward nature in the cerebrum cause misery. These can happen all alone therefore of hereditary qualities and hormonal issues. Melancholy can likewise exist together with different sicknesses. Regardless of the correct reason for depression, it can bring about various physical and enthusiastic manifestations. Probably the most widely recognized side effects of discouragement include:

· Continuous sadness

· Lack of interest in activities you love

· Guilt and sadness

· Sleep deprivation and fatigue

· Anxiety and irritability

· Pains (chronic in some cases) and weaknesses

· Sexual tension

· Difficulty in concentration

· Sudden weight loss or weight gain (usually from changing eating habits)

· self-destructive attitude

The side effects of misery differ in recurrence and seriousness for every individual. By and large, the more extreme of sorrow you have, the more issues you’re probably going to have with sexual wellbeing.

Sexual craving is developed in the mind, and sex organs depend on chemicals in the cerebrum to advance charisma and additionally the adjustments in blood stream required for the sexual demonstration. At the point when sadness disturbs these mind chemicals, it can make sexual movement more troublesome. This might be more awful in more seasoned grown-ups who as of now have incidental issues with sexual brokenness.

It is additionally not quite recently the wretchedness itself that may meddle with sexual wellbeing. Truth be told, antidepressants — the most widely recognized types of restorative treatment for sadness — can frequently have undesirable sexual reactions. The most well-known guilty parties are:

· Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)

· Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs)

· Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)

· Tetracyclic and tricyclic drugs


Treating discouragement is only one way you can defeat sexual brokenness. Truth be told, 70 percent of grown-ups confronting sorrow without treatment had issues with moxie. Feeling great again may help you return to a typical sexual coexistence.

Still, the issue may not generally resolve in grown-ups who do look for misery treatment. On the off chance that your essential care supplier verifies that sexual brokenness is a reaction of a stimulant you take, they may change you to an alternate solution. Mirtazapine (Remeron), nefazodone (Serzone), and bupropion (Wellbutrin) don’t regularly bring about sexual symptoms.

Beside increases and alterations inside traditional despondency treatment, there are different strides you can take which may enhance general sexual wellbeing:

Take upper dosage subsequent to taking part in sex.

Get some information about including a solution for sexual capacity, (for example, Viagra for men).

Practice frequently to enhance disposition and physical prosperity.

Converse with your accomplice about how your dejection is influencing your sexual wellbeing. Open correspondence may not consequently resolve the issue, but rather it can help lighten sentiments of guilt and worthlessness.

Studies show that women who produce more semen tend to stay happier and even healthier in terms of women who don’t. The chemicals produced through semen act as anti-depressants and promote well-being. The feelings of affection stay alive and active through this. The research suggest that the semen produced might have some kind of link with the state of happiness and sadness in a woman. The release of orgasm calms people down and releases their stress and tension in the body. Not just for women but also for men.

Even the usage of condoms can trigger depression too as compared to sex without condoms. Semen is good for your health. It gives you potassium, zinc, calcium, proteins, fructose and vitality. Apart from this, having sex, relieves you from any pain you were experiencing, promotes cardio health, helps counter prostate cancer, fights aging, heals wounds faster and much more. The benefits are endless. All you have to do is be a little happier, live a little more, don’t have miss good opportunities and give it all you have got!

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