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How to Stay Sexy After 45

I never thought that I would work for cheap Tower Hill escorts after the age of 45 years old, but here I am. As a matter of fact, there is nothing to stop you to take up an escort career even though you are older. Many gentlemen right across London have a real fetish about dating mature escorts in London. We have a couple of mature girls at Tower Hill escorts, and we all do pretty well. A few of the girls have even joined recently.

First of all, I think that a lot of men enjoy the experience cheap mature Tower Hill escorts can offer them. We know what to do and how to handle most situations. When you are out on a little bit of a tricky date having the right kind of experience can make a huge difference. It can make the date go more smoothly. Making sure that you can look after your date properly is vital. It certainly matters a lot when you date a lot of businessmen.

More Than Experience Make Tower Hill Escorts the Sexiest Escorts in London

It is also important to look good. Many of the young girls at Tower Hill escorts make fantastic sexy kittens, but it is not all about having what I call curve sex appeal. Looking sexy in a more mature way is great and many gentlemen find that even sexier than a young girl. When you get a little bit older staying in shape can be more challenging. I used to spend a lot less time in the gym than I do now. 

You also need to watch what you hit. When I hit 45 years old, or young as I like to say, I changed my diet to stay slim and sexy. Instead of eating a lot of meat, I now eat a lot of fish. At first, it was a little bit boring but now I am used to it. I eat fish every day and I have found that keeps me in really good shape. If you eat a lot of fish and vegetables, you stay in good shape as you reduce inflammation in the body. It is also a good way to make sure your skin looks great all of the time.

Dress Your Age

I know that it can be tempting to put on a mini skirt, but that is another thing that I never do. When I got to 40 years old, I decided that mini skirts were not for me anymore and I got rid of all mine. I simply went down to the charity shop and got rid of them. 

No, I don’t dress like the mother of the bride as yet, but I do make sure that my skirts and dresses come to just above the knee. That gives me the kind of classy appearance a lot of men expect of mature cheap Tower Hill escorts. What really matters is how you feel about yourself. Although my skirts and dresses have got a little bit longer, I do still feel sexy and I think that is what really matters at the end of the day. I know some other escorts like Knightsbridge escorts, London escortsBarbican escorts, Marylebone escorts, Kensington escorts, Essex escorts, Canary Wharf escorts, East London escorts, feels the same way too.

I still love dating, but I don’t rush my dates anymore. Some girls like to date for 45 minutes, but that is not the sort of thing that I go for. I like to spend more time with my gents and most of the time I date for about two hours. As I have been working for Tower Hill escorts for a long time, I have built up a lot of regulars. Being your true sexy self is really what lets you stay sexy after the age of 45. 

Does age matter? Age may matter a little bit, but it all depends on how you look at it. One of my gents told me the other night that he thought that I had matured like a fine wine. I thought that was a really sweet thing to say, and I have to admit that I put a little bit of extra effort into that date to prove that I was still the hottest property at cheap Tower Hill escorts.