Unusual Clients Escorts Should Be Familiar With


It is common for each and every client to believe that he has a “distinctive” condition among everyone else. When we say “distinctive,” there are a lot of clients who have unusual conditions or dodgy characters far beyond the usual clients. Escorts who are booked by clients with unusual needs or conditions should be able to get used to their common guidelines and procedures, so that they can accommodate to their requisites. If you are an escort who wants to include clients with unusual conditions, then you may want to take some of the considerations below:
* Clients who are germophobes. These men are very difficult to entertain. Most frequently, they have the fear to go to the booked in-call, afraid that there may be germs all over your place. But once a germophobe client shows up in your in-call, he is usually covered with a mask from head to toe with germ-protective layers and gloves. The best solution for this is to have the encounter at the client’s place. Be warned that he may ask you to disinfect yourself before the encounter starts or even upon your arrival.
Here is another one from this excerpt:
Physically-disabled clients my require special attention from an escort. Clients who are bed-bound, rely on a wheel chair, have an ostomy, require oxygen or are limited from “normal” function in any other way may need some special arrangements in order to ensure a successful encounter. For instance, your incall is probably not handicap-accessible, which makes it a poor location for a client whose needs include a wheelchair or other assistive device. Monitors or other medical equipment may keep a client homebound, which would require you to do an outcall in his home. A client’s range of motion may be limited, meaning that you will have to adjust the methods you use to establish intimate physical contact. While most physically-disabled clients feel pleasure in the exact same ways others do, you will have to employ alternate methods in order to help them achieve satisfaction. And, you may have to reconsider some of your policies, depending on how they coincide with your client’s needs. Furthermore, due to their restrictions and inability to perform in typical ways, many of these clients require more reassurance, compassion and compliments than others. Credits: How should an escort deal with an unusual client? | Dating.com
* Clients who have apparent physical effects from accidents or medical situations. At first, people who are victims of certain accidents will have some sort of surprising physical appearances that are visible. Some clients may be badly burned or scarred, have physical birth defects, amputees, have malformed hands, feet, or limbs, etc. As an escort, you should remember that such clients are also people and are like other “normal” clients you encounter. Their physical appearances must not manipulate your opinions about them. They do not need your pity, but your assurance and acceptance.
* A few clients may want out-call with other people present at the place. Usually, responding to out-calls where other people will be present during encounters is a great risk that escorts should never ever take. On the other hand, if the client clarifies what kind of situation he is in, then you can consider it. While this kind of situation seems unrealistic, a lot of escorts find out that they are providing a much esteemed service to care-giving clients who just simply need a little break from their work. Moreover, make sure that the client is telling the truth about his situation.
* A lot of clients are suffering from mental problems. Most often than not, clients with mental issues place themselves into situations that are completely different from those “normal” clients escorts have. Basically, a client who is suffering from the fear of leaving his own house will be requiring his escort to have an encounter and make it as out-call. Others may be suffering from schizophrenia, paranoia, or any other mental diseases. As a result, he may be behaving unpredictably, even if he has taken his medications appropriately. However, you should be informed that this type of clients is not violent or harsh in any sort. They just behave odd or peculiar in some way.