My Girlfriend Is One OF The Best London Escorts

My girlfriend and I met in the summer of 2015 at a certain nightclub in London. By then, she was a student in one of the universities in London while I was a real estate agent. I still am and I mainly work and operate within London. I was twenty nine then and she was twenty three. After a fun-filled night, we moved to my apartment for a night cap. After a few drinks were poured, our mouths became loose and words got poured. It was then that she told me that she had been working as a London escort in order to make ends meet. This did not bother me at all mostly because I grew up in a very liberal part of London where escorts were viewed and treated just like every other normal person and not like some sort of social pariahs who were promiscuous. After our night together, we parted ways and after exchanging phone numbers, we agreed to meet at a later date.

We kept on seeing each, although we were not exclusive. I was seeing other girls on the side, and she was still escorting. After several months of seeing each other, feelings started developing and I found myself falling in love with her. At first, I was really scared because I thought that these feelings were only one-sided. A close buddy of mine had told me that escorts never fell in love. Although I had not bought this, I still did not want to disclose my feelings to her for fear of rejection. I had been a victim of unrequited love once and going through a repeat experience was something I was not prepared to go through again. So, we kept on seeing each other but me being super secretive about my growing feelings and emotions.

After one year of hooking up, I could not keep on hiding on my feeling any more. I decided to take the bull by the horns and spilled everything to her one day after a night of fun. Hearing her say that she had also been in love with me for a couple of months prior was the best thing I had ever heard. But there was a catch. She could only become my girlfriend if I promised not to pressure her into quitting being an escort. As much as I wanted us to be monogamous and exclusive, I could not deny her this request because I was already head over heels in love with her. She told me that she had bills and tuition fee to pay for and working as a London escort was the only easiest and the most convenient means for her. Even back then, I was still fairly financially stable and I even offered to take care of her financial problems but she turned me down. She was and still is one of those woman who are stubbornly independent.

Now, almost three years later, and no longer a student, my girlfriend is still escorting. As a matter of fact, she is one of the best London escorts and my jealousy is so much I feel like it will kill me one of these days. Her popularity in the London escorting industry comes as a no surprise to me. My girlfriend is super sexy, fun loving, outgoing and downright naughty. My buddies have over the years told me that I am very lucky to have her but I just wish I had her totally to myself. Alone. With no other man to share in her company. Just recently, I spoke to her about my jealousy and feelings of insecurities. She tried comforting me by telling me that I have nothing to worry about since her heart belongs to me and no matter how many clients she meets while escorting, no one will ever take her away from me. As much as I would like to find comfort in this, my jealousy cannot seem to ebb. Why exactly am I being jealous?

We rarely spend much time together.

Being one of the best and one of the most sought after London escort, my girlfriend’s schedule is always very tight. On a good day, she can be contacted by more than five clients seeking her company, and she could be gone for a full day without me seeing her. I know that I signed for this when I decided to date an escort but what can a dude do? It is not like I can condition my heart and mind not to feel jealous, right? After all, I am human. Wallowing in boredom knowing that my girlfriend is out there entertaining a complete stranger at my expense is the worst feeling ever. It is surprising that I have survived it this long.

Her life seems more fun and fulfilling.

As a real estate agent, my life is very mundane. She, on the other hand, lives a life full of interesting things. Being among the best London escorts, her clients comprises of London’s who is who. They range from well-known politicians to established business tycoons to top world diplomats. They whisk her to every part of the world while I am stuck in the office or in the field trying to talk prospective clients into buying whatever real estate property that I am trying to sell them. Hearing her talk about the wonderful experiences her escorting work gives her is killing me with jealousy.

She earns more than I do.

I know this sounds rather mercenary but it is another reason contributing to my jealousy. Who would have ever thought that being a London escort could be so lucrative? On a single encounter, my girlfriend can make more than 600 quid. This is no surprising considering that she is one of the best London escorts.

I love her very much and I am confident that she feels exactly the same towards me. I am okay with her deciding on how she wants to live her life and that is why I would never pressure her into leaving the London escorting scene. I just wish I could find a way to stop these feelings of jealousy I have been experiencing of late because the truth be told, it is killing me!

Can An Active Escort Maintain a Meaningful Relationship?

The business of escorting has been in existence for as long as time. Although it was not as popular as it currently is, people have always desired companionship, and the easiest bet is to get an escort if you are not currently in a serious relationship. In the western countries, escorting has been on an ever-rising trend in the last couple of years. This is largely due to the fact that most western counties are fairly liberal and they do not view the practice of buying sex and/or companionship as immoral or as a taboo. However, though many escorts do not shy away from disclosing what it is they do for a living, that is, escorting, this field is still a mystery to many. From questions like why people escort to questions like how much do escorts make on average, it is evident that there are still thousands of questions that outsiders have concerning the practice of escorting. Overall, many escorts will agree that the question that they get frequently asked is: Is it possible for an escort to have and enjoy a meaningful relationship while still working as an escort? If you have been asking yourself this question, and looking for an answer to it, then keep on reading this article. It explains how and what escorts and their partners can do to make their relationship work without having to quit from their job.

There are dozens of reasons why people become escorts. Some do it for financial needs while others do it just for fun. Others do it out of curiosity while for others, it is a combination of all the above. Regardless of the reason why these women choose to escort, one thing is for certain: they are people, just like you and me. They face the same issues that the world presents to all of its inhabitants. They are thus very capable of maintaining long lasting monogamous relationships. The only thing required is their willingness and a willing partner. So, how exactly can a relationship flourish if you are dating an active escort?

Be open about it.

Like they say, communication is very useful and very important in any relationship. If you are a London escort, you should be outright and very forthcoming about your profession. Always tell your partner about your line of business before you get into a relationship with them. This way, they can decide for themselves if they are in or out. Keeping this a secret and away from them will only guarantee you future problems. A secret can be kept only for too long. If you volunteer this information and let your partner be a willing participant, then you can rest assured that your relationship will work out just as good.

Respecting boundaries.

Escorting is very different from real life relationships. While escorting is primarily done for financial gains or just for fun, being in a relationship involves feelings and emotions. Your woman may not care for her clients after her time with them is over, but she may care deeply about you as her partner. Always strive to make her feel like her normal self again. Give her enough time to adjust from one sexual and work environment to the other. This may at times mean having to backseat your desires. Do not make the mistake made by many by assuming that just because she is an escort, she has no right to say no to your sexual advances. Regardless of her line of work, she has every right to say no to sex. Having her consent will go a long way in cementing your relationship. It will assure her that you care and respect her. These are the most important ingredients in love’s recipe.

Do not oust them.

There are many escorts who may not be willing to discuss their line of work with other people. This is mainly because they may be judged because some people still treat escorting as a form of a taboo. An active escort is capable of having a strong relationship if their partner is discreet and trustworthy. Under no circumstance should you tell anyone what she does without getting her permission first. It is entirely upon her to decide who gets to know and who does not. If she trusts you enough to tell you about this part of her life, the last thing you should do is betray her trust. Breaching trust is one sure way of dooming your relationship.

Do not pressure them in to quitting.

Many escorts are adults who are capable of making their own decisions. One sure way of killing a relationship is by forcing your partner to do something that they are not willing to do. Remember that it was their decision to get in to escorting. They will quit when the right time comes. Do not be one of those people who try to “save” escorts from their line of work. This is highly condescending and it shows your total lack of respect towards her both as your partner and as a human being. If she has had a terrible day at work, do not use this as an excuse to convince her to stop escorting. Rather, when she is having a hard time, give her a shoulder to lean on. Your relationship will work just as fine.

Be on their team.

If you are dating an active escort, your relationship can only work if you firmly stand with them. Just because she is seeing other people does not mean that she is immoral or evil. Support her and stand with her even when she is on the receiving end of disparaging remarks. You are the one she cares for and the least that you can do is affirm her humanity and self-worth in this world that treats escorts as pariahs.


London escorts are just like you and me. The only major difference is that they see and (may) get sexually involved with more than one person at any given time. Contrary to the popular belief,  London escorts are very capable of maintaining healthy, long lasting relationships! If you are falling for an escort, go ahead and pursue them. You will be pleasantly surprised.

London Escorts Ask Why Passion Disappears from Relationships?

Over 70% of couples in relationships are struggling with lack of passion. The question Eve London escorts ask is where it goes especially after staying together for some time remains unanswered. However experts say that there are two main factors attributed to lack of passion in relationships. These are physical distance and emotional distance.

These two are intertwined as one may cause the other and vice versa. Physical distance comes in when we develop behavioral changes from our norm. This may be from the fact that the honey moon stage of the relationship is over and efforts to prolong it are not being sought by the couple. These behavioral changes that go unnoticed could be simple things such going to bed at different times, eating at different times or basically doing things that were done together at different times. What this translates to is the absence of one on one time with each other hence creating a big physical gap.

Once separated physically, lack of simple everyday gestures that would not have gone unnoticed in the honeymoon stage of the relationship escalates. For instance the absence of a good night kiss would not have gone unnoticed. It was a necessity by all means but things have changed and it no longer holds as much meaning as it used to. After this comes the taking for granted of the good day kiss and hug. A goodbye becomes a simple unemotional wave as one drives away. It is dismal and meaningless as it rarely comes from the heart, and the smile that accompanies it does not reach the eyes. It is almost painful, almost a glare. When this trend continues we see it transforming into fewer love messages and phone calls during the day resulting in emotional distance. These are the primary steps of killing passion in a relationship.

When this happens, the couple finds itself having less one on one time. Cuddles are no more and kissing is almost too much of an effort. Constantly one of the partners will choose to sleep early over having hot steamy sex sighting tiredness or any other excuse. The other partner will of course feel rejected but not voice these sentiments at all. This will increase the physical and emotional distance between the parties killing passion that would have been.

Common activities bring couples together; spending time with one another doing things you love keeps the spark in the relationship. However the reverse is true. Lack of common activities pulls couples apart. Fun activities such as swimming, going to the gym, cooking or watching a movie can go a long way in keeping the passion in a relationship at good levels. These activities help couples bond both physically and emotionally. They keep you attracted to one another and are a sure way of reducing physical distance.

Dressing and general grooming is also a passion killer in a funny kind of way. Most people have a weakness in getting used to their partners and in so doing, they abscond on looking great. Going back to the honeymoon stage of the relationship, you had to put on something great and you would not get out the door before wearing perfume. This tends to stop as couples go along. Primarily, they forget what got them together in the first place – i.e. physical attraction. No one starts with loving the inside; physical attraction is what comes first and thus it goes without saying that looking good is key to keeping the passion burning.

When it comes to emotional distance killing passion, it is more complicated as it majorly involves ones feelings. Lack of communication is the biggest contributor to emotional distance. Once you kill communication each party feels taken for granted and sometimes there is a lot of misinterpretation of words said or deeds done. Harboring anger and hurt feelings only increases emotional distance, and with it comes the death of passion in any relationship. Great communication is the only remedy to this and can be achieved when a couple reaches a comfortable interaction level where each party learns the other and endeavors to speak in a non-hurtful way and the other party receives the information in good faith.

Emotional distance can also be caused by lack of understanding of the different love languages that exist. Love language differs from one person to another, thus in order to keep relationships passionate, it is paramount that both parties learn each other’s love language. If for instance a wife feels loved and appreciated when helped with housework, even if you brought her a unicorn from Mars, she will not feel appreciated and loved. When each party understands the love language of their partner, they do the little or big things that make that party feel appreciated and loved. This keeps the passion alive and the relationship fun and loving.

Passion is a great thing to experience and it goes without saying that between two people it is the most enjoyable thing there is. It makes life easier knowing that you love and you are loved for who you are. Keeping it alive and burning should be a priority in every relationship to ensure that you not only spend the first few years together but you are in for the long haul that maybe some decades. It is only through keeping the spark alive that couples have managed to stay for years together. There are many way to do this and one of them is to keep the sexual passion unpredictable like having threesome sex with escorts in London or dominatrix sex.

It is neither your responsibility to keep passion alive nor your partner’s responsibility. This full time job squarely lies on the shoulders of both of you and if the relationship dies as a result of lack of passion, both of you would be to blame. You should never wait for it to go that much south, as soon as the initial signs of passion dying come up, you should keep your head up and communicate diligently with your partner especially if they are someone you love and wish to spend the rest of your life with.

Passion is the fire that burns inside you, that drives you and it is a greatest thing that two people can share. Nurture it and life becomes the best thing that happened to you!

For more tips visit London escorts on tips on how to keep the sexual passion alive in a relationship.

Which type of sex is hotter by London escorts


There are many arguements to both sides about which type of sex is hotter for couples in London.
Eve escorts will weigh it up and try to find out who has the most passionate sex life. Married couples and new relationships.
Well Eve escorts does not have to tell you London couples in too much detail about the advantages new relationship sex. It is hot, spontaneous, orgasmic and that pussy/dick feels wonderful. You do all you can to please each other and you can fuck for ages. Just when you stop, you look at each and want to have sex again. Moanining as the hard dick slowly enters the wet pussy like it youve been anticipating it for years.
Eve escorts knows how great new relationship sex can be. However what about the other side the committed London couple who has been with each other for years. This is boring wham bam thank you mam sex isnt it.
This is the argument that Eve escorts is going to try to dispel. There is nothing hotter than committed sex. You know exactly what each other wants and can make them feel orgasmic in record time.
Whether is its the way they like their nipple to be sucked or how you flicker that tongue on the clit of the pussy or how slurp at that hard penis. You know what your partner needs without fumbling about. You are even comfortable enough to discuss and do anal. Or hire a friend or a high class prostitute for a threesome without getting jealous. This is not only eve escorts view, check out this excerpt form the huffington post.

My husband says things and touches me now in a way that is much deeper than when we first married. When we’re apart and speaking on the phone, our way of communicating is different than it was when we first married. I get him, and he gets me. Couples who have been happily married for a long time understand the concept of feeling “freer” in marriage than they were when single. A healthy marriage supports both people’s ability to become the people they want to become.

Great sex is highly correlated with understanding your partner. For women, the more secure and comfortable they are with their partner, the more unconventional and open to new things they will be. This affects their partner and is what makes their partner love sex with them.

via 5 Ways To Keep Married Sex Exciting – Huffington Post

Also they give 5 tips on how to keep the sex in a marriage alive
Knowing youtr partner and what makes them get going is something you cant ever substitute for.
So in conclusion new sex maybe hot and passionate. But commited sex when you talk to your partner and find out what truly pleases them is utterly orgasmic.