The Need for Mature Escorts


It is a fact that mature, experienced escorts have a lot to offer to clients. Their knowledge, their understanding of the needs and wants of man, their experience, their skills, and most of all their maturity is what is desirable for sophisticated clients, as well as anxious first timers.
Comparing and contrasting a younger call girl and a mature escort falls to no basis at all. Essentially, they are offering different experiences to their clients. However, a younger girl may market and focus on the physical aspects of her business, while an older courtesan is likely to give a more relaxing, certainly liberating experience to their clients.
For professional advertisers, they will be telling you that consumers are not sold on “features” but they are more on “benefits.” A particular service of a courtesan should address its potential and regular clients’ issues and provide them what they really need or what they think they need.
Some male clients will define their needs in a blunt way like receiving a blow job from a pretty escort. These particular clients are a lot out there in the market arena. However, there is another type of client whose needs are not well defined. When you want to attract those types of clients, then it requires a sex provider to take and post not just a cute, sexy selfie and alluring words. In marketing, it means promoting the elusive of the escorting experience and in a lot of times; an older courtesan is predominantly well knowledgeable about this.
Male clients look for an experience with an escort for a variety of reasons. It can be that they are already not satisfied with their present sexual partner; they may not be able to get one or more of their sexual desires with their current partner; or they may not have a sexual partner at all; and they do not want the complicated parts that dating and sex gives. In a much broader sense, they may be embarrassed, reluctant or unable to utter and fulfill the desires they have been yearning for. When the right promotion is done, a mature, older escort is the perfect solution for those men. She has the combination of a non-judgmental attitude, a capability to understand and recognize the needs and wants of a man, experience and wisdom. The maturity that is in an older, experienced call girl brings a measure of acceptance and honesty to an erotic encounter.
When a mature escort is advertising her own escorting business, her website must reflect her unique blend of sensuality and availability to her clients.
Advertising has been going on for thousands of years as per this excerpt:

My favourite examples of sex worker advertising

In this ancient Vegas, sex was marketed unapologetically, with a directness that would shame the most mercenary of modern advertisers. Independent sex workers used graffiti to advise clients of prices and locations (“At Nuceria, look for Novellia Primigenia near the Roman gate in the prostitute’s district.”), while erotic frescos functioned as non-verbal signage for brothels, luring in passersby. Pornographic paintings in the public baths may have also been linked to sex workers, indicating that they were available in rooms on the upper floors.

The sex work ads of Pompeii were ingenious, but what makes them relevant now is the way they provoked and confused excavators many centuries after

Credits: The Importance of Adult Classifieds – Daily Beast

Always remember the major concepts of comfort, safety, relaxation, open-mindedness and experience all play a role in a mature escort’s responsibility. Additionally, the self-confidence of a courtesan should be a part of her appeal as well. The advertisement should be able to present to clients that experience and confidence allow the mature escort in exploring the areas of sensuality, which are only available to a woman of a certain age.