Why do guys like anal sex

For many individuals, anal sex is a mysterious, unexplored frontier. It seems that within our Western culture – as well as many, many other areas of the world, anal sex is often considered taboo. To many, it may feel “forbidden” or “dirty” along with hiring cheap escorts in London because of the nature of the act and can be met with resistance by one or both partners. However, for individuals wanting to explore this final sexual frontier, they need not experience shame or guilt; but they certainly should follow a few pointers to maximize their chances at pleasure without running into painful consequences. Read on for more about anal sex and how to maintain a healthy penis when engaging in this sexual behavior.

Everybody has their thoughts and preferences when it comes to sexual activity. However, anal sex seems to get a bad rap more than other positions and activities. This may be because many people feel that is an “exit only.” Men and women alike may be nervous about uncleanliness, coming into contact with fecal matter and transmitting infection and disease. Additionally, anal sex often carries a particular stigma among males. Combine that with the high likelihood of a painful experience if not performed correctly, and many people choose to have very limited – if any – an exploration with anal sex.Today anal sex has been of high increase in many countries,from research there are many reasons given out by guys who engage it.

Of class, none of the openings of the human entire body are by natural means habitual to insertion of any sort and hence, when they are stretched out, it does grow to be unpleasant. Consequently, it is a very good notion to use some softer intercourse toys in stead of going immediately for the penis. These toys are accessible in a wide array of measurement, material and coloration and can be picked as per requirement. The softer ones are less complicated to insert and if use alongside with a excellent lubricant, they get in extremely quickly. Sex toys supply so considerably enjoyment that they in fact aid the consumer get accustomed to insertion. Since they are delicate and have no muscle mass as a penis would, they do not result in pain.

Some reasons why do guys like anal sex are


To ease anxiety and feel relax

According to the experts, sex is the best medicine to ease anxiety and feel relax. Whether it’s a kiss or a hardcore intercourse, guys enjoy each and every act with their partners. Anal sex is one among the pleasurable acts performed by many couples. Most of them also watch anal sex clips online to learn the tricks and moves. Some of the guys feel discomfort and also fear regarding the safety.

For guys, desire is the primary consideration. Without a strong desire, one can’t receive the expected amount of pleasure and sensation. Similarly, there are also some rules that need to be followed before making anal sex. These rules or ideas help women in enjoying the whole act to the fullest.

Try to relax during anal sex and enjoy the sensations. It should not hurt at all. If it is painful, the thrusting is too deep, too fast, or not enough lube is being used. Anxiety and nerves can also stop muscles from relaxing and cause pain; and if a partner doesn’t really want it – it’s probably not going to happen very easily!

For many of us have anal erotica negative image. As children, we were always taught in the anal area is a dirty place and always wash hands after touching there. With an introduction like that, not surprisingly came out the back door pleasures so negative reputation. So you know, anal sex or anal play without penetration are completely safe and completely enjoyable if you use a little common sense and a lot of lubricants.

Heathrow escorts say To try something they have heard of


Many guys visiting clubs are seeking something they do not have easy access to in their regular lives, most commonly anal sex, whether it’s something they have heard of and wish to try or something they’ve grown to love and simply have trouble finding willing partners for. However, despite the presence of legal clubs and prostitutes, anal sex is not always so easy to attain.

The obvious stop for guys seeking anal sex is a club. Not only are these establishments run like businesses (meaning they have a focus on customer service) but they also maintain relatively high standards for health, appearance, and cleanliness.

Upon arrival at a club, typically the customer will be introduced to the guy who is available for that day. Upon making his choice, he will make payment for the period he wishes (generally ranging from half an hour to an hour; longer engagements can usually be negotiated). The customer is then usually required to take a shower and allow a brief physical inspection for overt signs of venereal disease.

Times change, and also due season anal sex ratio and pleasures associated with it. More and more guys experience the anal game healthy and enjoyable way to explore new sexual ways.

Some guys enjoy anal sex more than the vaginal intercourse, but they are afraid of hurting their partners. They can get some quality lubricants from a reliable anal products store and get the pleasure of butt intercourse. You need specific lubricants especially made for intercourse from a back. If you think that you can use any cream or lotion on anal, then you are wrong. Ordinary cream and lotions can harm the soft skin around the anal, and for this reason, you should avoid using conventional creams during butt sex. Start with a well-lubricated finger and relax the tensed muscles around the anal by rubbing the butt.

It is not unnatural to enjoy safe and entertaining anal sex. Guys who enjoy sex from the back should try beads that are especially made for anal pleasure. The beads are a strand of pearls with a pull ring. Insert all the beads one by one into the anal and left them inside until you achieve the climax. When you are nearing climax, pull out the beads one by one for a stronger full body orgasm. Never use beads and other sex toys dry. Make sure the beads are well lubricated. Buy quality beads, lubricants, and other anal products from a reliable online sex store.

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    • Go to a corn maze with your client. In most parts of the country, corn mazes are somewhat nearby and offer great fun for couples. Venturing into the unknown and attempting to find your way out is a great bonding experience that can lead to an intimate connection later when you are alone. However, some couples don’t wait to take their amorous adventures behind closed doors. If you go to a corn maze at night, finding a dark, isolated corner is fairly easy where you might be able to engage in a quickie with your client. However, beware of the risks involved in getting caught. Most corn mazes are family events, so strict guidelines are in place about propriety. (Some corn mazes shut down to families at a certain time and stay open for an adult crowd, though.) Even if it’s “adult time” at the maze, use caution to avoid being detected doing anything intimate in the maze.
    • Spend your encounter at a haunted hotel or bed-and-breakfast inn. Throughout the United States, haunted overnight accommodations have become increasingly popular, especially around Halloween. Some are famous and have been featured on television series, while others simply have familiar anecdotes about spirits that are popular with locals. Regardless of which type of place you venture to, request the room with the highest level of spirit activity in order to receive the best experience possible. Tempt the ghosts to show themselves while you engage in amorous adventures with your client. As you and he enjoy the accommodations, look for signs of spirit presence and enjoy the thrill of being somewhere said to be haunted. Often, ghost hunters say that visitors to haunted locations rarely experience a spirit encounter, but it’s exciting to consider it with a client. It’s a unique way to celebrate the holiday.

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Ass/beauty of the week

Eve escortsThis ass of the week presented by sexy poeple of Eve escorts straight from the beach of south america. What is it about a fine sexy ass that gets us ladies at Eve escorts going. This lady’s fantastic behind is deliciously and naughtily covered in Sand. Makes you want to spank and roll around in it. Lick it and finger it till she cums and has juices dripping from that beautiful pussy like an italian water fountain. Our imagination is running away with us, i think that this extract can explain it better


Sam felt her juices begin to flow as she moaned through the kiss. Miranda, finally feeling the need to feel her friend slowly zipped her dress down as she kissed, sucked an nibbled on the exposed skin. She smiled when she found her friend bra-less and pantyless.

“I’m going to make you cum” Miranda said as she kneeled down in front of her friends exposed pussy 

She licked her lips greedily at her friend’s wetness before slowly sliding in two fingers. They were immediately swallowed by her friends warmth as she moaned loudly. she began working, pushing her finger in faster and faster as her friends moans continued to get louder and louder. Miranda couldn’t bear anymore so she replaced her fingers with her mouth.

She pushed her tongue deep inside her friends clitoris before swirling it around inside. She felt her friend clench before bringing her tongue out and licking up and down. With every stroke Sam felt herself begining to climax and her pleasure increased when mirandaa lifted her hands and began to fondle her C cup tits.

She pinched her nipples and got them nice and hard before furiously licking her pussy to the point where Sam’s climax splurted all over her face.

Slowly she bagan to feel Sam coming down from her climax before opening the car door and stepping out.

Sam lay there, her dress un-zipped her sexy body on full display with her cum dripping from her pussy.

She slowly zipped her dress back up before stepping out after her friend
“You looked nervous” Miranda shrugged before kissing her friend once more

Sam just closed her car door and followed Miranda. Together they walked down the dark alley, following its twists and turns before finally a large pink neon sign came into view

“Slut Club” it simply read

“Ready to be a slut?” Miranda asked

Sam bit her lip before pausing, Miranda paused with her and gasped when Sam ushed her into the wall pf the alley and kissed her roughly, grinding against her and licking her neck.

“If I get as much pleasure as i did in the car, the Fuck yes” She whispered

Miranda bit her lip before eagerly pulling her friend along. The bouncer at the door of the club smiled at them.

“Tits” He said

The girls both looked at each other before pulling their dreses down and showing the sexy looking bouncer their round apples.

He groaned before reaching out and playing with Mirander’s, he pulled on them and sucked on them befor Sam began to feel lonely so she began kneeding her own breasts. He shot a sly grin at her before turning to her and kissing her, His tingue explored her mouth as his expert hands pinched her soft nipples and fondle with them.

He smirked at them once more before letting them in

Once they entered they had three hallways to choose from

“Let go and have fun” Miranda said before walking down the left hallway Sam smirked before walking down the middle

The hallway let out into a medium room where a poster hung above another door

“Get naked, get a mask on, only look unless your invited or they invite you”

via Slut club Part 1 by shygirl
Well i think a little snippet like that says it all. Dont you, i’m getting wet already. Join us next week on ass/beauty of the week

Which type of sex is hotter by London escorts


There are many arguements to both sides about which type of sex is hotter for couples in London.
Eve escorts will weigh it up and try to find out who has the most passionate sex life. Married couples and new relationships.
Well Eve escorts does not have to tell you London couples in too much detail about the advantages new relationship sex. It is hot, spontaneous, orgasmic and that pussy/dick feels wonderful. You do all you can to please each other and you can fuck for ages. Just when you stop, you look at each and want to have sex again. Moanining as the hard dick slowly enters the wet pussy like it youve been anticipating it for years.
Eve escorts knows how great new relationship sex can be. However what about the other side the committed London couple who has been with each other for years. This is boring wham bam thank you mam sex isnt it.
This is the argument that Eve escorts is going to try to dispel. There is nothing hotter than committed sex. You know exactly what each other wants and can make them feel orgasmic in record time.
Whether is its the way they like their nipple to be sucked or how you flicker that tongue on the clit of the pussy or how slurp at that hard penis. You know what your partner needs without fumbling about. You are even comfortable enough to discuss and do anal. Or hire a friend or a high class prostitute for a threesome without getting jealous. This is not only eve escorts view, check out this excerpt form the huffington post.

My husband says things and touches me now in a way that is much deeper than when we first married. When we’re apart and speaking on the phone, our way of communicating is different than it was when we first married. I get him, and he gets me. Couples who have been happily married for a long time understand the concept of feeling “freer” in marriage than they were when single. A healthy marriage supports both people’s ability to become the people they want to become.

Great sex is highly correlated with understanding your partner. For women, the more secure and comfortable they are with their partner, the more unconventional and open to new things they will be. This affects their partner and is what makes their partner love sex with them.

via 5 Ways To Keep Married Sex Exciting – Huffington Post

Also they give 5 tips on how to keep the sex in a marriage alive
Knowing youtr partner and what makes them get going is something you cant ever substitute for.
So in conclusion new sex maybe hot and passionate. But commited sex when you talk to your partner and find out what truly pleases them is utterly orgasmic.

Do Escorts help womens esteem?

The world today is becoming more and more looks orientated. It is an underlying thing that is never said and if it came out would be abhored and criticised and those who suggest it would be shamed. However it is there, how many times do you find yourself giving your attention to a woman or man just because they are attractive to look at. How many top ranking executive do you see that are really fat or not attractive (in a ratio perspective). Or are many of those attractive in their own way.


Due to this judgemental way of being men and women find themselves constantly criticising their own look when they lok in the mirror and that in turn leads to a very low self confidence. Without confidence in yourself there is a reduced chance of achieving things in the world. Confidence is everything, it helps you get the job, helps you get the woman or man of your dreams, it helps you be more liked. This in turn makes you more socially active and all these things have been proven to make you more happy and after all this is why we are on this earth for isnt it, to be happy.

We have just explained how confidence makes you happy and it is linked to how attractive you feel in this looks obsessed world. So how do you get that confidence?


One way to this is to hire a London escorts at Eve escorts. Despite the taboo linked with this, you will find that an escort will dedicate their time to boosting your confidence. There is nothing like having the full on attention of an attractive person and the flattery and sensualness that comes with it. Here is an article that helps describe it.



Regardless of age factor, a lady always experiences a phase where she asks herself if she’s attractive enough or opposite to that particular, shall we be held not sexy or appealing enough. Should you also fit in with exactly the same category, male escorts Melbourne can there be to steer and improve your self-confidence. Let’s allow it to be obvious from a good example. Should you stand out inside your college, have plenty of good buddies however when it involves hanging out together, have some fun and entertainment, you’re the least one that is asked, then you definitely don’t have to request more questions on your own now as male escorts will help you find the correct solutions for your concerns. May be, you are feeling a little clumsy and inelegant to stay in the organization of somebody, who’s an unfamiliar person and also you haven’t met with him ever as well as taken care of it. But, this really is competent and modern world and also to obvious all of your self-doubts, you need to take initiative making a move.

Now this is actually the primary question, so how exactly does men escort can help in improving your confidence? There might be chances that something is fishy regarding your personality. Sometimes, it really is best to trust an unfamiliar person and reveal everything even your innermost ideas with him to obtain the honest and impartial answer. Our male escorts are considerate and humble and know about their limits. For those who have hired them for your own personel companionship and pleasure, they are fully aware where you can draw the lines too. If you’re not comfortable and need simply to have casual talks, they are offered at the service anytime. You never know that could be there’s an issue in the way you communicate with others? And, by speaking and discussing your ideas with this male escorts, you are feeling better capable to communicate sensibly together with your peers and buddies. As stated, practice helps make the person perfect. Following a same approach, maintain the organization of male escorts, share wonderful time with one another and they’ll guide and enable you to remain comfortable in the existence of others and revel in their companionship. Our escorts exist to supply you their expert methods for living existence with pride, confidence and self boost. So, keep taking pleasure in, share your encounters and gain that assurance.

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