I left my wife for a London escort

At one time I read that cheating is a reality that couples, families even, have to contend with on a daily basis; a fact that remained as a hearsay to me for quite some time. Have you ever been bored stiff at home and you’re tuning into different channels, and then you land on this not-so-interesting family therapist or whatever fancy title they’ve made up, talking about cheating and how it has affected many marriages? I bet you have at some point! Well if you haven’t wait to tune a little more, Dr. Love –the family therapist is at the bottom of your channel list. That’s beside my point. However, all I want to show you is how serious the problem of sneaking behind your woman’s back for some hot neck-licking love bites can cost you several years of a blissful marriage. I am a first-hand victim with experience! The film of what went down is still fresh on my mind. Now, am seated here questioning the wisdom on my actions and quite frankly, it’s disturbing that I don’t feel bothered for losing my lovely wedded wife –one with whom we’ve spent four years caressing and nurturing the perfect dream of a happily married couple. Gone are the days of bliss with her and here are the days when I write posts of my dark little secrets that led to the loss of a life partner for a London escort!

It all starts somewhere

Mine escapades started a couple of months ago, four to be precise. My bride and I were in our third year of matrimonial coupling when things started going south. For me it was business as usual –I mean being loyal, go to work, come back home tired, maybe ten minutes of boring sex (I forgot to add at most 10 minutes) and then roll over into a deep slumber. Things were not always like this but with the bills piling up, I had to work extra shifts to raise that money, and when I came back home, needless to say, I was always exhausted to the score. I was wrong for not realizing that my beautiful wife was pulling away from me by the day and when I came to realize an attitude had cropped up and been cultivated –its stems had already run too deep. In what began as a frantic last minute dash to salvage my marriage, I did my research online on a couple of things to do to rejuvenate my marriage. The advice was a terrible fail for me; am talking the mediocre and typical buy flowers’ or visit one of those therapists –Dr. Love, to get counseled I guess or just try communicating more. For a while there I thought it was going to work but soon enough I realized I wasn’t making any progress at and indeed things had gone south. So I did what I now think was the cause of my breaking of this marriage for an escort –I gave up! Or maybe perhaps, you might disagree if I told you that my lovely wedded bride suggested that we should invite cheap London escorts for a threesome! Are you shocked, right? Me too, it sounds crazy at first, but then you get used to the idea sooner than you can imagine if your wife insisted that it’s what your marriage needs.

I don’t want to go to the details.

After hours of talking and setting the ground rules, we finally booked ourselves one of the Cassandras (I shall not mention her real name; she is my girlfriend now anyway, shocking right? Ha-Ha) who worked for the London escorts team. To summarize the night –it was what I needed; it was what I was missing; I did not know they could be such professionals; whatever she’d done to me was working its way through my veins and into my brains! I fell for Cassandra’s feet first; that’s if I am allowed to say that. I know I was not supposed to see her again, in fact, it was the number one reason why we’d looked for an escort away from our residence and decided on Heathrow escorts, only so that we could not bump into each other after that. Sorry to my wife and my marriage but I was not willing to let go of this magic that had suddenly turned a dull darkening night bright with stars. In a nutshell, Cassandra was sweet from the way she talked to the way she dressed to how she looked at me to the way she handled business! She was simply too good to be true, and I did not have to think twice about her. I knew I wanted to see her one more time at least. I mean come on, what harm could one more time do to a four years marriage?

This is how I got caught or was I?

So we hooked up with Cassandra once more, maybe twice or thrice am not even sure, what I am certain of is that every single time was a different trip and the more I spent time with her the closer our hearts grew and the further away thoughts of my wife went. Eventually, I realized I was falling for the London escort –a point which would become of no return. The next bold step was to say the three words “I love you.” One of those beautiful evenings, Cassandra and I decided to hook up for coffee at a local motel. When we got there, I had already done the orders since by now her favorite things were at the tip of my toes. Later we booked a room for privacy so that we could talk. As we went down the hallway –the shock of my life hit me hard I almost fell with hysteria. My lovely wife was taking turns with two guys –whom I did not even want to know who they were! I needn’t say more –that’s how I left my wife for a sexy London escort snd i have never looked back.