The best of the London Escorts has to offer

London is one of the great cities to visit in Europe. Being the capital city of England, it is the largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom where it is rich in vast beauty and services that surely attracts many tourists all around the world. Some of the best places to visit in the UK are highlighted in the extract below:
The Lodge, ArgyllLocation: This beautiful five-star house nestles on the edge of the Scottish Highlands and by the banks of Loch Goil. Just over an hour’s drive from Glasgow and accessible by car, boat or seaplane, it’s the perfect spot for a wedding, party or intimate getaway with friends.Lowdown: The Lodge started life in 1864 as a plumber’s humble stone cottage and was later developed into a villa. Now the seven-bedroom house is decorated with unmistakably Scottish touches such as tartan throws and cosy log fires. The grounds boast a summerhouse and boat shed on the loch’s misty shoreline, but the star attraction is the treehouse, built around a huge pine on the edge of the loch and which can serve as a viewing platform, dining room or even a wedding venue. Activities such as mountain biking, clay shooting and fishing can be arranged, or visitors can simply pull on their boots and explore the surrounding hills before returning for a warming dram in the Whisky Bar.

Fine dining: Nowhere is the Scottish hospitality more apparent than in the hearty meals served at The Lodge, from the potato scones offered with the cooked breakfast to the afternoon tea and hot drinks on tap. In the evening, we feasted in the oak-panelled dining room. The four-course dinner, made with organic, local produce, included cullen skink (creamy fish soup), home-grown vegetables and rich chocolate tart. 

Guest list: To ensure its exclusivity as a venue, The Lodge holds only 40 weddings a year, and staff remain tight-lipped about the international guests who stay here to get married, party or simply relax. Some of the UK’s biggest high-street brands have shot their promotional campaigns at The Lodge, which confirms just how photogenic the location is, and models such as Helena Christensen and David Gandy have worked on fashion shoots there.

Details:The Lodge is an exclusive-use venue for a minimum of eight people and reservations are essential. Packages for one night midweek and a minimum of two nights at the weekend are available. Prices start at £250 per person per night and include breakfast, dinner, afternoon tea and all soft drinks. For more information, call 01301 703173 or visit thelodge-scotland.comCredits: Best of British: Top weekend getaways in the UK –

Dorsett hotel, London

Location: Situated by Shepherd’s Bush station and just 30 minutes from Heathrow, the Dorsett hotel offers quick and easy access to central London and is the perfect destination for those wanting a short break in the capital. And shopaholics can rejoice, as the hotel is also opposite Westfield shopping centre.Lowdown: This is the first Dorsett group hotel to open outside Asia, and the décor is a stylish mix of East and West. Set in a converted 1920s cinema, the lobby is gold, gleaming and surprisingly spacious for a hotel in London. The 317 rooms are light and modern, with nods to the Asian background in details such as the Chinese wallpaper and the embroidered throws. You can ease away the stresses of the city in the Pavilion spa, a light, tranquil space offering Chinese holistic therapies among the more usual treatments.Fine dining: There’s no shortage of good restaurants in west London, but there’s no need to leave the hotel to discover fine dining. Start the evening in the Jin bar and let head bartender Rimantas Janlauskas whip up his twists on the traditional cocktails in the sleek golden atrium (“jin” is Chinese for gold). Then dine at one of the Dorsett’s two restaurants – Pictures, with its British-Asian fusion menu, and Shikumen, which offers a range of classic Chinese favourites. 

Guest list: Expect to see a mix of international businessmen, people on weekend breaks and serious shoppers pass through the Dorsett hotel’s doors. As the hotel is close to the QPR football stadium, don’t be surprised if you see one or two of the players staying here. Pop stars such as Olly Murs, Sam Smith and Kylie Minogue have also visited.

Details: Rooms start from £130 (room only), with breakfast from £15 per person. For more information and to book, call 020 3262 1026 or visit The Dorsett hotel is running a Valentine’s afternoon tea menu on February 14 and 15, priced at £39.50 per person.

 Credits: Best of British: Top weekend getaways in the UK –

This city also offers interesting services which involves the popular escort services. These are offered from the north and south and basically, everywhere. If you are interested in these escorts, the city of London will always offer you of what you need and what you are looking for anytime and anywhere.
Taking escort services is something that isn’t new in this city. Some people often include this in their very busy and stressful lifestyle from time to time to relax, entertain themselves and to rejuvenate themselves. This is one of the few things that make this city fun and exciting.
Wherever you are in London there are offers that always give you all your needs. Whether you are in the North or the south, from brunettes, blondes, Latinas and everything to make you relax and to make you fulfil everything you need. The North and South London escorts offer a large selection of girls from around the city. These male and female escorts are really experienced in the art of pleasuring their male and female clients in the most amazing ways they could ever do to satisfy their clients all night long. Couples that are also visiting this city looking forward for some wonderful moments of fun, joy and pleasure can also experience this service as it is also offered in the north, south and anywhere in the city. From this, you could have the benefit of choosing the perfect service that you are looking for. If you need a sexy guide all around the city up to a hot and intimate evening of physical satisfaction, London can provide whatever service for your own or for both of your partner’s needs to have a memorable stay in the city.
Also, these services are offered online where there are many agencies that are reliable are always ready to serve you. With these, you can also discuss everything you want from your escorts whether you want a tour guide, a lovely date or a sexy playmate. Many clients are interested in this since it is the fastest way to choose what is best for you. Finding the best escort service you need just got easier for you here in London.


Sophistication in London escorts

London has become one of the trending cities where a lot of travelers and tourists would want to go to and explore. London after all really is a beautiful city and it has this certain appeal that would really draw people into wanting to go there even just once. There are a lot of things to check out there, like the legendary Big Ben and London Eye which have been the best tourist attractions for years and London continues to attract more wonders as shown in the extract below:

LONDON (AP) — You can’t exactly call it a reunion — the four surviving Magna Cartas had never before been in the same place.

So the British Library called it a “unification event” Monday when the priceless documents seen by many as providing the foundation for democratic governance were put on display together for the first time.

The event marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, which established the timeless principle that no individual, even a monarch, is above the law.

The original Magna Carta manuscripts were written and sealed in late June and early July 1215, and sent individually throughout the country.

Officials said the three-day unification will give some lucky members of the public as well as constitutional scholars and medieval manuscript experts a chance to compare the documents.

Credits: 4 surviving Magna Cartas brought together for first time – WICS-TV

There’s another attraction in London that has yet to be explored more.
These are the Essex escorts, the Watford escorts and the Croydon escorts. All places in different parts of London, being to the northeast, northwest, and south, respectively. But these places do have one thing in common and that is their quality escort services, a new and unique remedy for the lonely travelers and tourists who, after being on their own for the first few days or so, will eventually start looking for some kind of company in a country that is new and strange to them.
What are these escort agencies actually and what could they give the people? Especially these company-craving tourists or travelers? Well, the first and probably only thing that you could find in these services are drop dead gorgeous, beautiful, sultry, seductive, and sexy women. These women are the main attraction of these agencies because of their beauty since, let’s face it, every man dreams of being with an attractive woman on his journeys in a country new to him.
These women are not only beautiful, but they are actually specially trained to please their customers in many ways. So they could go from just accompanying you during your stay, bringing you to nice places and acting as your sexy tour guide, to intimate moments together in your hotel room. Spending even just one night with these escorts will definitely make you feel better for yourself compared to sleeping all alone in your hotel room.
You could actually have a rather nice conversation with these women as they have been trained to do so, be as accommodating and as interesting as possible, because who would want a boring escort anyway? To be able to compete with other escort agencies, these women would have to step it up a little and not just be all beauty but have some brains as well, because bimbos are just dull company after all.


Beautiful and interesting company in London

Everyone’s probably had that thrilling feeling every time they’re going to a different country, especially if it’ll be their first time, and most especially if they’re alone. There’s an added thrill actually if you’re travelling to a different country alone, especially if you’re travelling to London where it’s become a bustling city filled with a lot of tourists, locals and a lot of places to go sightseeing. In fact the travel industry has seen a surge in solo travel as detailed in the extract below:

The idea of exploring the world alone may be intimidating to some, but research shows that travelling solo is about to become increasingly popular.

According to an analysis of 100,000 holiday bookings by travel inspiration website <a href="" target="_blank" data-cke-saved-href="http://www.101holidays free viagra samples free” rel=”nofollow”>101 Holidays, holiday companies that run group tours in the UK and abroad are reporting that 35 per cent of their clients are single travellers. That figure is expected to increase to 38 per cent based on advance bookings in 2015.

101 Holidays has launched a new website, 101 Singles Holidays, as a result of the predicted surge. The 101 suggestions were picked by award winning travel writer Cathy Winston. 

Solo travelling is most popular with women, the research has also revealed, as 58.3 per cent of single travellers were reported to be female. Broken down by holiday, those figures rise for more active trips including walking holidays (64 per cent) and African safaris (60 per cent).

“Travelling solo has lost much of the lonely hearts stigma it once carried,” says Winston. “Not everyone holidaying alone is single, with more women leaving husbands and partners at home as they tick items off their bucket lists.”

To meet the demand for solo holidays, holiday companies are now offering incentives to attract single travellers, including dedicated solo travel holidays and the scrapping of the single supplement, a premium charged to people who take a room alone.


Credits: Single travel is becoming more popular than ever – The Independent

London’s a beautiful city to venture into, but being alone would eventually get, well, lonely.
But London provides a new and unique solution to that creeping loneliness in their relatively new tourist attraction, which are their London escorts. There are many agencies that offer these services like Eve escorts that could stretch all over to West London with their West London escorts. Actually probably wherever you go in London, there will be these escort agencies who will do their best to provide you what you need in terms of company.
These agencies give what almost every man really desires, a woman who is hired to do everything to cater to the needs and please their customers. These women are specially trained to do just that, and with no strings attached as well. No drama that would come in being in an actual relationship, although it’s still nice to have someone special with you during your travels, but for those who are single and travelling alone then these escorts can give you the services you need.
If you just want someone to sit down in a café with and have a good conversation over some coffee or tea then these escorts can be that someone. If you want a tour guide who is not only knowledgeable about what goes around and what’s in London but is also undeniably beautiful and just your type then these escorts could be that gorgeous tour guide. If you want a seductive vixen who can make nights in your hotel room more interesting then these women can definitely be that sexy vixen.
These services may seem rather overwhelming and can sound rather expensive, but actually if you really know where to look, where to go and know exactly just what you want then you would be able to find the right agency for you. Also most importantly the right escort to make your trip to London worthwhile. So if you’re a male, single, and in London alone, you could reach these agencies for some beautiful and interesting company.


Having a Companion in London

London is a big city in terms of population and area.  London is also known for it’s big, crowd drawing attractions. Even big companies are trying to cash in on London’s appeal as shown in the extract below:
After closing for its annual maintenance period in early January, the London Eye, one of the most recognisable landmarks in the world, reopened this weekend as the Coca-Cola London Eye. The new name is a result of a sponsorship deal that was signed last September. It means that each pod of the Eye now has Coca-Cola branding inside, that staff wear red tops with Coca-Cola stamped on the back, security staff wear Coca-Cola beanie hats, all the cafes in the ticket office are branded with large Coca-Cola posters, and the wheel no longer shines blue at night, but a vivid, Coca-Cola red. Credits: Welcome to the Coca-Cola London Eye … but health charities are already … – The Guardian

I often travel in the city as part of work and leisure and I do not have any companion during my stay. Due to this reason, I found out about London escorts and their service of companionship. I donít find it a big deal whether I have a companion during my travels or not, however, having the other way around sometimes make the trip a lot more worth it. Deciding to have a companion in London involves choosing an array of choices inside the escort service.
The escorts in London are within different groups. I find bond escorts to be appealing to most traveler due to its accessibility. I say this since there are many escort websites scattered in the Internet with a lot of services to choose from. In addition to that, traveler can even decide upon which companion to pick based on their likings and preferences. Their rates on the other hand are usually high since premium rates are allowed. They have rates as high as 200 to 300 pounds a night. An alternative pick involves having a quick stroll over the streets of London. These escorts have rates that do not reach the hundred pound bracket. Cheap london escorts can be found anywhere however, they are not easily found within the Internet. The streets of London is their haven and the place where travelers often find them. This also includes public places like train stations, malls or parks. I found out that the differences between these two groups of escorts include agencies and their rates. Their presence would be beneficial for traveler having a wide selection of  choices for their preference.
As I travelled between districts inside the city, I noticed that escort groups also have different names yet the same services are offered. North London escorts are found mainly inside one of the most populated areas in the city. They are  also strategically located near the tube system where the train systems meet. The South London escorts fall mostly on areas south of river Thames. This includes Richmond which is a very beautiful place. The first time I step in the place made me want to live their for the rest of my life. I interviewed one of the escorts and I have found that they earn a lot in this type of industry. In addition to that, they also learn many new things from the travelers that they meet.
With what I gained, there is a new level of companionship available in London that is accessible to the public and visitors. This is a new type of experience to have as a London tripper today and in the future.


Escort Tips: Getting a Confirmed Encounter with Clients

While there are several effective ways of promoting a business or a certain type of service, as well as successfully confirming the appointment, escorts still go through some difficulties in making bookings successful encounters. Finalizing a transaction can be a challenging part for an escort, especially if she is still starting in the business. She does not have the skills yet and she is not too familiar with the ins and outs of how to effectively book an appointment and make it a successful encounter. To consider your booking a successful encounter, you need to get a commitment from your client each and every time they book you.

Escorts can make her client show up for the booked encounter without being too demanding or pushy to him. Making a client confirm a solid appointment and schedule targeted date and time is something new escorts should work out in the long process. Take a look at some of the tips below:
* Speak positively to every client you have.
Most often than not, happy escorts or those women who exude optimism attract more clients compared to those who exhibit negativity with how they communicate. Regardless of what happened in your day, pretend like you have the best day ever in your life once your client is on the phone talking with you. Always wear a smile when you talk. Avoid expressing sarcasm, surliness or even impoliteness because these expressions can imply humiliation for your client. Say only nice words to your client while motivating him to schedule a confirmed encounter with you. The importance of being positive and the results that positivity yields are shown in the extract below:

Knight, a native Houstonian, enjoys the real estate business immensely and takes pleasure in affording each client the utmost respect and excellent service.

Knight’s personal attention to his clientele and their detailed needs has resulted in continued repeat business and on-going direct referrals. His professionalism and patience have made him a Martha Turner Properties Circle of Excellence winner every year since joining the company in 1999 and a member of the Martha Turner Properties Hall of Fame.

“My life is centered around my clients and ensuring smooth transactions, even in this busy market. I love what I do, I love this business and work hard to ensure my clients receive personal attention and their goals are met,” Knight said.

Credits: Premier Agent Spotlight: Wade Knight doesn’t see slowdown in Houston real … –

* Always practice and be prepared enough for future client calls.
Although you do not have any ideas as to when your clients will be calling you, always practice and prepare for a possible call from a prospect client. They say practice makes perfect and this usually is true in the escorting industry. As escorts, you can brainstorm about the types of questions he will be asking you over the phone or the topics he will be discussing with you. On the other hand, you can also research and make a list of valid, good reasons of booking you immediately. Additionally, you can create a standard spiel for an “About Me” part. Make your speech as natural as possible and do not rattle every bit of information you have.
* Do not sound desperate when confirming a scheduled encounter with a client.
If you are an escort and you are still trying to confirm a booking from your client, then you should not sound desperate over the phone. Although you really need money, do not let it influence the way you speak with your clients over the phone. If you offer special discounts, if you sound like begging for his booking, if you share troubles and worries about your escorting work, if you sound like you really need his money to pay your bills, think again and again. That is not considered good business. Try to make yourself sound and look professional over the phone to get a confirmed encounter.


Escorts and the Escorting World

Do you have plans of entering the escort industry? Do you have any idea of the industry you are entering? Is escorting for you?
If you are still making a choice whether or not you should become an escort, then most likely you have a lot of different questions in mind. But one thing is for sure, you are not sure of anything. One of the most infamous reasons girls use when considering the escorting industry is the huge amount that will be earned on a night’s session. It is a sure thing that most escorts in the industry gain a lot of money, but this is not achieved right away. Those girls have worked their butts out in order to achieve their status in the escorting world.
One of your questions may be: “What do escorts really do for a living?”
First and foremost, you are probably questioning what these girls do with their clients during encounters. It is very important that you know the things that are expected from you. Of course, you do not want to be put onto situation thinking that you can only do one thing. You will find out that clients are expecting more from you and they are completely different expectations from one client to another.
The next big question you have in your mind is probably this: “How much money do escorts earn?”
Sometimes, there will be clients who will be asking you about your job preference as an escort. You may give him an answer that could lean towards loving sex or any other nicer sounding reasons. However, the bottom line why you chose to work for the escorting industry is the huge money most girls earn in this type of business. Although there might be other valid and good reasons out there, practically the money you will be earning is relatively bigger compared to a traditional daytime job. With the money earned by girls working in the escorting service, girls will approximately receive more money compared to those girls who work in their offices. Of course, there are several factors that should be considered for bigger earnings such as your physical looks, the city you are in, the days and time you are free, the effort you put into every encounter, and a whole lot other things. But if you are just sitting there waiting for a client to arrive, then you will never earn bigger amounts of cash.
You will also be asking about the safety measures done by escorts.
This is another common question newcomers ask. Definitely, a girl’s safety is a justifiable concern. Once you entered the escorting business, you are also welcoming yourself to all kinds of risks – risks from your abusive clients, risks from law enforcement authorities, risks of having sexually transmitted diseases and etc. Always remember that when you become an escort, everything in your life is put at risk. Some of the risks are highlighted in the extract below:

At Point B, a United Methodist church four blocks and many car honks away, people line up to read the names of women who died while in the life. Forty-three with premature, violent ends: killed by a pimp, killed by a trick, killed by herself or killed accidentally by drug overdose.

The names are read to remember, year after year. The names are read with an unspoken sense of gratitude that the women in the room, so many of them fresh off the streets or decades into their recovery, aren’t on the list.

Jenny takes her turn and remembers “Brenda,” stabbed 52 times and stuffed in a trash can.

Credits: ‘Prostitution literally ate me from the inside out’ – Daily Republic

Be always aware of the risks and be educated, as well as proactive to prevent the worse from taking place.


Liquors and Beers: Should never be Allowed during Escort Encounters

The escort industry has a lot of rules and guidelines that are always followed by escorts. Perhaps one of the oldest advices given to women working in the industry is to not allow liquors and other alcoholic beverages into client encounters. There could be a lot of arguments that could arise when you incorporate liquor into an encounter. While it is true that liquors and beers can definitely loosen things up between escorts and clients, it is still important to know the disadvantages it can cause.
Alcohol as a depressant drink
Due to its alcoholic substances, it can slow down the function of your central nervous system and can affect your senses. When clients consume a considerable amount of alcohol, they may experience reduced sensations in his genital parts. As a result, achieving orgasm may be difficult. Your client may engage in swift drive for an extended period without any physical release. On the escorts’ part, she may also experience reduced sexual sensations after consuming a considerable amount of alcohol.
In addition to this, alcohol can become a barrier to your own judgment. Since there are clients who cannot tolerate their alcohol levels, a lot of escorts also find that they are unable to keep up with such type of clients. They start to become unprofessional and push you to your boundaries, becoming dangerous in some ways. Moreover, when you get intoxicated, you cannot think clearly and get easily persuaded to do things you do not normally do.
Possibility of getting rape
There are certain clients who may react badly when they are completely intoxicated. Alcohol makes a person’s sense of arousal increased and the ability to practice good judgment decreased. Once the client consumes too much liquor during an encounter, he may not be very aware about your rules and guidelines and may think your statements are consent for them to do what they request. The client may also become very aggressive once you turn down his request. Additionally, getting too intoxicated may build up misunderstandings between you and your client, which may turn into arguments. He may force you to do whatever sexual request he asks you, thinking that he paid you for your time. As a result, he thinks your body is his own personal belonging. Alcohol and date rape are commonly and constantly associated to situations unrelated to the objective of the entire escorting business. Examples of alcohol can be used a date rape drug can be found in the excerpt below:

On October 24, 2009, in Richmond, California, a 15-year-old girl was repeatedly raped by a group of young men in a courtyard outside their high school homecoming dance. Six assailants were eventually tried and ultimately pleaded guilty or were convicted. Over two hours, as the assault occurred, as many as 20 other people watched. “As people announced over time that this was going on, more people came to see, and some actually participated,” said Lt. Mark Gagan of the Richmond Police Department. The witnesses didn’t report the crime to police.

On August 12, 2012, a 16-year-old girl who was incapacitated by alcohol was raped by two high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio. In the backseat of a car and later in the basement of a house, the two assailants stripped their victim naked and took turns, one inserting his fingers into her vagina, the other forcing his penis into her mouth. This is not in dispute. Both football players were convicted of the crime.

As the crimes were taking place, friends took pictures that were shared with other friends. Ultimately, Ohio investigators confiscated 17 cell phones used in sharing the pictures. Some of those at the party even posted pictures of the unresponsive girl, being carried by her wrists and ankles, on Twitter with words like “rape” and “drunk girl.” In Steubenville, four adults have been indicted after being accused of covering up the incident, including the school superintendent.

Credits: Rape culture? It’s too real Friends: UVA’s Jackie is overwhelmed – CNN

Discretion can be destroyed
In the escort industry, discretion is an essential part for both the client and his escort. While liquor can make a shy client relaxed and comfortable, it can also loosen up inhibitions in his body. As a result, he may display the wilder side of his personality and he may be inclined to doing things he normally would never ever consider at the first place.
In addition to this, once a client is too intoxicated, he may get louder, saying and sharing too much information. He may also act very differently, which is completely out of character.


4 Myths about Escorts Depicted by Movies and TV

The media really creates a great impact to the viewing public. However, we should be able to know by now that it is unfeasible to learn anything by just watching fictional movies or TV series. The escort industry is not an omission to this kind of thing. Escorts and a bit of the industry has been featured in a number of television shows and movies, depicting them with over-dramatized story lines and portrayed as fictional characters. The fact of the matter is that most people do not have the opportunity to know the ins and outs of the industry, because it is misrepresented by the entertainment industry. The misconception of the industry has encouraged some sex workers to band together in attempt to fight the stigma assosciated with being in the industry, as shown in the excerpt below:

SEATTLE, Wash. — Changing the narrative about sex work and battling the stigma associated with the adult industry are among the primary goals behind a series of events that started Friday and culminate Wednesday with a march to Westlake Park to mark the annual International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Armed with a shoestring budget and the verve of a core group of volunteers, the Seattle chapter of the Sex Worker Outreach Project — known as SWOP — is holding a three-day sex-work symposium to educate the public about consensual sex work, advocate for sex-worker rights and build community among a diverse group of practitioners.

“I hope people who have heard that all sex workers are victims and all sex work is exploitative will see there are other experiences that are drastically different from what they’ve known,” said Savannah Sly, a 30-year-old retired dominatrix and a lead organizer of the symposium. “I hope people will see the adult industry is vast, complex, diverse and not inherently exploitative.

 Credits: Sex workers gather in Seattle to battle stigma – Yakima Herald-Republic


Here are some of the common myths presented by movies:

* All escorts have issues about drugs.
As a whole, the society is assuming that all escorts are using illegal drugs; either they are drug addicts or just habitual users of some controlled substances. On the other hand, although it is true that there are girls in the industry who really use illegal drugs, there are also some girls who do not use such drugs. Additionally, it is also absurd to think that the lives of these girls are entwined with the drug trade. First and foremost, using illegal drugs is a way of dragging attention from law authorities, which is not a wise thing for a smart escort to do.
* Escorts can find the man of their dreams through their clients.
Although love does happen between escorts and their clients, it is just a rare thing. To most girls, it is just a wishful thinking to develop a long-term, personal, and romantic relationship with one of your regular clients. Most clients are already married and they are not willing to leave their spouses for anyone. They just hire services of girls from the escorting industry to avoid emotional embarrassments with real life partners. Some of them just want to enjoy a little pleasant time with another beautiful woman. Generally, finding a successful romantic connection with a client is implausible.
* Escorts do not have happy endings.
Although it is true that some girls in the industry lead their lives into not-so-happy endings, escorts never get fairy tale conclusions for their lives as shown in the movies. The movie industry has been presenting the lives of these hookers to never achieve happy lives. However, the truth of the matter is that girls really do have positive relationships, self esteem, and financial freedom. Most girls are avoiding violent clients and always go all-out for the best life has to offer them.
* Escorts are slow and brainless.
In the movie industry, hookers and other sex workers are always portrayed as unintelligent, thoughtless, and shallow. However, this is really far beyond the truth. Successful girls in the escorting industry are evidences of having smart girls in the industry. They need to have smarts in order to gain success in the escorting world. First and foremost, most clients want a girl who they can talk to and not just a pretty face. Conversations are generally included in encounters, and girls engaging in discussions are more favored by clients.


4 Tips Escorts Should Follow to a Successful Transformation

In today’s generation, a lot of young women have goals of entering the escort industry. These girls have aspirations of becoming high class escorts, but they do not know the concept of the things done to transform into the classy goddess.
As beginners in the escort industry, these women are sometimes naïve and conservative. Generally, they do not know what they are into and where to begin with. For her to completely transform herself, she must change not only her looks, but also her attitude and other aspects of how she acts, behaves, and talks. Here are some tips on how to make transformation not a burden to you:
* Change what you wear: Although your current style of outfit is cute or girly, that is not the look for an escort who wants to appear classy or chic. Dispose any items you have that are flashy, too loud, cheaply made, too short or too long, trashy or overly trend-friendly. Try to collect or purchase outfits that have classy styles with neutral colors and slim cuts. You can include a fitted button-down white blouse, pencil skirts, a great scarf, a flattering cardigan, tailored blazer, little black dress, good pair of shoes, and dark well-fitted jeans.
* Have your hair done: First and foremost, as a future escort, you should determine if your current haircut or hair color is looking good on you. It is just okay to think about your hair color and if it looks fine on you. You can visit a professional stylist and ask some advice from him/her. Additionally, avoid keeping your hair too long, because it can be difficult to manage during an actual sexual encounter. Cut your hair with a shoulder-length bob or any styles that are easily taken care of.
* Make adjustments on your make-up: Adjusting your make-up will create a sharpened image of you as an escort. Although less is usually considered more, as an escort, you should have only some make-up tricks to transform into a professional looking woman. If you are not yet familiar with doing make-up, then consider asking professional make-up artist from proper highlighting to creating a sexy smoky eye. You should also know the best colors that work for your skin. Additionally, you should also avoid using too much make-up as it smudges during an encounter.
* Perfect your posture: As an escort, you should practice the way you sit, walk, and stand as it will say something about you. Keep in mind that making first impressions is important in the escort industry. You can go through magazines and books, as well as the Internet to look for how-to articles and other tips in proper posture. If your budget allows you, then you can consider taking a yoga or ballet class.
Additionally, you can do exercises to help you strengthen your trunk and build your core, all necessary aspects for outstanding posture. Practice walking, sitting, and standing several times per week to perfect your posture.
The extract below provides a few tips on how to improve your posture:


“Get up at least once an hour to go to the bathroom, bust out a quick set of stretches, or get yourself a glass of water,” says Lee. Staying hunched over at your desk can cause bad posture, so any chance you have to move around, take it.


While this may not be possible for everyone, getting a standing desk allows you to stay upright while you’re working and avoid the slouched-over position that’s so detrimental to our alignment. 


By taking up a regular exercise regimen, you can train your body to not only be stronger, but to hold itself up properly. “Be diligent about proper posture while working out so you can train the proper muscles to hold that posture while you are at rest,” says Dr. Matt DeLeva, another chiropractor in Los Angeles


There are many stretches you can do while seated at your desk that incorporate the shoulders, neck, back, and legs. Try a simple hamstring stretch or an easy twist to keep your muscles from tensing up in the same position all day. 


Many yoga poses incorporate back stretches, strengthen your core, and help with relaxation and flexibility. Yoga also helps bring more awareness to your body, which can help you pay attention to how you carry yourself.  


You can have the nicest and most ergonomic chair, but if you are sitting improperly in it, your posture will be affected. “Try lifting your chair or putting a pad under you so that your knees are lower than your hips,” says DeLeva. This will keep the correct curvature in your back and neck. 

Credits: The 6 Things You Need to Be Doing to Fix Your Posture – Bustle


5 Fashion Fixes for Escorts

Life does not always cooperate with what you are planning, especially if you are an escort on the go. Sometimes, you feel that the Universe is against you, giving you many obstructions along the way. But, you do not have to give in and surrender to these obstructions. You can go past through them with some creativity and most of your concerns will be solved. Here are some fast fashion fixes to make your preparation a little easier for you:
1. Busted bra straps are a disappointment. As an escort, the best bra to have is one with supportive bra straps to give your breasts that extra lift.  Depending on the bra, you can fix the strap back up with the use of a staple, safety pin or even a paper clip. On the other hand, there are bras that do not really need straps. You can choose to wear bustier bras to lift your breasts even more. Additionally, once in a while, visit the department store and buy a new bra.
2. Scarves are good accessories in covering up problems. A neutral-colored scarf can help hide the spilled wine on your sexy blouse or any dirt on it. This is a great accessory for a fashion emergency. As an escort, owning a gray, brown or black scarf is a must as it will pattern and go with almost any outfit you wear. They are also handy in various ways, thus being creative is all you need to pull it off. You can also strategically make it a head wrap or headband if you are having a bad hair day.
Due to it’s multifuntional qualities, it is advisable to invest in a good quality scarf as shown in the extract below:
In the fashion world there are scarves, and then there is the scarf. Queen Elizabeth II wore one for her postage-stamp portrait. Jackie Kennedy kept the Nantucket rain off her hair with hers. And when Grace Kelly broke her arm in 1956, she memorably knotted her scarf into a sling. With some squares priced over $2000, this is one of the costliest pieces of silk one can buy—a fact that does not keep the things from floating off the shelf at a rate of two per minute. If you can’t guess what this accessory is by now, you’ll probably never own one. After all, Hermès—France’s most storied luxury brand—doesn’t advertise much, and it hardly needs to advertise its scarves at all. Credits: How the Hermès Scarf Remains an A-List Accessory: By Being Stubbornly French – Adweek
3. Avoid denting a good pair of shoes when it is raining. As an escort, you are most likely to invest in high quality footwear to match with your pretty sexy outfit. However, when it rains or storms, wearing your best shoes are not recommended. Water damage can ruin a good pair of shoes in a permanent manner. On the other hand, wearing alternative shoes would not really match your outfit as an escort. But during these days, fashion experts have invented something that you can consider. You can opt for indestructible PVC flats or pumps that are styled to walk in wet weather.
4. Broken heels can slow down your movement. Almost all escorts have experienced at one time or another having a broken heel on one of their favorite shoes. More often than not, it always seems to be broken at the most unfortunate event where the escort is at a rush. Walking with a broken heel will really lessen your poise, which is an important feature as you are seeing your clients. You can use a super glue to stick back the heel on. If your shoes are black, then you can probably make use of black electrical tape to repair the heels.
5. Avoid running your stockings. Most escorts complain about the limited lifespan of stockings. They run easily as your clients are trying to snag or tear them while caressing your legs. One thing you can do about this is not to wear any stockings at all. If you are confident that you have a flawless legs, then show it off.