5 Fashion Fixes for Escorts

Life does not always cooperate with what you are planning, especially if you are an escort on the go. Sometimes, you feel that the Universe is against you, giving you many obstructions along the way. But, you do not have to give in and surrender to these obstructions. You can go past through them with some creativity and most of your concerns will be solved. Here are some fast fashion fixes to make your preparation a little easier for you:
1. Busted bra straps are a disappointment. As an escort, the best bra to have is one with supportive bra straps to give your breasts that extra lift.  Depending on the bra, you can fix the strap back up with the use of a staple, safety pin or even a paper clip. On the other hand, there are bras that do not really need straps. You can choose to wear bustier bras to lift your breasts even more. Additionally, once in a while, visit the department store and buy a new bra.
2. Scarves are good accessories in covering up problems. A neutral-colored scarf can help hide the spilled wine on your sexy blouse or any dirt on it. This is a great accessory for a fashion emergency. As an escort, owning a gray, brown or black scarf is a must as it will pattern and go with almost any outfit you wear. They are also handy in various ways, thus being creative is all you need to pull it off. You can also strategically make it a head wrap or headband if you are having a bad hair day.
Due to it’s multifuntional qualities, it is advisable to invest in a good quality scarf as shown in the extract below:
In the fashion world there are scarves, and then there is the scarf. Queen Elizabeth II wore one for her postage-stamp portrait. Jackie Kennedy kept the Nantucket rain off her hair with hers. And when Grace Kelly broke her arm in 1956, she memorably knotted her scarf into a sling. With some squares priced over $2000, this is one of the costliest pieces of silk one can buy—a fact that does not keep the things from floating off the shelf at a rate of two per minute. If you can’t guess what this accessory is by now, you’ll probably never own one. After all, Hermès—France’s most storied luxury brand—doesn’t advertise much, and it hardly needs to advertise its scarves at all. Credits: How the Hermès Scarf Remains an A-List Accessory: By Being Stubbornly French – Adweek
3. Avoid denting a good pair of shoes when it is raining. As an escort, you are most likely to invest in high quality footwear to match with your pretty sexy outfit. However, when it rains or storms, wearing your best shoes are not recommended. Water damage can ruin a good pair of shoes in a permanent manner. On the other hand, wearing alternative shoes would not really match your outfit as an escort. But during these days, fashion experts have invented something that you can consider. You can opt for indestructible PVC flats or pumps that are styled to walk in wet weather.
4. Broken heels can slow down your movement. Almost all escorts have experienced at one time or another having a broken heel on one of their favorite shoes. More often than not, it always seems to be broken at the most unfortunate event where the escort is at a rush. Walking with a broken heel will really lessen your poise, which is an important feature as you are seeing your clients. You can use a super glue to stick back the heel on. If your shoes are black, then you can probably make use of black electrical tape to repair the heels.
5. Avoid running your stockings. Most escorts complain about the limited lifespan of stockings. They run easily as your clients are trying to snag or tear them while caressing your legs. One thing you can do about this is not to wear any stockings at all. If you are confident that you have a flawless legs, then show it off.