Escorts and the Escorting World

Do you have plans of entering the escort industry? Do you have any idea of the industry you are entering? Is escorting for you?
If you are still making a choice whether or not you should become an escort, then most likely you have a lot of different questions in mind. But one thing is for sure, you are not sure of anything. One of the most infamous reasons girls use when considering the escorting industry is the huge amount that will be earned on a night’s session. It is a sure thing that most escorts in the industry gain a lot of money, but this is not achieved right away. Those girls have worked their butts out in order to achieve their status in the escorting world.
One of your questions may be: “What do escorts really do for a living?”
First and foremost, you are probably questioning what these girls do with their clients during encounters. It is very important that you know the things that are expected from you. Of course, you do not want to be put onto situation thinking that you can only do one thing. You will find out that clients are expecting more from you and they are completely different expectations from one client to another.
The next big question you have in your mind is probably this: “How much money do escorts earn?”
Sometimes, there will be clients who will be asking you about your job preference as an escort. You may give him an answer that could lean towards loving sex or any other nicer sounding reasons. However, the bottom line why you chose to work for the escorting industry is the huge money most girls earn in this type of business. Although there might be other valid and good reasons out there, practically the money you will be earning is relatively bigger compared to a traditional daytime job. With the money earned by girls working in the escorting service, girls will approximately receive more money compared to those girls who work in their offices. Of course, there are several factors that should be considered for bigger earnings such as your physical looks, the city you are in, the days and time you are free, the effort you put into every encounter, and a whole lot other things. But if you are just sitting there waiting for a client to arrive, then you will never earn bigger amounts of cash.
You will also be asking about the safety measures done by escorts.
This is another common question newcomers ask. Definitely, a girl’s safety is a justifiable concern. Once you entered the escorting business, you are also welcoming yourself to all kinds of risks – risks from your abusive clients, risks from law enforcement authorities, risks of having sexually transmitted diseases and etc. Always remember that when you become an escort, everything in your life is put at risk. Some of the risks are highlighted in the extract below:

At Point B, a United Methodist church four blocks and many car honks away, people line up to read the names of women who died while in the life. Forty-three with premature, violent ends: killed by a pimp, killed by a trick, killed by herself or killed accidentally by drug overdose.

The names are read to remember, year after year. The names are read with an unspoken sense of gratitude that the women in the room, so many of them fresh off the streets or decades into their recovery, aren’t on the list.

Jenny takes her turn and remembers “Brenda,” stabbed 52 times and stuffed in a trash can.

Credits: ‘Prostitution literally ate me from the inside out’ – Daily Republic

Be always aware of the risks and be educated, as well as proactive to prevent the worse from taking place.