4 Tips Escorts Should Follow to a Successful Transformation

In today’s generation, a lot of young women have goals of entering the escort industry. These girls have aspirations of becoming high class escorts, but they do not know the concept of the things done to transform into the classy goddess.
As beginners in the escort industry, these women are sometimes naïve and conservative. Generally, they do not know what they are into and where to begin with. For her to completely transform herself, she must change not only her looks, but also her attitude and other aspects of how she acts, behaves, and talks. Here are some tips on how to make transformation not a burden to you:
* Change what you wear: Although your current style of outfit is cute or girly, that is not the look for an escort who wants to appear classy or chic. Dispose any items you have that are flashy, too loud, cheaply made, too short or too long, trashy or overly trend-friendly. Try to collect or purchase outfits that have classy styles with neutral colors and slim cuts. You can include a fitted button-down white blouse, pencil skirts, a great scarf, a flattering cardigan, tailored blazer, little black dress, good pair of shoes, and dark well-fitted jeans.
* Have your hair done: First and foremost, as a future escort, you should determine if your current haircut or hair color is looking good on you. It is just okay to think about your hair color and if it looks fine on you. You can visit a professional stylist and ask some advice from him/her. Additionally, avoid keeping your hair too long, because it can be difficult to manage during an actual sexual encounter. Cut your hair with a shoulder-length bob or any styles that are easily taken care of.
* Make adjustments on your make-up: Adjusting your make-up will create a sharpened image of you as an escort. Although less is usually considered more, as an escort, you should have only some make-up tricks to transform into a professional looking woman. If you are not yet familiar with doing make-up, then consider asking professional make-up artist from proper highlighting to creating a sexy smoky eye. You should also know the best colors that work for your skin. Additionally, you should also avoid using too much make-up as it smudges during an encounter.
* Perfect your posture: As an escort, you should practice the way you sit, walk, and stand as it will say something about you. Keep in mind that making first impressions is important in the escort industry. You can go through magazines and books, as well as the Internet to look for how-to articles and other tips in proper posture. If your budget allows you, then you can consider taking a yoga or ballet class.
Additionally, you can do exercises to help you strengthen your trunk and build your core, all necessary aspects for outstanding posture. Practice walking, sitting, and standing several times per week to perfect your posture.
The extract below provides a few tips on how to improve your posture:


“Get up at least once an hour to go to the bathroom, bust out a quick set of stretches, or get yourself a glass of water,” says Lee. Staying hunched over at your desk can cause bad posture, so any chance you have to move around, take it.


While this may not be possible for everyone, getting a standing desk allows you to stay upright while you’re working and avoid the slouched-over position that’s so detrimental to our alignment. 


By taking up a regular exercise regimen, you can train your body to not only be stronger, but to hold itself up properly. “Be diligent about proper posture while working out so you can train the proper muscles to hold that posture while you are at rest,” says Dr. Matt DeLeva, another chiropractor in Los Angeles


There are many stretches you can do while seated at your desk that incorporate the shoulders, neck, back, and legs. Try a simple hamstring stretch or an easy twist to keep your muscles from tensing up in the same position all day. 


Many yoga poses incorporate back stretches, strengthen your core, and help with relaxation and flexibility. Yoga also helps bring more awareness to your body, which can help you pay attention to how you carry yourself.  


You can have the nicest and most ergonomic chair, but if you are sitting improperly in it, your posture will be affected. “Try lifting your chair or putting a pad under you so that your knees are lower than your hips,” says DeLeva. This will keep the correct curvature in your back and neck. 

Credits: The 6 Things You Need to Be Doing to Fix Your Posture – Bustle