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Everyone’s probably had that thrilling feeling every time they’re going to a different country, especially if it’ll be their first time, and most especially if they’re alone. There’s an added thrill actually if you’re travelling to a different country alone, especially if you’re travelling to London where it’s become a bustling city filled with a lot of tourists, locals and a lot of places to go sightseeing. In fact the travel industry has seen a surge in solo travel as detailed in the extract below:

The idea of exploring the world alone may be intimidating to some, but research shows that travelling solo is about to become increasingly popular.

According to an analysis of 100,000 holiday bookings by travel inspiration website <a href="" target="_blank" data-cke-saved-href="http://www.101holidays free viagra samples free” rel=”nofollow”>101 Holidays, holiday companies that run group tours in the UK and abroad are reporting that 35 per cent of their clients are single travellers. That figure is expected to increase to 38 per cent based on advance bookings in 2015.

101 Holidays has launched a new website, 101 Singles Holidays, as a result of the predicted surge. The 101 suggestions were picked by award winning travel writer Cathy Winston. 

Solo travelling is most popular with women, the research has also revealed, as 58.3 per cent of single travellers were reported to be female. Broken down by holiday, those figures rise for more active trips including walking holidays (64 per cent) and African safaris (60 per cent).

“Travelling solo has lost much of the lonely hearts stigma it once carried,” says Winston. “Not everyone holidaying alone is single, with more women leaving husbands and partners at home as they tick items off their bucket lists.”

To meet the demand for solo holidays, holiday companies are now offering incentives to attract single travellers, including dedicated solo travel holidays and the scrapping of the single supplement, a premium charged to people who take a room alone.


Credits: Single travel is becoming more popular than ever – The Independent

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