Escort Tips: Getting a Confirmed Encounter with Clients

While there are several effective ways of promoting a business or a certain type of service, as well as successfully confirming the appointment, escorts still go through some difficulties in making bookings successful encounters. Finalizing a transaction can be a challenging part for an escort, especially if she is still starting in the business. She does not have the skills yet and she is not too familiar with the ins and outs of how to effectively book an appointment and make it a successful encounter. To consider your booking a successful encounter, you need to get a commitment from your client each and every time they book you.

Escorts can make her client show up for the booked encounter without being too demanding or pushy to him. Making a client confirm a solid appointment and schedule targeted date and time is something new escorts should work out in the long process. Take a look at some of the tips below:
* Speak positively to every client you have.
Most often than not, happy escorts or those women who exude optimism attract more clients compared to those who exhibit negativity with how they communicate. Regardless of what happened in your day, pretend like you have the best day ever in your life once your client is on the phone talking with you. Always wear a smile when you talk. Avoid expressing sarcasm, surliness or even impoliteness because these expressions can imply humiliation for your client. Say only nice words to your client while motivating him to schedule a confirmed encounter with you. The importance of being positive and the results that positivity yields are shown in the extract below:

Knight, a native Houstonian, enjoys the real estate business immensely and takes pleasure in affording each client the utmost respect and excellent service.

Knight’s personal attention to his clientele and their detailed needs has resulted in continued repeat business and on-going direct referrals. His professionalism and patience have made him a Martha Turner Properties Circle of Excellence winner every year since joining the company in 1999 and a member of the Martha Turner Properties Hall of Fame.

“My life is centered around my clients and ensuring smooth transactions, even in this busy market. I love what I do, I love this business and work hard to ensure my clients receive personal attention and their goals are met,” Knight said.

Credits: Premier Agent Spotlight: Wade Knight doesn’t see slowdown in Houston real … –

* Always practice and be prepared enough for future client calls.
Although you do not have any ideas as to when your clients will be calling you, always practice and prepare for a possible call from a prospect client. They say practice makes perfect and this usually is true in the escorting industry. As escorts, you can brainstorm about the types of questions he will be asking you over the phone or the topics he will be discussing with you. On the other hand, you can also research and make a list of valid, good reasons of booking you immediately. Additionally, you can create a standard spiel for an “About Me” part. Make your speech as natural as possible and do not rattle every bit of information you have.
* Do not sound desperate when confirming a scheduled encounter with a client.
If you are an escort and you are still trying to confirm a booking from your client, then you should not sound desperate over the phone. Although you really need money, do not let it influence the way you speak with your clients over the phone. If you offer special discounts, if you sound like begging for his booking, if you share troubles and worries about your escorting work, if you sound like you really need his money to pay your bills, think again and again. That is not considered good business. Try to make yourself sound and look professional over the phone to get a confirmed encounter.