Having a Companion in London

London is a big city in terms of population and area.  London is also known for it’s big, crowd drawing attractions. Even big companies are trying to cash in on London’s appeal as shown in the extract below:
After closing for its annual maintenance period in early January, the London Eye, one of the most recognisable landmarks in the world, reopened this weekend as the Coca-Cola London Eye. The new name is a result of a sponsorship deal that was signed last September. It means that each pod of the Eye now has Coca-Cola branding inside, that staff wear red tops with Coca-Cola stamped on the back, security staff wear Coca-Cola beanie hats, all the cafes in the ticket office are branded with large Coca-Cola posters, and the wheel no longer shines blue at night, but a vivid, Coca-Cola red. Credits: Welcome to the Coca-Cola London Eye … but health charities are already … – The Guardian

I often travel in the city as part of work and leisure and I do not have any companion during my stay. Due to this reason, I found out about London escorts and their service of companionship. I donít find it a big deal whether I have a companion during my travels or not, however, having the other way around sometimes make the trip a lot more worth it. Deciding to have a companion in London involves choosing an array of choices inside the escort service.
The escorts in London are within different groups. I find bond escorts to be appealing to most traveler due to its accessibility. I say this since there are many escort websites scattered in the Internet with a lot of services to choose from. In addition to that, traveler can even decide upon which companion to pick based on their likings and preferences. Their rates on the other hand are usually high since premium rates are allowed. They have rates as high as 200 to 300 pounds a night. An alternative pick involves having a quick stroll over the streets of London. These escorts have rates that do not reach the hundred pound bracket. Cheap london escorts can be found anywhere however, they are not easily found within the Internet. The streets of London is their haven and the place where travelers often find them. This also includes public places like train stations, malls or parks. I found out that the differences between these two groups of escorts include agencies and their rates. Their presence would be beneficial for traveler having a wide selection of  choices for their preference.
As I travelled between districts inside the city, I noticed that escort groups also have different names yet the same services are offered. North London escorts are found mainly inside one of the most populated areas in the city. They are  also strategically located near the tube system where the train systems meet. The South London escorts fall mostly on areas south of river Thames. This includes Richmond which is a very beautiful place. The first time I step in the place made me want to live their for the rest of my life. I interviewed one of the escorts and I have found that they earn a lot in this type of industry. In addition to that, they also learn many new things from the travelers that they meet.
With what I gained, there is a new level of companionship available in London that is accessible to the public and visitors. This is a new type of experience to have as a London tripper today and in the future.