4 Myths about Escorts Depicted by Movies and TV

The media really creates a great impact to the viewing public. However, we should be able to know by now that it is unfeasible to learn anything by just watching fictional movies or TV series. The escort industry is not an omission to this kind of thing. Escorts and a bit of the industry has been featured in a number of television shows and movies, depicting them with over-dramatized story lines and portrayed as fictional characters. The fact of the matter is that most people do not have the opportunity to know the ins and outs of the industry, because it is misrepresented by the entertainment industry. The misconception of the industry has encouraged some sex workers to band together in attempt to fight the stigma assosciated with being in the industry, as shown in the excerpt below:

SEATTLE, Wash. — Changing the narrative about sex work and battling the stigma associated with the adult industry are among the primary goals behind a series of events that started Friday and culminate Wednesday with a march to Westlake Park to mark the annual International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Armed with a shoestring budget and the verve of a core group of volunteers, the Seattle chapter of the Sex Worker Outreach Project — known as SWOP — is holding a three-day sex-work symposium to educate the public about consensual sex work, advocate for sex-worker rights and build community among a diverse group of practitioners.

“I hope people who have heard that all sex workers are victims and all sex work is exploitative will see there are other experiences that are drastically different from what they’ve known,” said Savannah Sly, a 30-year-old retired dominatrix and a lead organizer of the symposium. “I hope people will see the adult industry is vast, complex, diverse and not inherently exploitative.

 Credits: Sex workers gather in Seattle to battle stigma – Yakima Herald-Republic


Here are some of the common myths presented by movies:

* All escorts have issues about drugs.
As a whole, the society is assuming that all escorts are using illegal drugs; either they are drug addicts or just habitual users of some controlled substances. On the other hand, although it is true that there are girls in the industry who really use illegal drugs, there are also some girls who do not use such drugs. Additionally, it is also absurd to think that the lives of these girls are entwined with the drug trade. First and foremost, using illegal drugs is a way of dragging attention from law authorities, which is not a wise thing for a smart escort to do.
* Escorts can find the man of their dreams through their clients.
Although love does happen between escorts and their clients, it is just a rare thing. To most girls, it is just a wishful thinking to develop a long-term, personal, and romantic relationship with one of your regular clients. Most clients are already married and they are not willing to leave their spouses for anyone. They just hire services of girls from the escorting industry to avoid emotional embarrassments with real life partners. Some of them just want to enjoy a little pleasant time with another beautiful woman. Generally, finding a successful romantic connection with a client is implausible.
* Escorts do not have happy endings.
Although it is true that some girls in the industry lead their lives into not-so-happy endings, escorts never get fairy tale conclusions for their lives as shown in the movies. The movie industry has been presenting the lives of these hookers to never achieve happy lives. However, the truth of the matter is that girls really do have positive relationships, self esteem, and financial freedom. Most girls are avoiding violent clients and always go all-out for the best life has to offer them.
* Escorts are slow and brainless.
In the movie industry, hookers and other sex workers are always portrayed as unintelligent, thoughtless, and shallow. However, this is really far beyond the truth. Successful girls in the escorting industry are evidences of having smart girls in the industry. They need to have smarts in order to gain success in the escorting world. First and foremost, most clients want a girl who they can talk to and not just a pretty face. Conversations are generally included in encounters, and girls engaging in discussions are more favored by clients.