Escort Problems: I have acne, can I still wear makeup?


Acnes and pimples can become struggles, especially to those who have work face-to-face with their clients. In the escort industry, a girl is generally expected by her male clients to have a sexy body and beautiful face. However, when acne or pimple turns out, it’s a different story.
It’s already part of an escort’s work to apply makeup when seeing a client. Some girls are worrying that makeup might aggravate existing acne or pimples on their face. But the truth is, it’s still possible to wear makeup even though you have breakouts.
The right makeup can help an escort in making her skin look unblemished. When she is confident enough that her acne is well-hidden under a concealer or foundation, she will feel beautiful and it will spread out to your physical look.
If you are still afraid that makeup can aggravate your acne, then here are a few tips to conceal any kind of blemishes:
Here is an extract from a top make up website:
When writing Ashley’s bio, it’s probably easier to ask who Ashley hasn’t done make-up for. Glamour in its purest form, she is rarely seen without heels and has done make-up for all the supers including Eva Herzigova, Natalia Vodianova and Kate Moss. Ashley recently did the amazing make-up on Bekah Jenkins for my Bardot inspired shoot in Barbados for Red (see post here). Here are her frugal beauty tips (which she told me over the phone, rather than email, because she’s old school like that):. It’s a man’s bronzer, I love it because it has no sparkle, it gives your tan more leverage and you can contour with it. It comes with its own brush and is larger than the women’s one”. Credits: The Frugality: Beauty Tips From The Pros {Part 2}
* Apply the right foundation
For an escort who always use foundation, it’s just right to use an oil-free foundation, especially when she has acne. A tinted moisturizer or any kind of creamy foundation is recommended. Always make sure to check its ingredients and label, stating that it’s oil-free. When a girl’s skin is already oily, it will just make a mess when you use foundations that are oil-based.
* A little of concealer
There are a number of beauty consultants recommending girls to only apply foundation that matches the color of your skin when concealing an acne or pimple. There are others suggesting to use concealer that matches the color of your skin in covering up any kind of blemishes. But, it’s actually up to you if you use foundation or concealer. If you decide to apply both foundation and concealer, make sure to apply the foundation first. If the foundation is not enough to cover your blemishes, then it’s time to layer it with a concealer.
* Use moisturizer
An escort can also use foundation primer as a substitution for the moisturizer. A moisturizer is an important element in concealing acne or pimple, because acne products can cause dryness to the skin. It also becomes flaky, which makes your skin a bit off.
It is suggested to apply a moisturizer with SPF before completely applying your foundation and concealer. If you do not have a moisturizer, then a foundation primer will do. It can help in making the skin appear and feel smooth.
* Always cleanse and rinse off makeup
If you already know that you have acne and your work requires you to wear makeup, then you should never skip cleansing and rinsing off makeup after the last client appointment. It should become one of your responsibilities as escort to make your face (and body as well) cleanse at the end of a work’s day or night.