Getting company with a price

Human beings were not made to be solitary, to always be a lonely island and isolate themselves from other human beings. Although we all have our own individual traits, it’s in our nature to seek company and to socialize, as it has been that way since way, way back. Even cavemen had their own ways of socializing, and they didn’t even know how to talk properly. So human beings now have developed well into the many ways of seeking company and communication with other human beings.
In London, there’s a whole new and different way for a person to seek company, although it usually comes with a price. These are the London escorts, and if you happen to be in Croydon, there is also the Croydon escorts services to provide for what a normal human being needs specifically a single grown male human being. These have somewhat become a new attraction to tourists travelling to London on their own, and their businesses have grown in different parts of London.
The escort business or agencies are unique ones, although in a way they are also selling tangible items, these “tangible items” are not things that you could just buy at a random shop. Actually they’re everywhere and anywhere and you can’t go a day without seeing them in different shapes, sizes, colors and whatever. That is so because these are actually human beings as well, female human beings to be exact.
Women. That is the “product” they are trying to sell. Although this is looked down upon at the more conservative communities but in London this is a business and somehow a tourist attraction as well. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time with a beautiful British woman anyway? Not only are these women beautiful, they’re also as sophisticated as British women can be, with the class of aristocrats and curvaceous hour-glass shaped bodies.
You have to admit that the accent is also rather sexy. In fact the English acccent is now the sexiest accent, as shown in the extract below:

Sacre bleu! French has lost its place as the language of love – to English. 

A British accent was chosen as the most attractive by 26.7 per cent of people answering a global survey of 11,000 people in 24 cities – followed by American, Irish and Australian accents.

French was chosen as the sexiest accent by just 7 published here.7 per cent of respondents to Time Out’s Global Dating Survey, coming in at fifth place

Credits: English accent overtakes French to becomes the world’s sexiest – Daily Mail

These are not just ordinary women though, as they have gone through training in their agencies to please their customers in anyway. This doesn’t only include being around their customers and letting their customers take them on dates or whatnot, but their services can even extend to getting into intimate situations with their customers if ever that is what they want and requested for.
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