Unconventional Things to do with an Escort

When you hear or talk about hiring London escorts, Croydon escorts and Essex escorts, you usually think that most activities will involve sex. The picture is your mind is just an expensive prostitute whom you pay for high quality sexual favors. However, this does not mean that everything you do with an escort should revolve around sex.

There are tons of activities to with escorts. But the best ones are the ones that are unconventional. In simpler terms, consider these uncommon activities to make your escort want you more.

All public transportation trips

Escorts are used to riding limousines and other expensive cars. To give Croydon escorts a surprise take them on a public transportation trip. You can start with a cab to avoid shocking them. Then gradually escalate things to bus and train rides. Just remember to keep her focused on you through conversations and situations where you are much closed to each other. Then flirt with these escorts all throughout the trip.

Fresh water dipping

Beaches and pools are very common places for Essex escorts. To break the pattern, take your escort by the river or a lake and make it the location for your date. Just make sure that when you choose a river the current is slow so that you can go swimming or even skinny dipping. Then spend a night on the side of the river or lake inside a wooden lodging house or a tent.

Overnight camping

Ever wonder how much outdoor experience London escorts have? Probably zero. So take one out into the woods. Go look for a safe camping spot where the two of you are surrounded by trees and other natural wonders. You can even rent a cabin by the woods. Then spend the night there. The sex could even be wilder since you do not have to worry about disturbing city dwellers.

A picnic

Have you ever heard of anyone hiring an escort and taking her to a picnic? I think so too. So why not have a picnic with your escort? It does not have to be fancy. This is great break from the overly sexualized expectations when you are with an escort. Sex is still an option right after. But the experience will most likely leave an impression on her than exchanging bodily fluids.

All clean fun

Instead of thinking about kinky things during your date, why not take one of London escorts on date with almost zero sexual themes. A good example is participating in a charity event. Both of you will wear decent clothes and help other people. You can just focus on being romantic like holding hands, hugs and kisses on the cheeks. The focus here is to have a fun activity that you and your date enjoy without thinking about sex.

You may find some of these ideas to be a waste of money. That is fine. If you are not up to it then avoid doing them. But do consider surprising your escorts. They may want to spend more time on you free of charge because of the experience.