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If you happen to be travelling to London it probably won’t hurt to pay a visit to Croydon. The town of Croydon can’t probably be missed as it’s a rather large town in Southern London. Why should you stop there in Croydon anyway you ask? What difference does it make with London itself? Well, because there is a service that you must try in Croydon, especially if you’re male, single and looking for some good company. These are the Croydon escorts. shelf life of generic viagra

What are escorts? These are well, women, but they are definitely rather different from the normal random women you see every day when you walk on the streets. These women are specially trained to do one thing and that is to give a customer what he needs. If it’s to just satisfy his loneliness with their company or even getting more intimate with the escort, the escort will do whatever it takes for their customer to be pleased and happy with their service. cheap pills viagra

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