Escort Service and The Veil of Companionship

Much of the measurement of professionalism in the escort service business is based on how escorts provided quality companionship. However, sometimes this assumption is just a mask that attempts to disguise an already open secret, if only to stop it from being openly discussed. Whether escort service is an elevated form of prostitution is not the point. When some describe escort service solely in terms of companionship, it actually means to deny or hide the existence of sex in it. That is a lie. safest online viagra

Why would a profession, even if it has to be the escort service profession, deny that sex part of trade? Don’t we realize that sex is present in path of other professions as well? The corporate world reeks of lust in its ever exciting politics of jockeying for promotions and strategic positions. Even in universities and government offices, sex is being used as a currency to acquire something. Now, how is that different for escort service professionals to give sexual favors for a reasonable amount of monetary exchange? cialis sale usa

This is exactly the point taken by the defense attorney of a former London escorts operator accused of running a prostitution ring. His big idea was that it is no use try to sweet talk the jury into seeing the escort service a job for virgins. It would be best for the defense to take the stand and be able to look them in the eye and tell everything as it is. The defense did exactly just that and the lady, who was pregnant at that time, was acquitted. cialis 20mg

Whoever said that the truth will set us free didn’t elaborate further on whether freedom would be comforting or not. That is because freedom is not an emotion nor is it something to arrive at. It is a state of being whose essence is very much on what we do with it than how we feel about it. Our commitment to truth determines how free we can be at any given moment. That is exactly the stand taken by the escort lady’s defense attorney. cialis coupon

Whether one is part of some cheap London escorts outfit or climbing up the ladder of some competitive corporate establishment, the reality of sex should not be made a taboo. It is when things are repressed and pushed out of discussion that they became a threat to the wellbeing of a person as well as an industry. Just as Essex escorts are openly sexual, so should London escorts be even if they are reputed to be professional companions.