London Outskirts and the Escorts Scene

Urbanism centers economic development and wealth at the heart of cities. It is an economic model that precipitated from the various periods of conquest throughout human history. Conquest would always need a capital center to consolidate spoils. It is inherently unequal because it has no sense of equality yet. However, it serves perfectly well humanity’s instinct to survive and progress at a time when stability and security is paramount than equal distribution of wealth.
The time for a better economic model however is already long overdue. Centering development and economic activity on one territory has now become counterproductive to the real progress of a nation. In fact, such a model can lay waste to an urban community while depleting the resources of its rural surroundings. Such is the case in several third world cities wherein industrial revolution infrastructures was introduced during the colonial era but left to fend for themselves when the colonial system crumbled.
The first world nations somehow saw things coming, albeit sparingly. Efforts to safeguard the environment and implement a better wealth management system were underway before things got out of hand. Attempts to de-clutter urban areas and distribution development in other feasible economic centers, not necessarily cities, were pursued. However, city growth remains expansive, albeit at a controlled pace.
This condition is very well reflected in the emerging realties of the escort industry in London. The pleasure industry complex has been around in London throughout history. Yet it managed to stay at the heart of the city for the most part simply because the bulk of the economic activity is going on there. At a time, London escorts simply mean escort workers within the old city of London. Nowadays, London escorts could very mean escorts in South London just as it can mean Watford escorts.
The escort industry indeed has spread into the outskirts of the greater areas of the capital. Not only are the outskirts attracting escort industry but also property seekers as shown in the extract below:

What this really shows is Help to Buy working outside London,” said Henry Pryor, an independent property buyer.

While some of the data is skewed by high levels of Help to Buy utilisation, the usual suspects such as postcodes within Greenwich, Croydon and Dartford all reported a spike in sales too, landing in the top 20 areas by increase in home sales in 2014.

These boroughs on the outskirts of London have benefited from a wave of people cashing in on high house prices in the central boroughs and moving out, or first-time buyers purchasing in Croydon rather than Clapham due to the high prices in zones one to three.

Credits: Britain’s new property hotspots will see house price hikes –

Not because urbanization has continued to spread into them but because the containment has made these outskirt areas idea places for accommodations for people that have temporary business in central London. Naturally, it also became a magnet for the escort agents whose market is predominantly London visitors, domestic and foreign.
This situation created a sort of escort network across London wherein clients can avail of escort services where he/she wishes. With the help of modern technology like the internet and mobile phones, escort agencies effectively took advantage of urban suspension and created a new and even more dynamic market in the outskirts of the city.