Escorts for couples: Unorthodox pleasure in Heathrow 

Hello and welcome to Heathrow, home to the largest and practically the busiest international airport in all of London. I hope you had a pleasant trip. Are you new to this place? Then you shouldn’t be surprised that it is a hodgepodge of a lot of foreign nationals as well as locals, too. The busyness of this area is also matched by the diversity of all the available means of amusement and entertainment. Of course, the most sought after among these is the Heathrow escorts. They are the most appealing and the most wanted. I know this to be a fact because I am one of them.

Are you here with a partner, a female companion or friend maybe? Then perhaps you came for a vacation then – for some relaxation, unwinding and literal enjoyment. Perhaps some business ventures here and there, but ultimately for pleasure, isn’t it?

I hope you won’t mind me getting bold and daring in asking you this, but have you ever tried a threesome? I am not implying that your partner is not fulfilling your physical and sensual needs at all, but rather just saying it plainly: haven’t you ever fantasized about it even just out of simple curiosity?

The London escorts here have multi-faceted skill sets that are suitable for pleasuring single straight men, bisexuals and even couples. I am a lady escort with a straight sexual orientation but I can provide pleasure to you and your mate if you are both game. I can titillate and excite both man and woman. I can take you and your partner to farther depths of your innermost fantasies, far beyond that simple curiosity that triggered it all. Just think about it: two gorgeous, sexy, voluptuous and hot ladies pleasuring each other and you. Just imagine. Isn’t it mind-blowing?

You may say that it’s a bit unorthodox, but here in London, particularly in Heathrow, escorts for couples are nothing new. Some like it threesome, others even foursome. If you have even the slightest fantasy of seeing your lady with another man or having

her watch you with another woman, then you should do it. I assure you that many have done it before, and they actually enjoyed it. Maybe it is the one thing that can even spice up your sex life together. You’ll never know until you try.

I could even teach her a thing or two about how to pleasure the man of her life – you! Then she’ll be able to immediately apply it on you, right then and there while the three, or four, of us are on it! That will be one hell of an instant practical learning, don’t you think so?

Go on ahead then and book for me, and my male companion if you like. Escorts for couples are committed to providing double the fun, double the excitement, and double the pleasure. The only thing that doesn’t get doubled is the cost. We charge at a very affordable rate. And you can be sure of the quality and value that you can get from our service. Your satisfaction together is our guarantee.