The Comedy of An Escort Contract

There are two types of escorts that vie for the patronage of clients: the independents and the ones that work through an agency or agent. Independents are naturally cheaper since it has naturally less operational cost. Escorts would transact with prospective clients themselves either through a network or by fishing out in the open. This manner of doing the trade can be risky to both the escort and the client, whichever has dubious character.
Agency escorts on the other hand are not only more secure, they are also more professional. They enjoy the support of an escort establishment who will often invest in trainings and self-improvement programs to keep their escorts in top-notch form.
In both cases, a client would have to find the escort he/she wants to employ and sign a contract with them or their representative. However, these contracts are very often purely ceremonial. Right after a contract is signed, the clock will at once tick towards the expiration of that service.
Contracts between escorts and clients are important for many reasons and can be utilised for the benefit of both parties, as shown in the excerpt below:
This is not just theory, but hard fact. Barbara G. Brents of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, studied the Silver State’s legal brothels for more than 15 years and found that “employees report that they feel safe, are free to come and go and are bound only by their contract.” In fact, 84 percent of the brothel workers her team surveyed said their job “felt safe,” and no evidence of trafficking could be found.
Legal prostitution wouldn’t simply result in greater safety, but improved health as well. While it’s not well-known, Rhode Island unintentionally legalized prostitution in 1980 as the result of a legal loophole. Between the time a criminal case brought the loophole to public attention in 2003 and when it was recriminalized in 2009, gonorrhea infection among women plummeted by 39 percent, according to a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Similarly, reports of rape declined by 31 per cent Credits: ‘Prostitutes Are People, Not Criminals’ by Belle Knox –
This is where the comedy of an escort contact is. The wealthier a client is the more professional an escort can become because he/she would not have to think about the termination of the contract all the time. On the other hand, budget clients will feel the weight of their contract because time limitation can very well make an escort sound or act like tourist guides or pick-up hookers, depending on what service the budget client intended them to render.
For a VIP scene like London escorts however, such a transaction can rarely happen. This is because high-end clients very often know their limits before they make contact and they will set the pace of the transaction themselves. If they require escorts for couples, they will not only say it right away, they will make specific requests on how to go about it. That would give the escort more room to be “professional” and less time to think about the contract.
That would mean that if a client hires escorts in South London because he/she will be staying there, the escort can prepare for him/her right away. Escorts would be more able to use their local access to please a client. This would allow them to engage clients more intimately, using not just her social skills but also her familiarity with the environment they will be in.
Therefore, a poorly conceived escort contract can very well spell doom to an escort-client relationship from the very beginning. Clients must then exercise proper discretion before going ahead with a transaction.