Fantasies and London Escorts

Einstein once said imagination is everything. And among of its strongest functions are fantasies. Fantasies are manifestations of one’s innermost desires aided by conscious or subconscious imagination. The irony about fantasies is that they are so called as such because they are often quite removed from reality and yet its most natural predisposition is to be realized.
A fantasy’s ironic natural inclination towards being realized is a human instinctive impulse that allows ventures like the entertainment industry, amusement establishment, recreational centers and the pleasure industry to thrive. Anything that allows man to live those fantasies even if just for a few moments will always be in demand and thus profitable. This is exactly the reason why fiction sells and capitalism will always encourage legends like Santa Claus and Halloweens.
This is also what governs the market dynamics of the escorts industry. As much as they render professional companionship and pleasure to clients, a substantial number of escorts are employed by some clients to help them live and enact some repressed fantasies. Even high-end escorts can attest to this including the famous Belle de Jour of London.
Many wealthy people have exotic means of acquiring pleasure. This is because many live in repressed environment wherein they have to always keep their social and political guards up or else their enemies will feast on their weaknesses. Such rigid existence drives unconventional desires into repressed state. Repressed desires will not die. Very often they become strong urges whose satisfaction will bring overwhelming pleasure to the host individual.
Belle de Jour may not have intended to be specifically in London when she was working as an escort but it is no accident that she found her job very rewarding in the city. London’s characteristic ethnic and cultural diversity coupled with a relatively liberal and tolerant society is a perfect host for such people. This environment made London escorts not only thrive but actually become highly lucrative.
Clients that hire escorts for couples or some other more deviant arrangements do not always come from within London. In fact a great number of them, if not most of them, would be foreigners who come to London for some other business or diplomatic appointment or as tourists. Some of them are coming from countries where their fantasies could be punishable by death if realized or acted out and caught. Or they could end up being castrated. Wealthy but repressed, these foreigners would jump on any cheap London escorts if that means living their fantasies to satisfaction.
A good example of this can be found in the excerpt below:
‘He has always lived a lie about his sexuality. He doesn’t know the difference anymore between truth and lies.’  
In a statement submitted to the court, Mr Leisser revealed a list of Dewani’s sexual demands that included bondage, boot-licking, spanking and dog training.
They were contained in a check-sheet that Dewani was to fill out and send back to Mr Leisser after they met on gay hook-up website Gaydar in September 2009. 
On the sheet, Dewani also talks about his experience as a slave, saying he is ‘much more of a sub (submissive) than a slave (or so I have been told by ex-partners), and says he has been ‘used’ at both clubs and group parties. 
In detailing his fantasies, Dewani describes a scene in which he is told to lick ‘Sir’s boots, top and under’.

Credits: Shrien Dewani back in Britain after being cleared of wife Anni’s murder – Daily Mail

London escorts have then become instruments for repressed VIPs to shed their fantasies, which could ultimately be therapeutic in some cases. Temporary it may be, but the services provided by escorts in this sense can actually be an opportunity for these individuals to confront their respective repressions and become better persons in the process.