London escorts and the principles of lust and sex



Escort in London or America Service and The Principles of Lust
“ Principles of lust are easy to understand Do what you feel, feel until the end Principles of lust are burned in your mind Do what you want, do it until you find love “
They were lines from the song The Principles of Lust by Enigma. I was self-storming my brain for some ideas on an article about escort service in London when the online radio I was listening to played it. What a happy coincidence.
If there are indeed principles of sexual savageness, perhaps nothing could benefit more from it than the escorts workers. Beyond the veil of companionship, it is an undeniable fact that much of the transactions of escort agents are one way or another influenced by one’s lust to a certain extent.
As the song goes, the principles of lust are easy to understand. It is about engaging with what you feel and the urge to satisfy it. In other words, it means living or enacting fantasies. It also said that such sexual urge is “burned in your mind”. These set of words are particularly meaningful for escorts, especially London escorts whose challenge to perform is perhaps greater than anywhere in the world.
London is among the most dynamic business and tourist destinations in Europe, if not the world. As such, it hosts some of the most challenging clientele for escorts out of those diverse visitors. It is challenging because the diversity of London visitors at any given point can also mean diversity in the service that they require and demand. It is this diversity that encourages the deviant demands such escorts for couples, same sex escorts, bondage escorts, etc…

I understand it. American audiences aren’t used to it. It’s a choice by the director. We all have sex, it’s like a drug, everyone loves it. We had to show how making love to someone is visceral. We had to convey how much of yourself you give over. So we chose to show to everyone the emotion behind the discovering of one’s sexuality.


We are adults, so come on. It’s fiction, it’s cinema. I don’t get the big deal.


Exarchopoulos’s conflicted feelings get to the heart of the matter: sex is actually never not a big deal, whether in movies or in life. Sex is the joker in the deck, the infinite variable that provokes, on screen as in life, radically divergent and wildly unpredictable responses and consequences. But Kechiche brought trouble on himself—not by the decision to film sex scenes between two women but by the audacity of his artistry in doing so. The problem with Kechiche’s scenes is that they’re too good—too unusual, too challenging, too original

via The Problem with Sex Scenes That Are Too Good : The New Yorker



“Burned in your mind” perhaps means that this sexual urge is etched in the mind. Meaning, it is natural. It is instinctive. It cannot be stifled nor denied. This is perhaps a line for those who believe that lust is sinful and must be defeated. Again, quite easily an anthem for cheap London escorts and those that society refers to as high-end prostitutes.
The last line is stranger at first look. Yet when you digest it, it is once again a very sharp reflection of an escort’s life especially those on the way to exit. “Do it until you find love” is a prophetic take on how most escorts would exit the profession. That is , when they find the try one. It doesn’t have to be romantic love. It could love for children, love for a new professional career, love for a new horizon… Many former escorts in London can actually attest to this.
Enigma verily captured in the essence of lust in human existence in the song’s lyrics. If you listen to it, you will discover that the music itself is a beautiful compliment to those lines. These are the musical lines i listen to when i think of London sex scene.