A Day In The Life of Jim, The Escort Agent

A fictional story

Do you know how does it feel to be in the middle of fountains and yet you don’t get wet? That’s exactly how I feel on a daily basis.
I am Jim, short for Jimazel. I am an escort agent in the city of London and my job is to facilitate the smooth delivery of service to clients, assist escorts with their extra professional concerns and compromises that may affect their professionalism and ensures that transactions are safe and secure on three mediums: walk-in, the phone and the internet.
I’ve been thriving in the London escorts scene for almost a decade. That means I’ve been in the middle of the most lucrative profession in the city without earning a slice of the pie. You may sense envy there but I have come to terms with it a long time ago already.
I simply cannot be an escort n London. I don’t have it. I am not of that stock. At 5’2”, I look like a midget when all those wealthy and healthy customers come in. Even if they have to throw me into one of those satellite scenes like London escorts, nobody would still want me at my built.
That doesn’t mean though that I am not paid well. I am. In fact I can earn much higher than those London white collar jerks who think they are already CEOs just because they sit on a desk with their tie on. The hell with their office day jobs! Mine does not only pay better, the adventures I have with it every day is worth far more.


How i wish the London porn offers rolled in like in this article snippet:

The sun was barely rising on Kendall Jenner‘s 18th birthday … when the top porn companies started offering her lucrative deals … including one for over a million bucks!

Kendall has been showing off her body for years … and big sister Kim Kardashian became a household name after her sex-tape with Ray J was released.

And now that Kendall’s legal, at least SIX COMPANIES are hoping they can convince her to get it on in front of the camera.

One of the companies — Bangyoulater.com — is saying it wants to pay K.J. and a partner of her choosing $1.8 MILLION to bump uglies.

Other interested parties include Brazzers, Babes and Digital Playground … the latter offering the option of a girl-girl encounter with porn star Jesse Jane.

No word on whether Kendall plans to take any seriously.

Considering Kim barely acknowledges her porn past … were guessing, no.

via Kendall Jenner — Porn Offers ROLLING IN | TMZ.com


The best part about the job is I got to know and be friends with some of the most beautiful ladies in the world. In fact, my last three girlfriends were regular escorts. They were mostly amazing creatures if only they could be less smart than I am, not to mention they can earn threefold of my monthly salary and they have sex with other men all the time. While I am so proud to have such beautiful women as girlfriends, I simply cannot live their lifestyle. Period.
My last girl was a star among Heathrow escorts. They say she had had Hollywood stars as clients. Rumor has it that even one young President from some obscure country was once her client too. Her name was angel. No name could be more fitting. We love each other so strongly for quite a while that we almost gave up the escorts industry for our relationship.
Ultimately, that’s how I’d like to make my grand exit… with love.