Actions Escorts Consider About Client Fetishes


In the world of escort industry, it’s just common to build relationships with most clients. Usually, the escorts observe clients regarding their attitudes during encounters, as well as the kind of services they are requesting. Observing a client with their favored fetishes can absolutely do a lot of things. If you have observed something, then the most common thing to do is to do nothing. Getting caught up with your client’s fetish issues is not your personal responsibility. On the other hand, you may consider some of the actions below when you have an encounter with a client whose fetish has gone far beyond what is expected:
* Give your client a reminder of his prior preferences and desires.
A client most likely will enjoy more traditional elements of sexual intercourse before he will start exploring his preferred fetish. He may have chosen other sexual activities to get him aroused during an encounter and that doesn’t include fetish activities. If it’s necessary, you can trip him down the memory lane until he realizes that he’s missing out a lot by restraining his activities only to his preferred fetish. It could be possible that he may be interested to other sexual activities and new fetishes.
* Talk about your concerns with the client.
If an escort sees her client leading down a road to destructing himself because of his fetish, then she should discuss this with him. As an honest escort, you can tell him the negative indications you see when he is performing his fetishes or shares stories about it. Ensure that the client understands that you are not giving him criticisms or any judgment at all. Tell him that you are concerned about him and his physical desires are taking him far beyond. Persuade him to know how he is feeling regarding his current behavior and preferences.
* Put an end to your escort-client relationship.
A lot of escorts no longer find it helpful when their clients are too addicted with their fetishes, especially when it takes control of their lives. If the hooker’s skills do not already match with the desires and fetishes of clients, then she should put an end to the business relationship with the client. His desires may go beyond the areas of what is typically done during encounters. If it’s possible, you can refer him to another escort who matches his desires more completely. It may lead to illegal activities as this article below explains:


Sara Zamora, 28, was charged with eight counts of animal cruelty for her role in a video called “SOS Barn,” according to the Miami Herald, which first reported the story.

The video shows her and other pornographic actresses torturing and killing chickens, rabbits and other animals for the “sexual gratification of its viewers,” according to police.

In one clip of “SOS Barn,” police said Zamora is seen groping a man’s genitals with one hand while cutting a chicken’s neck with hedge clippers with her other hand, the Herald reported. She also karate-chopped the necks of several rabbits and admitted to killing them.

Videos that depict animal torture and death is illegal under Florida law

 Credits: Miami Woman Arrested for Animal Cruelty in Sex Fetish Porn Video

* Promote professional help.
There are some clients who are beyond the capacities of your assistance, thus professional help is needed. The problems and issues they may be going through run too deep, maybe rooting from childhood or adolescent experiences or pains. If your client experiences this kind of thing, then his fetish desires may need the insight of someone who is an expert and professional with regard to the issues. As an escort, you should be very careful in making recommendations that your client should seek any help from a professional. Most importantly, don’t judge or criticize him. Show concern for him instead.