5 Downsides Escorts will Experience with Expanding Services


Almost all escorts begin in the industry by just providing generalized and standard services to their clients. Some girls may even expand their services to more uncommon activities such as role-playing and the Girlfriend Experience of GFE. Although she may be specializing in standard, basic encounters, she may be venturing for more income and consider to offer more services than the usual. She may add up services such as fetish activities, Dominatrix encounters or other special services.
If you are an escort who’s eager to expand services, then you need to look at the disadvantages it may incur to your career:
* Expanding services can break your sexual performance | When you’re used to providing similar services again and again to different clients, you may get to perfect it. However, when you start to include another service on your list, you never get the chance of completely perfecting it. You may have real challenges when you perform ‘special’ services as they are only asked occasionally. Having a wide variety of services is good, but too much may just distract you from having a good sexual performance.Here are some others that hurt sexual performance below:

With many people, there is a preoccupation of whether or not their bedroom behavior is normal. One of the most common concerns is frequency of sex, whether a person isn’t getting less than or if they’re going overboard. “What’s too much sex in a relationship is what either member of the couple feels is not comfortable for them,” says Robert Weiss, author and therapist for intimacy and sexual disorders. There is no quantitative scale to compare yourself against but there are some indicators that can help a person decide if they may be overdoing it.

. Although this has a physical outcome, it is a psychological problem

Credits: 6 Things That Hurt Sexual Performance – MensJournal.com

* Regular clients may suffer from expanding your services | Every escort has her own list of regular clients who really give importance to their encounters. Your attention may be alerted to other encounters if you have recently expanded your services. Although you’re trying to increase your list of services, being distracted with regulars can critically damage your business. Regulars help escorts to have consistent income. If you’re having a hard time focusing on your regulars, then it just indicates that expanding services will not help you.
* Difficulty in keeping track of every client and booking | The more services you are offering to your clients, it’s more challenging to keep track of everything. Escorts who offer basic services know every type of encounter they go into. On the other hand, if your list includes a wide variety of services, then you may be perplexed regarding the wants and personalities of your client. A wider range of services may give you more clients, but it needs serious organization on your side.
* Don’t say that you’re expert in a certain activity even if you’re not | Being incapable of providing a certain activity or service will just put a stain on your escorting career. A client always looks for an escort who is successful and experienced at what she does. If you know that you cannot perform an activity well, then don’t do it. Don’t experiment with it either. A false representation of yourself may give you a bad reputation in the long run.
* Getting caught a service you don’t like | Surely, you will attract more clients if you list services that are extraordinary. Clients may want to explore your services. However, if you find yourself doing an added service a few times and you don’t like, then you may want to remove it from your list. If you’re uncomfortable with doing it, then don’t list it.
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