What escorts can do when a client brings a firearm


In some places or countries, citizens have the right to carry a concealed weapon. As a result, it is probable that an escort can experience an encounter with a client who has a hidden weapon. And since carrying a concealed firearm is not illegal(in the usa), you will have to look for ways in handling such type of client:
Most escorts in other countries do not encounter this as carrying guns is mosly illegal as per this excerpt from this escort in Holland
First of all not a lot of people have guns in Holland to begin with. The policies around guns are much tougher than for instance in the U.S., so not many people in Holland even own a gun to begin with. Secondly, most of the people that visit the Red Light District in Amsterdam, are tourists, and they simply don't carry any guns with them, since they wouldn't get passed customs with it.
So fact is that not many people have guns to begin with, and those who do, need a permit for it with some very strict rules about it. It's one of the reasons Holland has such a low crime rate compared to the U.S. (learn from that America!), if you don't have a gun, you can't kill or threaten people with it.
Of course there might be some underground criminals who own guns, but in my 4 years of time working in the Red Light District in Amsterdam, getting all kinds of customers, I've never met someone with a gun. It simply doesn't happen. So it's not like people run here on the streets with guns or something
Credits: Behind the Red Light District: Prostitution, drugs and guns
1. As an escort, you should know how to identify a hidden firearm. Most often than not, people who are carrying weapons give off indications that will provide hints that they have a weapon with them. It can be really helpful for you to have the ability to recognize if your client arrives with a gun or any weapon with him during your encounter.
2. You can create your own policy with firearms for clients. Although you are located in a place where carrying weapons are allowed, you can still establish your own policy when the client is in your private property, especially during in-call. In addition to this, you can also set up general rules and guidelines for all clients, even if it is an in-call or out-call. If you have an escort profile online, then you can include it in your information. You can also tell your client about your rules and guidelines, and try to highlight the carrying of weapons if you know that he is engaged in such a practice.
3. Require clients to leave all of their weapons outside. If you permitted your client to bring his weapon to your encounter, then you should persist that they leave it outside or at the door. By putting their weapons at the door or outside, then they are far away from doing any kind of harm with the use of their weapons. The gun or any kind of weapon should be not within the reach of the client in case a fight arises between the two of you.
4 why not check here. Take away the ammo or clip from your client’s weapon. As an escort, you have the right to ask your client to disarm himself once he arrives. However, there are still clients who do not listen and still carry the weapon with them during encounters. Although you have asked him to disarm himself, it still does not disable him from using his weapon. Putting the weapon down on safety still does not lessen that fact that it is a threat that can be used against you. To be sure that it won’t be used against you, take away the ammo or clip from the client. Without ammo, the weapon will not function and it won’t be a threat anymore. Put the ammo far away from the gun and make sure that you are the only one who knows its location. Moreover, make sure that the client is not bringing extra ammo or clips with him.