How to Know a Client has a Hidden Firearm


An escort, as well as the entire adult industry is not as easy as counting one, two, and three. The work is not always fun and games. However, one thing is for sure – escorts experience excitement in a variety of ways. Even though it is not a common thing that the girls are experiencing during encounters, they will come across a client who is fond of carrying concealed weapons or firearms, a gun for instance. While there are places that still do not legalize people carrying weapons, there are many places and even countries that allow people to bring weapons with them.Also in worst case scenarios they are not afraid to use them as in this tragic article:

In a seemingly unlikely place of slaughter, lifeless bodies of alleged sex workers, covered with their own blood, are found inside apartment blocks near a mosque and a kindergarten center.

“We saw women’s bodies and blood streaming down the stairs,” said a police officer. “We entered a flat and found bodies everywhere, some lying on the sofa, some on the ground.

“One woman who tried to hide in a cupboard in the kitchen was shot to death there,” the police officer added.

Shia militias and Sunni fighters have long been fighting to control land in Iraq and Syria.

Local residents have accused Shia militias and Sunni extremists in the past of carrying out massacre of women believed to be prostitutes in Zayouna district.

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 Credits: “This is the fate of prostitution” in Iraq; 27 women slaughtered by

Knowing how to react when a client brings a firearm
There are a couple of considerations that should be noted when an escort meets a client who carries concealed weapons with him during an encounter. One thing that you should do is to be familiar with detecting a concealed weapon. This can be very helpful to an escort, especially when it is an in-call. Once a firearm is factored in during an encounter, the girl should know how to react.
Often times, a client who is carrying a concealed weapon with him unconsciously gives off indications that he is bringing one with him. It will be very helpful for an escort to identify a client who arrives with a weapon. Even if you cannot do anything to disarm him, it is still important that you know the signs that will give you clues about his risky, little secret:
You should be able to identify an asymmetrical movement as a sign that your client may be carrying a firearm. The firearm is usually tucked in a pocket or into a waistband. As an escort, you should notice that he walks in uneven steps and his strides are shorter on the side where the firearm is placed.
Pay close attention to your client when he consistently shifts one side of his upper body away from you. As an escort, your instinct should make you think that when a client pushes away from you, he is trying to hide his weapon or firearm from you. Once the client continually shies away his one side away from you, then he is definitely hiding something.
Notice that your client is unnaturally touching his coat, shirt or pockets. This is a sign that he may have a gun with him hidden inside his pockets, coat or shirt. As an escort, discreetly observe your client especially when he touches or pats himself in apparently odd areas of his clothing or body. This is his way of making sure that his weapon is still in its proper place.
Pay close attention to any kind of unexplained humps underneath your client’s clothing. As an escort, try to detect a simple lump on the clothing of your client, especially when he stands. One lump may be obvious when he bends or extends his arms.