Tips that prove oral sex necessary for a great sex life

Oral sex is necessary for a great sex life and relationship with your partner. If you aren’t giving your man oral sex, then you are stealing a part of his sexuality away from him. Some men prefer oral sex to sex so if you aren’t getting down and dirty with him with your mouth; then you don’t please him to his pleasure potential. You would hate it if your man robbed you of some pleasure so don’t let this be the case for him. It’s time that you gave your man what he was after and that you truly satisfied him.

You need to learn what it takes to satisfy a man orally. It’s time that you gave him what he has been craving for so long. It’s time that you showed him what he has been missing, and it’s time you did all of this tonight.

No matter how good or bad you think you are at giving your man oral sex, you are going to learn some tips today that you probably never heard of before. These tips are quite literally going to change the way you view oral sex. You and your man are never going to be the same again once you start using these tips in the bedroom.

A lot of women refrain from giving a man oral sex and that is a huge mistake. Why would you withhold giving your man something so pleasurable and that makes him happy? If the reason has to do with your level of comfort, then you need to change that. Giving your man oral sex and making that happen often will give your love life the boost that it needs.

To give your man the kind of oral sex that he is craving, you first need to learn some tips. These are the tips that are going to help you to give your man the best blow job of his life. You can become the best that he has ever had and you can solidify that status with these fellatio techniques.

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The first oral sex tip you need to know is that your comfort comes first. If you are uncomfortable at any moment, your man is going to be able to tell, and that will ruin it for him. Plus, if you are solely going down on him just to give him satisfaction, you are doing it for all of the wrong reasons. Your man wants you to give him oral sex because you want to; not because he is forcing you to. The more you enjoy it, and the more you savor pleasing him, the sexier the entire moment will be for him. You need to get into the mindset that giving your man oral sex is a good thing and a great thing at that. You both can feel an intense amount of pleasure from it, so it’s time you did just that.

The second oral sex tip that women need to know to make a man explode with pleasure tonight is to be a little rough with him. Since you can’t do this with your mouth, you are going to need another way and this is when your hand comes into the mix. Using your hand to stimulate the shaft while you work on the tip of his penis with your tongue, massaging it and caressing it gently against the pressure of your hand stroking his shaft, is going to be a deadly combination that will easily set him off in no time at all. Don’t be afraid to throw some other forms of stimulation into the mix. Chances are, they are going to work and he is going to love all of it.

Another way to give him oral sex to be the best he has ever had is to use your mouth on his tip, your strong hand on his shaft and your other hand on his testicles. By doing this, you maximise his pleasure potential and really give him something that will make him explode with satisfaction. Your strong hand on the shaft of his penis offers him rough stimulation that your mouth simply cannot offer to him. By using your hand, you make your life a lot easier because you can get him to climax faster, and you are still giving him that oral sensation that he wants. It’s a win-win.

The first oral sex tip for men is to understand what she feels when you are stimulating her with your mouth. Are there certain areas you should be focusing on? Do you use just your tongue? Can you use your lips? What should you focus on the most? All your questions will be answered now.

First of all, the clitoris should be your main focal point. In order to give her pleasure via her g-spot, you need at least 1-2 inches in length to do that, which is something that your tongue cannot offer. Cut your losses, and focus on the clitoris. In terms of stimulation, as long as you aren’t using your teeth you are in a good place. Try French kissing her down there to give her added stimulation. It will be slow, sensual and something that she will love. You can use your tongue in a variety of ways, but as long as you are going gentle on her, that is a recipe for success.

The biggest tip when it comes to giving a woman oral sex is to be patient and to listen to her body. You can tell when a woman is close because her legs are completely spread open, she is grabbing at her body and she tightens right up. Almost every woman freezes for a split second before she is ready to release, so watch for this – it’s a good indicator that you are doing things right and that you need to continue doing things that way unless she tells you otherwise.

Patience is key. If you are going slow and being gentle with her, you will make her orgasm – it’s just a matter of time. Focus on the clitoris, if you do want to stimulate her internally, use your fingers, and be prepared to hold on tight. Once she gets going, it will be like staying on a bull. She will buck like crazy but just keep going and you will make her orgasm.

You can become amazing at performing oral sex on your man and it is time that you made that happen today.