5 Tips Escorts Should Know When a Fetish Has Gone Wrong


Fetishes are just cool and alright. But it‘s already off when it has gone too far. According to sexual health professionals, there is no right or wrong fetish and that most types of sexual arousal are completely acceptable. This is not until the activity starts bringing in embarrassment, stress, and legal attention to both escort and client.
Most escorts transact with clients who have usual and odd fetishes every now and then. Some escorts actually only deal with clients who just want to fulfill their fetishes. Most often than not, fetishes are childlike and just causing a bit of trouble. But a client will start to show attitudes that signify more serious concerns. Here are some signs that a client’s fetish has gone too far:
* Clients who hurt others or injure themselves.
Once an escort’s client start to hurt others or injure himself while performing his fetish, the activity has gone wrong. In a few fetish encounters, it’s typical to get minor injuries. However, if a client wants to participate in fetish encounters that may cause serious injuries or conditions, then you can reject it in a nice way. Once safe limitations for a fetish are ignored, a client may have gone too far just for arousal and excitement.
* Clients who ditch relationships just to participate in fetish circles.
An escort will know that a client’s fetish has gone wrong when he chooses to immerse in other fetish circles. It can make a client’s life damaging once he completely leaves his family members, friends, and other people in his life. While there are clients who openly accept fetishes and leave their lifestyles, there are also those who are unwilling to leave their normal lives in exchange of fetish circles.
* A fetish of client has gone wrong once an escort doesn’t enjoy it any longer.
If you are the only escort he performs his fetish with, then both of you should be very willing to engage in it. You may decide to not simply participate in the fetish anymore if it’s already tiresome, excessive or obsessive. For most girls in the industry, some fetishes may be demeaning to them, involves too much work or making them feel negative about their client. She may come up with the conclusion that the adventure has gone real far.
* Clients who are obsessive about their fetishes have severe problems.
Once a certain fetish manipulates every thought of a client, a bad news is up. According to reports, a lot of people are diagnosed with sexual addictions annually and many are linked to fetishes. While fetish is not bad or unhealthy in nature, the addiction may give a negative impact to the life of the person. Most often, consuming fetish activities too much can ruin a client’s desires and ambitions.


David Truscott, 43, would regularly enter the family’s farm and search for liquid manure, known as slurry, so he could roll around in it naked.

Exeter Crown Court heard how his obsession began by taking cow pats from Woodbury House Farm in Redruth, Cornwall.

Truscott, formerly of Camborne, Cornwall, then began trying to steal slurry before owners Clive and Jackie Roth were forced to set up barriers and bollards to stop him entering.

The court heard how Truscott then set fire to the Roth’s property a number of times – killing a calf in one arson attack.

The attacks lasted for over eight years, as the family lived “in fear”, with Truscott being jailed several times visit here.

 Credits: Man with cow manure fetish jailed for five years – Daily Star

* Clients who cannot enjoy other acts of sexual intimacy.
A client who is not sexually aroused with acts of sexual intimacy other than his fetish has a serious problem. He probably gone away with other traditional erotic pleasures and become used to the excitement he gets with his fetish.

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