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Eve London escorts is here again with our “escorts view” the world that is celebrity porn. Now London escorts know porn is the most prestigous in the adult entertainment history. However if normal porn that escorts in London can star in are seen as your average hit movie. Celebrity porn is the summer blockbuster of them all.
Ever since paris hilton hit our streams the world of porn has no longer been underground, London escorts has the view that this is when it totally blew up. Every mama and their dog knew about porn even if they pretended not to.
There have been a few over the years that the world has had to sit up and notice, first as London escorts said before was Paris hilton, another was kim Khardasia, Tilla and then now we have the beautiful miss Farrah Abraham who is sexing it up with James Deen. These sex movies bring in an enormous amount of money for the porn industry. The Farrah Abraham sex tape brought in half a million dollars in a few short days as per this snippet from vivid

An exec for the porn company Vivid admitted:

“I think that we’re dealing with several issues. The one that most people talk about is the amount of free content on the Internet and how to deal with that… One of the things that we did decide to do is work with celebrity sex tapes. What we did is we leased a celebrity sex tape with Farrah Abraham and we took a five minute clip and put it onto one of the three sites. And as a result of that, they had 12 million views of that five-minute clip within the first 10 days… which equated to $500,000 in sales… The one thing about celebrity sex tapes is they don’t fall into any sort of schedule. Sometimes it’s two or three in a row and then not any for a year.”

Wow!! We had no idea Farrah’s vagina was creating so many jobs!!!

Keep up the good “work”, gurl, LOLz!!

via Farrah Abraham’s Vagina Is Single-Handedly Saving The Porn

As you see London escorts knows that sex is a thing that will be in our lives for millions of years and while there is money in it there will always be porn. Sexy escorts in London can only dream of the money that is being made by seeing their beautiful body as an asset on the silver screen. As the porn actress life expectancy is so short this is why us Eve escorts in London will hustle hard to get there. After all we Eve girls believe that our sexiness should be shown to the whole world.
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