4 Advantages of Escorts Catering Blue-collared Clients


High-class escorts usually boast about the CEOs, politicians, executives, and other big personalities who book them for encounters. However, some escorts are spending and enjoying their time seeing “normal” workers who provide manual labor supporting the society.
If you are an escort who is exclusively promoting yourself to high rank clients, then you may want to think about marketing and opening your business from prospective clients who actually make these high rank clients have lots of money. You may meet at the corner of the street or any pub to have a little chit chat. You may be just opening yourself to more business opportunities when you seek out blue-collar clients.
* Blue-collar clients don’t make pretentions. A lot of “high-class” clients usually give importance to an escort wearing expensive clothing, draping the bed in posh linens, and serving the finest wine. These clients are used to be surrounded with all the luxuries that life can offer and this includes the time they are spending with you. On the other hand, if you’re open to prospective blue-collared clients, luxury pretenses are not required anymore. These clients don’t care if you wear inexpensive clothing or have cheap decorations in your in-call. It’s enough that the in-call and escort is neat and clean.
* Education levels are more common with escorts. For high-class clients, they most likely received education from highly recognized Universities, belong to highly reputable fraternities and institutions, and work in esteemed companies. They may also have several degrees under their names. Conversely, blue-collared clients may have received education but to some sort of trade school. They may have applied certain certifications in construction, manufacturing and the like. Although they are not considered in the high society, they are also wealthy and have incomes that can match your charges.
* Blue-collared clients are not as kinky as high-class clients. Usually, high-class clients have control issues when they are with their escorts. On the other hand, blue-collared clients just want simple affection and plain intimacy. Generally, they don’t like to use sex toys and don’t need to engage in odd fetishes, as well as outrageous sexual positions. They are not complicated when it comes to having an encounter.
We are not the only ones that think there are advantages of blue collar clients, check out this article:

There are many advantages and opportunities when seeking out blue-collar clients. Consider the characteristics that separate them from your other clients:

  1. Your natural look is good enough for these clients. Even though you should never omit getting ready for one of your clients to arrive, you shouldn’t feel pressured to apply the porn star make-up effect that some clients prefer. The blue-collar workers you see don’t need for you to elaborately apply a fake facade; some simple foundation and mascara works for them. They usually don’t want a woman to look like she’s overly made up. The fresh-faced look is best to strive for when you meet up with these hard-working clients. In addition to other aspects of your look, ditch the trendy designer duds and opt for classic looks, instead. A simply cut sundress, t-shirt and jeans or a well-fitting sweater and slacks will do nicely for spending time with these clients, unless they request otherwise. The latest chevron trend or patterned leggings fad may be lost on these clients. Stick to basics that flatter your style and shape. Jewelry is good, but keep it simple and tasteful. Essentially, don’t overdo it for these clients. They want a woman who is accessible (albeit beautiful) to them.

 Credits: Bluecollar escorting: the pros, cons and Huh?s of pleasing the men

* Escorts just need to be feminine when with blue-collared clients. More than just anything else, this type of clients enjoys escorts who are feminine. Although girl power is strongly appreciated by the society, blue-collared clients want escorts to show off their delicate, soft sides. However, you don’t need to be the “weaker sex” in the encounter. You can just show your femininity by wearing some laces or skirts, putting some girlish make-up, and simply showing your womanhood. As an escort, you should allow these clients to show their well-mannered natures. You don’t have to pretend, but just show the softer side of your personality.